Efficient Use Of Water

The next few years will be an interesting and progressive period for our industry as changes occur across the globe relating to 'best practice' around the efficient use of water.

There are two pivotal reasons that will drive these changes; The UK Government’s commitment to reduce green house gas emissions by 18%, of which heating water is contributing significantly plus also accounts for 25% of consumer energy bills. Secondly, The EU Commission’s commitment to tackling the issue of water usage by the development of ‘A Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources’, as nearly half the EU population lives in ‘water-stressed’ countries, where the abstraction of water from freshwater sources is too high.

However consumers will pose alternative challenges in their acceptance of ‘change’ from high flow rate to new, more efficient products that use less water, and save money. Will concerns about climate change and water scarcity translate to changes in buyer behavior, or is it simply pounds and pence that drives decision making?

According to DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) and energy efficiency is now ranked as 4th on consumer’s shopping lists when choosing products, a sign that change may already be occurring.

In support of the drive for greater efficiency, and to improve consumer led information in the use of water, is the UK the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA), which has set up a voluntary industry scheme to label products based on water usage. Similar in look to the energy efficiency rating labels we see on UK domestic appliances or the energy efficiency ratings now applied to houses, the European Water Label will allow consumers to see the amount of water used per flush cycle and, in taps and showers how many litres are being used per minute.

With over 50 registered brands and over 7,000 products on its database the European Water Label continues to grow and promote more efficient use of water.

Our solution

Pegler Yorkshire’s range of taps from its renowned Francis Pegler and Performa brands include water saving options in many of the designs and all packaging boasts the European Water Label. Some designs have inbuilt water saving options such as a click cartridge which allow the consumer to make a more controlled choice in their water usage and all other basin and kitchen taps come with a water regulator.


  • Water saving options in many Francis Pegler and Performa products
  • 'Some products include a water regulator, to meet Building Regulations Part G
  • All products abide by European Water Label standards and requirements
  • Save money by controlling use of water

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