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Pegler's objective is to ensure that the talents and resources of employees are utilised to the full and that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on grounds of gender, marital status, social class, colour, race, ethnic origin, creed, age, sexual orientation or disability. We are committed to creating a diverse inclusive place to work, this is fundamental to creating a more innovative and higher performing company for the future.

In Pegler the women’s mean hourly rate is lower than paid to men by 24.10%. The median gap is 25.41%. This is a snapshot of the difference between the average hourly pay levels of all women compared to all men, irrespective of their role or level in the organisation, expressed as a percentage of men’s average pay. Our figures show that the median average pay of all our women is 25.41% lower than that for all our men. For comparison the UK’s national gender pay gap is 9.1%.The hourly pay figure used to calculate the difference includes all items as specified in the regulations, such as allowances and shift pay. The average mean gender pay gap for hourly pay within manufacturing as a whole is 7.2%.

The “gender pay gap” is an average figure and is distinct from “equal pay” which looks at the individual level and is about ensuring that men and women are paid the same for carrying out the same work, or work of equal value. The evaluation of our gender pay data indicates that the difference in average pay is due to proportionately more men being in senior, higher paid roles. When we look at the salaries between men and women in the same grade the differences reduce.

The mean bonus payment for the 12 months preceding 5th April 2017 63.2%. The mean gender pay gap for bonus pay within manufacturing as a whole is 22.8%.

The Median gender pay gap for bonus payment is 0%

In Pegler the proportion of men paid bonus was 88.8% compared to 85% of women. Our approach to employee reward is gender neutral by design. So we are confident that any gaps between male and female bonus are driven by the structure of the workforce. Where we have fewer women in senior roles.

The legislation require us to identify our overall pay range, by dividing this into equally sized quartiles and populate these with the numbers of men and women in each quartile.

Quartile % men % women
Lower 54 49
Lower middle 78 21
Upper middle 89 18
Top 83 18

With the total female workforce in UK at 32%  (101/310*100)

We are trying to improve the male: female ratio across the organisation. However we operate in what is still a male dominated sector and it will take time for our good intentions to become reality.

We need to improve the balance of the workforce and this means we need to attract more women to come and work for us.

In April 18 our total female workforce in the UK is32%. We would like this to be higher and along with many other engineering companies.

We are actively working to increase the number of women at all levels in our company.

We are working more closely with schools, universities as part of the local chamber and as part of the national drive to encourage young women into subjects such as science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). We are exploring how we can attract more women into our company to create a more gender balance, given that we have more men at all levels including the senior team. However as an equal opportunities employer, we firmly believe in appointing the best candidate into the role, regardless of the gender or other factors covered by the equality act.

The gender pay analysis will be used to monitor pay and ensure there is no bias towards either gender from recruitment to salary conversations and progression opportunities.

As a leadership team we are committed to proactively challenging ourselves about the underlying reasons for the gap and working across our business to address it.

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