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Push & Press Used in Aberdeen's Latest Hotels

Project:  Construction of new hotels in Aberdeen

Product Used:  Tectite Flexible Metal & XPress

Market Sector:  Public leisure

The Project Brief

A landmark site in Aberdeen is  being developed as part of a  planned expansion of strategically located branded hotels in key UK cities. The development will include a  193 Bedroom 3-Star Holiday Inn Express Hotel  and a  165 Bedroom 4-Star Crowne Plaza Hotel – both with  conference facilities and meeting rooms.   With its location being in  close proximity to Aberdeen International Airport which offers flights to 48 national and international destinations connecting with key international  cities at Heathrow, Amsterdam and  Paris ,   it will provide a hub for international travellers .

The construction of the Holiday Inn Express Hotel incorporates bathroom POD systems and as space was of paramount importance the key priority for sub-contractors CHC Group was the flexibility of materials used plus reliability in the connection of modules to the overall plumbing network.  

The Crowne Plaza has a more traditional bathroom installation and CHC Group wanted a solution that required minimal joints within the bedrooms plus gave access to all valves from the services riser shaft .


The Solution

Pegler Yorkshire’s Tectite Flexible Metal tube combined with its XPress press-fit range of fittings and Pegler Yorkshire Valves provided the ideal solution. Renowned for its quality of manufacturer and innovative engineering design Pegler Yorkshire’s Tectite Flexible Metal Tube, constructed using a combination of PE-Xc and aluminum allowed even the tightest of bends to be formed, and reduced the amount of elbows and fittings required.  

The XPress range of fittings was chosen because of their exceptional reputation for performance.  The XPress range offered CHC Group a heat free clean solution that negated the need for a hot works permit and saved time on installation as there was no need for adhesive curing or long flushing times, particularly when all modules were installed into the construction. 

The varied range of valves offered by Pegler Yorkshire that aid sustainability and building performance also supported the modular systems.


Benefits of Tectite Flexible Metal System using XPress Fittings and Pegler Yorkshire Valves:

·       Reduces the number of fittings used by up to 40%

·       Operating maximum of 6 bar at 95C and 16 bar at 30C

·       8 X less expansion than plastic systems

·       No sagging under temperature due to metal construction

·       Moulds into the tightest bends by hand

·       Clip only once per metre

·       Quality fittings with WRAS and Kitemark approval

·       Leak Before Press (LBP) feature

·       Reliable valves that support optimum building performance



The Results

Mark Rainey, of CHC Group commented: “The traditional route of installation was not suitable for this project so we looked at the market for a more innovative solution.  We thought the Tectite Flexible Metal Tube from Pegler Yorkshire was ideal, it meant we used less fittings and still managed to maximize the space available.  And, because we used the XPress range of fittings and valves we were guaranteed a reliable system underwritten by Pegler Yorkshire.”

Push & Press Used in Aberdeen's Latest Hotels

A landmark site in Aberdeen is  being developed as part of a  planned expansion of strategically located branded hotels in key UK cities. The development will include a  193 Bedroom 3-Star Holiday Inn Express Hotel and a  165 Bedroom 4-Star Crowne Plaza Hotel – both with  conference facilities and meeting rooms.


London Fire Brigade is just one of a whole host of organisations that is discovering the benefits of installing the revolutionary Terrier i-temp from Pegler Yorkshire.

Pegler Yorkshire helping to improve student life at Exeter University

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Pegler Yorkshire helps to improve student life

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The Heat is on for Longhurst Group – Thanks to Pegler Yorkshire

With climate change top of the political agenda, and new legislation on build and efficiency, many housing organisations and landlords are looking at ways in which they can incorporate energy saving measures into their properties.

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