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A TMV Can Make Sense of Part G

Section G3 of the regulations will be extended so the hot water supply to any fixed bath must incorporate a device to ensuring the temperature of the water cannot exceed 48°C. The changes are aimed at new homes and while campaigners would like to see this extended to all dwellings, all concerned have broadly welcomed the amendments.

The revised document should become law in England in April 2010 and will follow the lead set by Scotland and other sectors (such as hospitals and care homes) with a duty of care in protecting the public from the risk of scalding. A lack of awareness of just how easily hot water can result in severe scalding means the protection of a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (or TMV) is vital. A TMV mixes hot and cold water to deliver blended water at a safe, pre-set temperature, by means of a temperature sensitive part that varies the amount of hot and cold water entering the valve.
A temperature of just 51°C will burn the average adult in 2-6 minutes, and even faster with adults and children who have thinner skin. Most of us find even 44°C uncomfortably hot, choosing to shower and bathe in a cooler 41°C.

Manufacturers have been forging ahead with new product development to help installers meet the requirements of an anticipated revision to Part G with regard to hot water safety and one of Pegler Yorkshire’s key launches for this year is a brand new range of TMV’s.

Branded under the Prestex name and manufactured and assembled completely in the UK, superior quality control and traceability have been key drivers for the new product, coupled with a precision engineering that has delivered a more compact and lightweight design.

To comply with Part G a TMV must have a maximum temperature stop at 48°C, must not be easily altered by the end user and be suitable and compatible with the installation. The product should allow the length of supply to the terminal outlet to be kept to a minimum, a key consideration in preventing the development of water borne pathogens like legionalla. The reason boiler temperatures are kept high is to destroy such pathogens and the TMV allows for this, while still ensuring the delivery of hot water at a safe pre-sent level.

For the domestic arena addressed by Part G, installers should select a TMV certified as compliant under the Buildcert TMV2 scheme. This will ensure compliance with both BSEN1111 and BSEN 1287. The new compact size of the Prestex Valve makes it easy to install near the outlet, and once fitted provides reliable temperature control, factory set at 43°C. A good TMV also protects the user from ‘Thermal Shock’ if either the hot or cold water supply should fail unexpectedly.

As well as monitoring and approving TMV’s, Buildcert also list manufacturers who comply with the relevant British and European standards, so installers and the public alike can be confident in the effectiveness of products on this list.

The benefits of TMV installation are hard to ignore and while changes to Part G have been welcome, reservations remain that the changes do not go far enough. There is the question of hot water safety being applied across the board, not just in new build alone. But of more concern is the question of on-going TMV maintenance.

TMV’s are sometimes referred to as ‘fail-safe’ devices, but this is mis-leading. Any complex mechanical device can only be as good as its servicing and after these products have been installed for several years, concerns over maintenance will arise. A house may have new owners or occupiers and some method needs to be agreed ensuring regular maintenance in accordance with manufacturers instructions – ensuring the device continues to function correctly.

It is essential any TMV fitted is a thoroughly tested, high performance device, with an equally high degree of quality control built in. The Prestex TMV has a unique bar code etched onto each product, which allows each TMV manufactured to be traced with unrivalled accuracy to where and when it was produced – right down to the minute of manufacture and initial testing. This level of traceability is a first for this sort of product in the industry.

There is no doubt that revised Part G is a real advance, but it is just one battle won. The fight to see TMV protection offered to all homes goes on. If choosing the right TMV is still proving difficult, all responsible manufacturers offer comprehensive advice and assistance to those who require further details or technical information, or installation advice. Further information is also available on the TMVA website at



The education sector is one where building infrastructure has to be particularly robust across all elements including heating and pipework system.

Leading manufacturer of integrated piping systems, Pegler, now offers its VSH PowerPress system across the UK and Irish market and Holy Family National School in Swords, County Dublin was just one establishment which reaped the benefits from the specification and installation of this product selection; a thick wall steel pipe and press fitting range.

Pegler Launches VSH MultiPress System to UK Market

Pegler, has announced the latest addition to its market leading portfolio of brands with the launch of VSH MultiPress. A new multilayer pipe system, VSH MultiPress, incorporates many revolutionary features as part of both its design and molecular construction that set it apart from other plastic piping systems.


Pegler Yorkshire is introducing a mechanical grooved piping system to its portfolio.  Under the brand VSH Shurjoint, this new range will complement the company’s renowned brands such as VSH XPress and VSH Tectite offering fully integrated piping systems.

Pegler Yorkshire Extends Tooling Range

Pegler Yorkshire, the leading UK manufacturer of VSH XPress fittings has expanded its range of tools to meet the demands of the marketplace.  

Pushing the Boundaries - VSH Tectite Receives BSI Kitemark Standard

Pegler Yorkshire has raised the bar by being the first manufacturer to achieve the prestigious BSI Kitemark across its range of push-fit fittings.


