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USV22 Differential pressure valve

USV22 Differential pressure valve

Pattern No.USV22
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Price (£) each ex VAT£46.11
Pegler Yorkshire reserve the right to change specifications
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Pattern No.USV22
Individual Weight (kg)0.27
Pack 1 Weight (kg)0.27
Pack 2 Weight (kg)0.00
Pattern No.USV22
Pegler Yorkshire reserve the right to change specifications

USV22 Differential pressure valve



Thermostatic and Manual Radiator Valves

Pegler Customcare 5 Year Guarantee - Terms & Conditions

Products are subject to a 5 year guarantee that is between Pegler and the final purchaser of the product.

The guarantee is subject to proof of purchase being supplied.

This guarantee does not affect any statutory rights the consumer may have in law.

The guarantee covers manufacturing or material defects and is not applicable where the product is fitted contrary to conditions of use in our literature.

The guarantee is subject to the following limitations:

1. The valves are designed for use only in an indirect open-vented or sealed water-filled central heating and/or indirect hot water system and for no other purpose.

2. They must be used within the pressure and temperature limits stated in the technical information table below.

Operating Conditions (Maximum)
System Water Temperature (at 5bar) : 120 °C
Operating pressure (at 65 oC) :10 bar

3. Under no circumstances must they be used to in systems containing liquids or solutions other than water. The only exception is the addition of a proprietary central heating corrosion inhibitor, cleaner or anti-freeze to the system water in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Damage caused by abusive behaviour and accidental damage to the product are not covered by this guarantee

The extent of Pegler liability is limited to the cost of the replacement of the defective item and not to fitting or consequential damages.

DescriptionMinimum Operating
Pressure (bar)
Maximum Cold Working
Pressure (bar)
Maximum Hot
Working Pressure (bar)
USV22 Differential Pressure ValveNo Minimum Operating Pressure6.0 bar at temperatures up to 100oCNot Suitable for Maximum Hot Working Pressure

No regular care is required for this product.

When operated under the correct conditions the pressure - reducing valve requires no special maintenance; however pressure reducing valves can be affected by a foreign matter. We recommend that a separate filter be fitted in line prior to the valve.

For any further help please contact your local heating engineer

If your product is under warranty please contact the Service Support Team on: 0800 1560050.

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