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XPR10100 Carbon FullFlow ball valve (press)

XPR10100 Carbon FullFlow ball valve (press)

SizePattern No.Pack 1 QtyPack 2 QtyCodeBarcodePrice (£) each ex VAT
15 (DN10) - SilverXPR101001255708537736106£24.73
18 (DN15) - SilverXPR101001255708537736229£27.96
22 (DN20) - SilverXPR101001135708537737691£35.08
28 (DN25) - SilverXPR101001105708537736465£44.56
35 (DN32) - SilverXPR101001105708537736588£67.40
42 (DN40) - SilverXPR10100175708537736700£93.92
54 (DN50) - SilverXPR10100155708537736823£144.79
1010000100FullFlow Carbon ball valve FF 159015231523DN10DN1075474775151826772612227272727
1015000100FullFlow Carbon ball valve FF 189018271827DN15DN157552527521828813012732323232
1020000100FullFlow Carbon ball valve FF 2222322232DN20DN20756161751831883813440404040  
1025000100FullFlow Carbon ball valve FF 2828382838DN25DN25100686810024371104516845454545  
1032000100FullFlow Carbon ball valve FF 3535453545DN32DN32100818110024431225718055555555  
1040000100FullFlow Carbon ball valve FF 4242544254DN40DN40119999911928471406821970707070  
1050000100FullFlow Carbon ball valve FF 5454655465DN50DN5011911311311928551578523379797979  
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SizePattern No.CodeIndividual Weight (kg)Pack 1 Weight (kg)Pack 2 Weight (kg)
15 (DN10)XPR1010010100001000.170.195.18
18 (DN15)XPR1010010150001000.220.225.43
22 (DN20)XPR1010010200001000.220.362.84
28 (DN25)XPR1010010250001000.560.626.30
35 (DN32)XPR1010010320001000.860.868.61
42 (DN40)XPR1010010400001001.401.409.80
54 (DN50)XPR1010010500001002.332.3311.64
Material Connection 1Steel
Material Connection 2Steel

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