Introducing Engineering

Our Engineering team underpin the production work which takes place within the factory by continually evaluating the manufacturing methods and equipment, making changes and amendments when required to improve our practices, and maximise cost benefits whilst maintaining high quality and safety. They manage the installation of new machinery and equipment into the factory, from the initial concept right through to ensuring it is successfully installed and operational, making changes and adaptations as required to ensure full efficiency.

Job Roles in Engineering

  • Engineering Manager
  • Production Engineer
  • Tooling Engineer
  • Toolroom Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Technician
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical & Eystems Engineer
  • Toolmaker
  • Graduate Engineer
  • Senior Toolmaker
  • Maintenance Team Leader
  • Site Services Manager/ Technician
  • Apprentice

Our Roles

The team review our current working processes, and identify changes and developments that can be made to ensure optimum production results. They work on projects to install new products, keeping in mind the need to increase efficiency whilst being aware of costs. The team use a variety of CADCAM software to generate, maintain and update tool designs and plant layout drawings. They will be in close contact with the teams working on the shop floor, and use the relationships they build with those teams to assist them in amending tools and processes so that they work for the people who are using them.

At any time, a wide variety of tasks will be being worked on within the department, some smaller scale and some more long term projects. The team work together to plan a schedule for the project, liaising with other departments involved in the project, to ensure that the end result for instance, a new piece of machinery, or a new working practice is delivered on time and fulfils the project brief.

Our Toolmakers produce tools and machine parts in house to set specifications for use in the manufacture of our products, and work with other departments and machine users to gain feedback and information on the suitability of the tools produced, amending them as required to assist in efficient production.

Our Maintenance team work on the factory floor, undertaking routine repairs and replacements of parts as well as attending machine breakdowns, working to get machines up and running as quickly as possible to ensure that breakdown time is kept to a minimum.

Employee Profile

Name David Bray
Job Title Production Engineer
What I Do As a production engineer, I am required to make the production process as efficient as possible. I achieve this by using various principles of engineering, technology, manufacturing and management science. It is a vocation that has significant overlap with manufacturing and industrial engineering.
David Bray
“Having started work for Pegler on the shop floor, I spent many years at college gaining qualifications allowing me the opportunity to progress into my current role as a production engineer. The role is diverse and challenging.”

David Bray

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