Valves - FullFlow Carbon

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XPR11001 Carbon FullFlow ball valve high (press x thread)

XPR11001 Carbon FullFlow ball valve high (press x thread)

SizePattern No.Pack 1 QtyPack 2 QtyCodeBarcodePrice (£) each ex VAT
15xG1/2 (DN10) - SilverXPR110011205708537736137£43.70
18xG3/4 (DN15) - SilverXPR110011155708537736250£47.54
22xG3/4 (DN20) - SilverXPR110011105708537736373£51.59
28xG1 (DN25) - SilverXPR11001185708537736496£75.25
35xG1 1/4 (DN32) - SilverXPR110011105708537736618£112.18
42xG1 1/2 (DN40) - SilverXPR11001155708537736731£148.34
54xG2 (DN50) - SilverXPR11001155708537736854£222.33
CodeDescriptiond1D1d2DN1DN2l0L1L2M2slw1 (mm)UVVbVhVlz1Z1z2Z2
1010001011FullFlow Carbon ball valve high FF 15xG1/2212315DN101/2" (DN15)753847752718681223012127272828
1015001011FullFlow Carbon ball valve high FF 18xG3/4262718DN153/4" (DN20)754352753218701263212632323232
1020001001FullFlow Carbon ball valve high FF 22xG3/4263222DN203/4" (DN20)755261753618731314012736364040
1025001001FullFlow Carbon ball valve high FF 28xG1333828DN251" (DN25)10056681004124741484115637374545
1032001001FullFlow Carbon ball valve high FF 35xG1 1/4424535DN321 1/4" (DN32)10067811005024801595717046465555
1040001001FullFlow Carbon ball valve high FF 42xG1 1/2485442DN401 1/2" (DN40)11978991195628981906819857576969
1050001001FullFlow Carbon ball valve high FF 54xG2606554DN502" (DN50)1199611311969281062088521669697979
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SizePattern No.CodeIndividual Weight (kg)Pack 1 Weight (kg)Pack 2 Weight (kg)
15xG1/2 (DN10)XPR1100110100010110.280.285.62
18xG3/4 (DN15)XPR1100110150010110.340.345.07
22xG3/4 (DN20)XPR1100110200010010.390.515.00
28xG1 (DN25)XPR1100110250010010.750.755.97
35xG1 1/4 (DN32)XPR1100110320010011.121.1211.16
42xG1 1/2 (DN40)XPR1100110400010011.761.768.77
54xG2 (DN50)XPR1100110500010012.852.8514.25
Material Connection 1Steel
Material Connection 2Steel

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