Introducing Purchasing

At Pegler, the Purchasing department is a strategic function that ensures all products and services are sourced to accommodate for the operational needs of the business. We have a carefully selected global supply chain operating on negotiated terms that enable us to mirror the requirements of our customers and remain competitive within the market. We strive to continually improve our profitability by reducing cost whilst also enhancing quality and mitigating risk to the business.

Job Roles in Purchasing

  • Purchasing Manager
  • Head of Purchasing / Supply Chain
  • Procurement Manager
  • Purchase Planner
  • Procurement Analyst
  • Purchasing Manager / Factored Products

Our Roles

We also are involved in the purchase of goods from 3rd party suppliers where such goods fall outside our core manufacturing competencies. Additionally there are Capital equipment purchases, Utilities, Consumables and other business support services such as logistics, Freight Forwarding, IT, Cars etc.

The management team are responsible to select suitably equipped suppliers and to determine the manner in which we do business with those suppliers. We find more and more these days that there are additional considerations to consider and Environmental impacts and new laws [such as the Anti-Slavery Laws] where we require our suppliers to meet the highest UK standards.

Our Purchase Planners evaluate the products that are required to keep production at optimum levels. They liaise with our suppliers to place Purchase orders remaining mindful at all times of keeping within budgetary constraints and timescales of when materials are required. They monitor inventory levels using our ERP system and identify any bottlenecks, making suggestions on how to alleviate these to avoid production problems arising.

Employee Profile

Name Alex Camm
Job Title Buyer
What I Do I deal with a world-wide supplier base and it is great to have an outward focus in these times of rapid technological advancement, purchasing goods from capital equipment through to consumables from suppliers
Alex Camm
“I joined during a period of transition for the department, it’s been very rewarding to see how Purchasing has evolved during my two years at Pegler. Due to the global nature of my role I have the opportunity to travel, this has aided both my personal & professional development”

Alex Camm

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