Introducing NPD

Pegler recognises that Product Development and Innovation is an essential element in the success of our business. Improved versions of traditional products are needed to remain competitive, whilst innovative new products are also required to unlock new ways of working that deliver cost savings and provide better solutions for our installers and users.

Job Roles in NPD

  • Head of New Product Development
  • Development Manager
  • Technical Development Manager – Jiangmen
  • Data Coordinator
  • Technical Information Administrator
  • Design Engineer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Development Test Engineer
  • Junior Designer

Our Roles

Our Engineers and Designers provide the backbone of NPD projects, working with Product and Market Managers in the earliest stages, to identify development opportunities and create innovative product concepts right through to the latter stages when they work closely with Manufacturing Operations and Suppliers to deliver the finished product.

Ideas are developed in collaboration with colleagues across the business, co-opting external expertise as required. 3D CAD, Digital Simulation tools, 3D printing and prototype testing is used extensively in the development process.

Our Development Test Engineers are an integral part of the development process, working closely with Designers and Engineers to evaluate new product designs through prototyping and product testing. They have a wide knowledge of product performance, testing methods and equipment; they develop new methods and rigs to test the most innovative new products.

Our Development Managers are responsible for small teams of Designers, Engineers and Test Engineers. In addition to their own Product Development project work they mentor their team, provide an additional layer of design input, and ensure development work is carried out on time, in budget and to the highest quality.

Undergraduates from Design and Engineering courses spend a year working in NPD as Junior Designers supporting Designers, Engineers and Test Engineers in their project work. This provides a rich experience of Product Development and its context within Manufacturing and the wider Business environment.

Our Data Co-Ordinator is responsible for the information stored in our system that defines the manufacturing route, and consequently the cost, of products produced by Pegler. They work with Designers and Engineers throughout development to ensure accurate data associated with a new product is in place before launch.

Customers are placing increasing demands on Pegler for a wide variety of technical information associated with our products. CAD files, Dimensional Details and BIM (Building Information Model) files are created and kept up to date by the Technical Information Administrator and made available through our website.

Employee Profile

Name Sam White
Job Title Design Engineer
What I Do I work in the NPD office where we design the latest heating and plumbing innovations. We use a range of techniques including sketching, Computer Aided Modelling, computer simulations and rapid prototyping.
Sam White
“Working in the NPD office involves finding innovative solutions to problems. Working at Pegler involves a new design challenge almost every day. It is a constant challenging to think of new concepts and improvements to existing products, but satisfying when you see a finished product launched to market.”

Sam White

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