VSH Shurjoint

Z07 rigid coupling heavy duty

Z07 rigid coupling heavy duty

SizePattern No.Pack 1 QtyPack 2 QtyCodeBarcodePrice (£) each ex VAT
42.4 (DN32) -E- orangeZ0712408711985438949£27.11
42.4 (DN32) -E- galvanizedZ0712408711985439069£35.45
48.3 (DN40) -E- orangeZ0712008711985438956£30.75
48.3 (DN40) -E- galvanizedZ0712008711985439076£40.14
60.3 (DN50) -E- orangeZ0711608711985438963£33.88
60.3 (DN50) -E- orangeZ0711608711985439083£44.31
76.1 (DN65) -E- orangeZ0711208711985438970£38.05
76.1 (DN65) -E- galvanizedZ0711208711985439090£49.52
88.9 (DN80) -E- orangeZ071908711985438987£40.66
88.9 (DN80) -E- galvanizedZ071908711985439106£53.17
114.3 (DN100) -E- orangeZ071508711985438994£53.69
114.3 (DN100) -E- galvanizedZ071508711985439113£69.85
139.7 (DN125) -E- orangeZ071708711985439007£75.06
139.7 (DN125) -E- galvanizedZ071708711985439120£97.47
165.1 (DN150) -E- orangeZ071608711985439014£103.21
165.1 (DN150) -E- galvanizedZ071608711985439137£134.48
168.3 (DN150) -E- orangeZ071608711985439021£103.21
168.3 (DN150) -E- galvanizedZ071608711985439144£134.48
219.1 (DN200) -E- orangeZ071308711985439038£153.25
219.1 (DN200) -E- galvanizedZ071308711985439151£199.64
273 (DN250) -E- orangeZ071008711985439045£207.46
273 (DN250) -E- galvanizedZ071008711985439168£270.01
323.9 (DN300) -E- orangeZ071008711985439052£235.08
323.9 (DN300) -E- galvanizedZ071008711985439175£305.45
10Z070012E01 42424242DN32DN32242447681051111
10Z070012E03 42424242DN32DN32242447681051111
10Z070015E01 48484848DN40DN40242447741151111
10Z070015E03 48484848DN40DN40242447741151111
10Z070020E01 60606060DN50DN50242448861191111
10Z070020E03 60606060DN50DN50242448861191111
10Z070029E01 76767676DN65DN652424481021461111
10Z070029E03 76767676DN65DN652424481021461111
10Z070030E01 89898989DN80DN802424481151661111
10Z070030E03 89898989DN80DN802424481151661111
10Z070045E01 114114114114DN100DN1002727541472062222
10Z070045E03 114114114114DN100DN1002727541472062222
10Z070052E01 140140140140DN125DN1252727531752382222
10Z070052E03 140140140140DN125DN1252727531752382222
10Z070062E01 165165165165DN150DN1502727532002662222
10Z070062E03 165165165165DN150DN1502727532002662222
10Z070065E01 168168168168DN150DN1502727532032712222
10Z070065E03 168168168168DN150DN1502727532032712222
10Z070085E01 219219219219DN200DN2003232642683422222
10Z070085E03 219219219219DN200DN2003232642683422222
10Z0700A1001 273273273273DN250DN2503333653273962222
10Z0700A1003 273273273273DN250DN2503333653273962222
10Z0700A3001 324324324324DN300DN3003333653774522222
10Z0700A3003 324324324324DN300DN3003333653774522222
Pegler Yorkshire reserve the right to change specifications
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SizePattern No.CodeIndividual Weight (kg)Pack 1 Weight (kg)Pack 2 Weight (kg)
42.4 (DN32) -E- orangeZ0710Z070012E010.720.7217.28
42.4 (DN32) -E- galvanizedZ0710Z070012E030.720.7217.28
48.3 (DN40) -E- orangeZ0710Z070015E010.810.8116.20
48.3 (DN40) -E- galvanizedZ0710Z070015E030.810.8116.20
60.3 (DN50) -E- orangeZ0710Z070020E010.910.9114.56
60.3 (DN50) -E- orangeZ0710Z070020E030.910.9114.56
76.1 (DN65) -E- orangeZ0710Z070029E011.141.1413.68
76.1 (DN65) -E- galvanizedZ0710Z070029E031.141.1413.68
88.9 (DN80) -E- orangeZ0710Z070030E011.291.2911.61
88.9 (DN80) -E- galvanizedZ0710Z070030E031.291.2911.61
114.3 (DN100) -E- orangeZ0710Z070045E012.002.0010.00
114.3 (DN100) -E- galvanizedZ0710Z070045E032.002.0010.00
139.7 (DN125) -E- orangeZ0710Z070052E013.023.0221.14
139.7 (DN125) -E- galvanizedZ0710Z070052E033.023.0221.14
165.1 (DN150) -E- orangeZ0710Z070062E013.423.4220.52
165.1 (DN150) -E- galvanizedZ0710Z070062E033.423.4220.52
168.3 (DN150) -E- orangeZ0710Z070065E013.463.4620.76
168.3 (DN150) -E- galvanizedZ0710Z070065E033.463.4620.76
219.1 (DN200) -E- orangeZ0710Z070085E017.107.1021.30
219.1 (DN200) -E- galvanizedZ0710Z070085E037.127.1221.36
273 (DN250) -E- orangeZ0710Z0700A100110.4010.400.00
273 (DN250) -E- galvanizedZ0710Z0700A100310.3710.370.00
323.9 (DN300) -E- orangeZ0710Z0700A300111.8011.800.00
323.9 (DN300) -E- galvanizedZ0710Z0700A300311.8011.800.00

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This product range has been designed for the use of homeowners, domestic and commercial applications and therefore the guarantee is subject to the product being properly selected for their intended service conditions.

The guarantee is not applicable where the product is fitted contrary to the conditions in the fitting instructions.

Abusive behaviour and accidental damage to the product are not covered by this guarantee.

The extent of this liability is limited to the cost of the replacement of the defective item and not to fitting or consequential damages.

Material Connection 1Cast iron
Material Connection 2Cast iron

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