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VSH Tectite - Reliability and Performance across the whole range

Pegler recognises that the restrictions of naked flames on site and difficulties in acquiring hot work permits add unnecessary stress and obstacles, which is why we offer heat-free jointing methods through our push-fit technology ranges. 

As a part of Pegler’s leading push-fit technology, our VSH Tectite Classic range offers all the performance of metal, with the installation benefits of push-fit. Demountable, slim profile and compatible with most domestic tube materials, they are the only fittings you need to carry. As a part of the reliable VSH Tectite Classic range, our flexible VSH Tectite Multi tube has 8 times less expansion than plastic systems and reduces the number of fittings used by up to 40%.

“VSH Tectite Classic is firmly established as the market leading metal push fit system in the UK. Since launching VSH Tectite 25 years ago, we have invested significantly in our Doncaster production facility to ensure the highest manufacturing quality standards. VSH Tectite connections are available in a range of products including ball valves, radiator valves and thermostatic mixing valves” stated Stephen Finkel, Pegler’s VSH Tectite Product Line Manager.

Our VSH Tectite Pro range also offers heat-free installation. Specifically designed for the high demands of a modern commercial system, our fully demountable DZR Brass bodied Pro fitting, makes high performance installations quicker, safer and more reliable. The leading VSH Tectite Valves range also has a vast array of push-fit valves such as the TX402 TMV (Thermostatic Mixing Valve) These push-fit valves offer key advantages such as being rodent resistant, fully demountable and compatibility with Copper, VSH Tectite Tube, PB and PEX. TMV’s in the range also come with the prestigious WRAS approval for security and reliability.

Additionally, the VSH Tectite Sprint range showcases metal push-fit in its purest form, with only 3 components making up this fitting, allowing it to be as slim and attractive as possible. This doesn’t however, prevent it from providing the exceptional performance you should expect from a VSH Tectite product.

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VSH Tectite - Reliability and Performance across the whole range

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