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"A" Rating is a Minimum for Terrier TRV

The renowned Terrier TRV, by leading manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire, has been given an A rating under the European TELL product classification system for the thermostatic radiator valve industry.

Fully manufactured at the company’s UK facilities, the Terrier brand has an enviable reputation for installer loyalty and proven reliability.  Its key attributes boast a quality performance, down time minimisation and now an A rating which offers a European seal of approval.  

The TELL scheme aims to help the industry promote responsible energy usage by consumers and offer information and guidance in making a conscious purchasing decision.  The right to use energy efficiency labelling on thermostatic radiator valves can only be granted to products that fulfil the minimum requirements in line with EN 215, with adherence to influence of water temperature, hysteresis, response time and influence of differential pressure.

Pegler Yorkshire, has adopted the TELL scheme for classification of its thermostatic radiator valves in order to offer a visible, environmentally led, choice guide to its Terrier and Belmont ranges. Being classified as the most highly efficient TRV is a testament to the engineering and manufacture processes of the Terrier range at Pegler Yorkshire’s Doncaster facility.

Sindar Singh, heating product market manager for Pegler Yorkshire commented: “Providing products that surpass industry standards is why our products are chosen time and time again.  The TELL scheme is an additional benefit for our installers, providing consumers with an informed choice of energy performance. Schemes such as TELL are ideal solutions to the requirement for more information about efficient products.  

“The TELL labels are easily recognisable they are broken down by categories A to F and colour coded to provide a simple guide based on the criteria.  Efficiency of a product is easy to recognise at a glance, for example an A rated product is much more energy efficient than an F.”

Sindar continued:  “TRVs are a hugely beneficial component to domestic and commercial heating system and will help to achieve compliance with Building Regulations Part L and reaching heating efficiency credits.  They are a fitting that can make a significant impact on a building’s emissions and energy costs.”

TRVs boast many advantages, as proven technology they offer energy savings, regulatory compliance plus they are simple additions to new or existing radiators and are quick and easy to install without the need of specialist tools.  

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Energy Saving Product that the Design Conscious Must Have

With over 70 percent of UK households still not benefitting from the savings offered by thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), leading UK manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire has put its knowledge and expertise to the test and developed a range of decorative TRVs which would appeal to the more design conscious consumer.

"A" Rating is a Minimum for Terrier TRV

The renowned Terrier TRV, by leading manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire, has been given an A rating under the European TELL product classification system for the thermostatic radiator valve industry.


As the winter months descend, and we crank up our heating systems, the ubiquitous issue of never ending increasing fuel tariffs raises its ugly head once again.

i-temptations as trio of new i-temp accessories deliver Terrier-ific

Less than 12 months since the launch of the innovative i-temp leading valves and fittings manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire announces not one, but three additions to the i-temp range.


The future of controlling room temperature is set to change thanks to the latest technology developed by market leader Pegler Yorkshire.

Decorative Radiator Valves from Pegler Yorkshire

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of thermostatic and manual radiator valves, Pegler Yorkshire is always at the forefront of the latest developments in the industry. A range of decorative radiator valves is now available that combine elegance with the reliable performance associated with Pegler Yorkshire.

The Terrier Push-Fit Range from Pegler Yorkshire

The Terrier Push-Fit range of products combine the push-fit technology of Yorkshire Fittings with the years of Pegler know-how that has gone into Terrier. Developed with the needs of the New Build market in mind, Terrier Push-Fit has the quality of product and speed of installation required, while still remaining competitive on price.

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