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Insulation jackets for Venturi valve

Insulation jackets for Venturi valve

SizePattern No.Pack 1 QtyPack 2 QtyCodeBarcodePrice (£) each ex VAT
DN15Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets105708537384475£35.75
DN20Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets105708537384482£37.82
DN25Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets105708537384499£44.71
DN32Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets105708537384505£52.79
DN40Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets105708537384512£59.67
DN50Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets105708537384529£62.61
152501/2" Insulation Jacket9211270
152513/4" Insulation Jacket9811875
152521" Insulation Jacket11012480
1525311/4" Insulation Jacket12813394
1525411/2" Insulation Jacket138140100
152552" Insulation Jacket153152118
Pegler Yorkshire reserve the right to change specifications
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SizePattern No.CodeIndividual Weight (kg)Pack 1 Weight (kg)Pack 2 Weight (kg)
DN15Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets152500.040.040.00
DN20Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets152510.050.050.00
DN25Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets152520.060.060.00
DN32Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets152530.070.070.00
DN40Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets152540.070.070.00
DN50Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets152550.120.120.00
SizePattern No.CodeBSi Kitemark License
DN15Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets15250approved by BSi Kitemark License
DN20Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets15251approved by BSi Kitemark License
DN25Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets15252approved by BSi Kitemark License
DN32Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets15253approved by BSi Kitemark License
DN40Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets15254approved by BSi Kitemark License
DN50Pre-Fab Insulation Jackets15255approved by BSi Kitemark License

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