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The Heat is on for Longhurst Group – Thanks to Pegler Yorkshire

Longhurst Group, an organisation with over 16,000 homes has already incorporated many renewable and energy efficient technologies into its properties but is continually looking for products that will not only make these more efficient but also help with the energy costs for tenants.

Andy Patchitt, development and new business manager for Longhurst Group commented: “Our organisation, like many, can play a key part in helping to meet environmental targets and tackle fuel poverty issues.  We are keen to investigate innovative methods of improving the building fabric performance and fuel efficiency.”

One, new to market product that the Longhurst Group in conjunction with L&H Homes has been trialling, is the Terrier i-Temp PRC (Programmable Radiator Control) developed by leading manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire.  The trial was part of controlled field trial to enable Pegler Yorkshire to validate the calculated energy savings, which have resulted in a saving of 30% on heating costs compared to traditional TRVs.

The Terrier i-Temp allows the time and temperature in each room to be fine tuned with no change to the master programmer.  This energy saving advancement prevents heat wastage as the end user can focus heat within individual rooms when required.  For example a typical user would normally heat the whole house in a number of time periods, but only use rooms at certain points of the day, the Terrier i-Temp can be set to reflect this ensuring no heat wastage in other rooms which results in inevitable energy saving.

This revolutionary new product is just a simple upgrade to an existing heating system; the PRC simply attaches to most brands of thermostatic radiator valves.  It upgrades to the majority of existing TRV bodies, with adaptors provided within the pack.  Products available include the terrier i-temp i30 PRC for vertical fitted valves and the i35 PRC for horizontal mounted valves. Both products are available with thermostatic valve bodies if required for a completely new installation.

The trial was conducted on two identical three bedroom terrace new build homes.  One home was fitted using traditional TRVs set at appropriate temperatures for the individual rooms and the other with the Terrier i-Temp.  With the heating timing profile of the PRCs in the second property set to optimise the energy saving for each room.  The gas usage was monitored over a three month period at regular intervals.

The results showed that during just one 24 hour period the Terrier i-Temp property saved 9.17kg of CO2 energy, equating to £1.73 and a total of 44 hours of heating. 

This PRC will provide huge benefits for all types of applications both domestic and commercial.  It can play a significant role in reducing the carbon emission for existing housing stock, social housing, care homes and multiple apartments with a central heat source. In addition, compared to other energy saving installation methods, terrier i-temp upgrades to existing valves quickly which will save time and money, its performance payback could be realised within just eight months.

“With heating identified as one of the highest domestic carbon emitters it was apparent that there was a real market niche to address this topical issue,” commented Sindar Singh product market manager for Pegler Yorkshire. “Considerable data collection has taken place with a full energy saving trial conducted. The results were compelling and demonstrated that Terrier i-Temp represents significant cost saving benefits on gas usage.”

The Terrier i-Temp is the first of its kind to be recognised as an Energy Saving Trust recommended product.

Andy commented: “We are pleased to have been a part of this exciting trial the evidence shows that it really does provide a cost and energy saving benefit.  The child lock and anti-theft locking system already incorporated into the PRC are useful additions to the product. 

“Because of this product being so new to the market we believe we will need to help residents to fully understand the advantages of the Terrier i-Temp.  I believe once they see the benefits they will be behind the product as much as we are.”

For further information about the Terrier i-Temp visit -  Althernatively for information about any of of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or  email

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London Fire Brigade is just one of a whole host of organisations that is discovering the benefits of installing the revolutionary Terrier i-temp from Pegler Yorkshire.

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The Heat is on for Longhurst Group – Thanks to Pegler Yorkshire

With climate change top of the political agenda, and new legislation on build and efficiency, many housing organisations and landlords are looking at ways in which they can incorporate energy saving measures into their properties.

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