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Tue, 09 Aug 2016

Recognising and Rewarding Innovation

Pegler Yorkshire has been leading the way in the specialist fields of fittings, taps and valves since 1888. We’ve introduced some of the industry’s best-selling flow control products over the years and remain totally committed to the quality and innovation which are the hallmarks of our success.

At the heart of our operations is the desire to drive continual innovation and deliver tangible solutions to real issues such as energy efficiency and installed savings. We deliver this through a strategic Connect and Control approach. And, through strength flexibility and the ability to engage with our customers, Pegler Yorkshire continues to be a major player in the global plumbing and heating marketplace whilst delivering solutions that address changing market demands. 

The Travis Perkins Innovation Awards which were launched earlier this year drive engineering creativity and recognise all that is great within our industry. 

As sponsors of the inaugural awards, we fully support their aims and hope the process uncovers some real gems of ideas to help solve industry-wide problems.

The judges are knee-deep in entries during July and August, and the winners are expected to be announced in September. You can find out more about the awards here

We thought it might be interesting to have a look back at some of the British inventions which have helped shape the world we live in today. Which one’s your favourite?

5 British inventions that changed the built environment

1.      Cement: Invented in 1824 by Leeds bricklayer Joseph Aspdin. Aspdin invented and patented a method of making what he called Portland Cement – the type that’s most widely used today.

2.      Bessemer process: Invented in 1856 by Henry Bessemer. Bessemer’s process ranks as one of the most important breakthroughs of the industrial era and made it possible to build buildings taller than four or five storeys.

3.      Sewage system: Invented in 1865 by Joseph Bazalgette. Developing the largest sewage system the world had ever seen in London changed life in the city completely.

4.      Light bulb: Invented in 1880 by Joseph Swan. The first bulbs lasted little more than 12 hours but, unlike gas lamps, there was no flame or dirty smoke and they soon caught on.

5.      Float glass: Invented in 1959 by Alistair Pilkington. Almost all the glass we use today is made using Pilkington’s “float” process, which made it far easier and cheaper to make high-quality glass.

With thanks to The Radio Times

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