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S227 ECOTEC Jaws

S227 ECOTEC Jaws

SizePattern No.Pack 1 QtyPack 2 QtyCodeBarcodePrice (£) each ex VAT
12mmS227 ECOTEC108711985260304£217.72
15mmS227 ECOTEC108711985260311£256.65
18mmS227 ECOTEC108711985260328£256.65
22mmS227 ECOTEC108711985260335£256.65
28mmS227 ECOTEC108711985260342£256.65
35mmS227 ECOTEC108711985260359£256.65
15-35mmS227 ECOTEC (Jaw Set)105022050586940£962.55
3917912mm S227 ECOTEC    
3918015mm S227 ECOTEC143110392.0
3918118mm S227 ECOTEC143110392.0
3918222mm S227 ECOTEC147110392.0
3918328mm S227 ECOTEC147110392.0
3918435mm S227 ECOTEC154110392.0
3906815-35mm S227 ECOTEC (Jaw Set)    
Pegler Yorkshire reserve the right to change specifications
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SizePattern No.CodeIndividual Weight (kg)Pack 1 Weight (kg)Pack 2 Weight (kg)
12mmS227 ECOTEC391791.902.000.00
15mmS227 ECOTEC391801.902.000.00
18mmS227 ECOTEC391811.902.000.00
22mmS227 ECOTEC391822.002.200.00
28mmS227 ECOTEC391832.002.200.00
35mmS227 ECOTEC391841.862.000.00
15-35mmS227 ECOTEC (Jaw Set)3906810.1010.100.00
Minimum Operating Minimum Pressure (Bar)Maximum Cold Working Pressure (bar)Maximum Hot Working Pressure (bar)
No Minimum Operating PressureNo Maximum Cold Working PressureNo Maximum Hot Working Pressure

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