Trinity Square

Introducing Trinity Square

Ten Trinity Square, the former home of the Port of London Authority, is highly regarded as one of Britain’s finest buildings. Built in the 1920’s for an astronomical sum of £1million its classical façade pays homage to its trade links, with a sculpture of Old Father Thames adorning the roof and holding his trident and pointing East depicting the trade between nations. Today, Chinese investor Reignwood, has entered into a new phase for the building, converting it into platinum luxury apartments and a five star hotel run by global luxury chain Four Seasons.

Client: Ardmore

Product used:

  • Warranty Plus


  • Water Treatment & Commissioning

Market Sector:

  • Construction

Project Profile

Ardmore, as the appointed contractor, set about looking for partners that could deliver the high quality and assurance that this type of project warranted. Given the history of the building, key considerations for the plumbing system were; to ensure full control of the system during the water treatment phase, thereby drastically reducing the risk of water damage; to practice high environmental standards in terms of water usage during flushing stage, and to reduce water costs. Phasing was a critical part of the project with the hotel being released and operational while 50% of building works were still operational. Ardmore needed to find an alternative to allow the hotel to open whilst keeping costs to a minimum. The solution on the market at the time was a process undertaken by Pegler as Warranty Plus.

During the system installation Pegler and Primary Water Group (PWG) were given access to install water treatment equipment prior to pressure testing which enabled a phasing process, which gave total system control. The complete solution comprised fixed UV bacterial control and full in-line filtration using thermal imaging/ultrasonic flow rate testing. This combines flushing, biocide wash and chemical cleaning in just one system pass. The entire cleaning process took just 3 days, significant time saving when compared to traditional water treatment methods. In addition, due to just one system pass the water saved amounted to in excess of 25 million litres, a critical element when water efficiency and environmental standards are of paramount importance.

What Ardmore said:

“All elements of a project such as Trinity Square, given its heritage and conversion, must be strictly controlled and using water treatment methods such as that offered by Pegler and PWG play a huge part in achieving the expected high standards. It was extremely beneficial to phase the treatment process throughout the installation stage and after, saving time whilst still having complete system control.
“This type of water treatment method also offered extremely good environmental qualities using only 5% of the water typically used during the flushing process which has also greatly reduced the project water costs.”

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