Pegler Yorkshire has extended its stainless steel VSH XPress Press Fit range of fittings to included sizes up to 168mm - a first for the UK market. 

Put An End To ‘Pressing’ Jobs With A Combined Toolkit

As the rise of more modern jointing techniques such as push and press continues leading manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, has launched a combined  toolkit  that gives installers the right equipment to speed up installations.

Tectite makes plumbers’ lives easier – and slashes installation times

Rigorous testing has shown that Pegler Yorkshire’s innovative Tectite push-fit system can cut installation times by up to 75% without sacrificing durability and versatility.

Pegler Yorkshire Launches Essential Tool for HVAC Installers

Pegler Yorkshire has brought to market a tool that no HVAC installer should be without!

The Tectite Tube Straightener exclusively supplied by the company has been launched for 15mm pipe sizes.

Push and Press - Like Two Peas in a Pod

While the plumbing industry continues to debate the merits of both push and press, there has been a noticeable rise in the amount of systems being installed that now benefit from a combined approach.

VSH Tectite Commercial Valve Range Expands

Following the successful launch of the revolutionary new VSH Tectite Flexible Metal plumbing system,  Pegler has announced an addition to its valve range – the VSH Tectite TX300 Full Bore Quarter Turn Lever Ball Valve.

Tectite Flexible Metal System - A Revolution by Pegler Yorkshire

Pegler Yorkshire is pleased to announce the future in domestic plumbing for the UK!  The company has drawn on 125 years of British manufacturing to create the unique Tectite Flexible Metal system, a product like no other on the market.

TMVs Now Boast Tectite Technology

As a continuation of product development by renowned plumbing systems manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire, the company has announced the launch of a new valve.  The Tectite TMV series combine the latest in metal push-fit technology with the ultimate protection against hot water scalding and thermal shock.

Kuterlite delivers PROfessional results every time

When installers need compression fittings that deliver enhanced performance, valves and fittings specialist Pegler Yorkshire has always been the first choice. By operating a policy of unceasing product development, Kuterlite has established itself as the market leader and reputation set to be reinforced further by the improved Kuterlite fitting – the K900-Pro.

The Tectite Push-Fittings Range

The direct benefits derived from using push-fittings including speed of installation, heat and solvent free jointing and the need for only basic tools, can now be realised in more applications and across more pipe types and sizes.

Instant Jointing Techniques By Pegler Yorkshire

Push-fit fittings started to appear in the UK during the 1980s in flexible systems.  Originally established as simple technology only suitable for light duty has now matured and evolved into thoroughly professional metal fitting systems capable of performing at a very high level in a wide range of applications.

Pegler Yorkshire Fitting Raises the ‘Car’ and Vital Funds for Charity

The strength of one of Pegler Yorkshire’s fittings has been put to the test in a David and Goliath experiment on site in Doncaster.

Pegler Yorkshire takes the heat out of the Thermostatic Valves Market with two valves in one

As a recognised innovator and market leader in the field of Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV), Pegler Yorkshire has once again responded to changing regulations...

Pegler Yorkshire introduces the XPress sprinkler system to the UK

The Fire Protection market is one place where there can be no compromise when it comes to the quality and integrity of a product.

A TMV Can Make Sense of Part G

Following years of campaigning by charities, trade organisations and manufacturers, the government has now announced that hot water safety will be addressed in the revised edition of the Building Regulations, Part G.

New XPress Gas Range in Satisfying Larger Sizes

Pegler Yorkshire introduces an extension to the XPress copper gas range, with a comprehensive new choice of sizes from 15mm to the extra large 108mm.

Save Time and Trouble with A Tectite Sprint Socket Depth Gauge

Pegler Yorkshire has now introduced a unique Tectite Sprint Socket Depth Gauge. This unique three in one device has been designed especially for the Sprint range to make life for the installer as easy and trouble free as possible and allows Tectite Sprint to be prepared and installed speedier than ever!

XPress Carbon from Pegler Yorkshire

The XPress Carbon range of press-fit fittings from Pegler Yorkshire includes 67mm fittings, making XPress Carbon the only UK carbon steel press-fit System available in this size.

New TMV for Pegler Yorkshire

The South Yorkshire based Pegler Yorkshire Group continues to invest in new technology, with several new product launches planned for this year, including a new Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) range, backed by millions of pounds of investment in new machinery throughout the business.

Why use four fittings when XPress S32 Multi-Port does it in one?

Introducing the XPress S32 Tee, Female Branch Multi-Port from Pegler Yorkshire – the latest product to join the innovative XPress Copper range as part of the company’s policy of continuous product development.

Put Your Faith In The Original Yorkshire Fitting

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is not unusual to see cheap imitation products made available to trap the unwary. While this may not be a problem when buying a pair of jeans, it can raise serious issues when buying products that are needed to perform an essential job.

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