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i-temptations as trio of new i-temp accessories deliver Terrier-ific

Designed to give users even more ways to control and personalise the system, these new products deliver enhanced simplicity while helping to further reduce heating costs in the home.

i-temp forms part of the renowned Terrier range of heating products and since its launch has proven itself to be a must have product both domestically and commercially. The i-temp can be used to upgrade many types of TRV and by allowing the temperature to be controlled in each room of the house can deliver savings of up to 30% on heating bills, while at the same time delivering the level of comfort required for every part of the home or work place.

While i-temp remains the simple, yet intelligent PRC it was designed to be, Pegler Yorkshire now offers three new products to make i-temp even easier to use and extending its capabilities. Now available as part of the i-temp portfolio is a remote control, an innovative USB programming stick complete with software and a ‘window contact’ that automatically and remotely adjusts your i-temp, so you don’t have to. All of the new products can be used on their own, or combined for the ultimate in home heating control and energy saving technology.

The development of an i-temp remote control is a natural progression and allows users to control the PRC temperature without leaving the comfort of their seat. Small, discreet and simple to use, the remote displays the current ambient temperature in the room you are in and allows you to increase or decrease the temperature accordingly. It is easy to use and as with all the new accessories, will work with multiple i-temp devices.

Joining the remote control is a USB programming stick and software. The USB stick allows communication with the i-temp devices in the home but the real star of the show is the software, which allows the easy setting of a ‘heating profile’ for each i-temp – allowing for the quick and easy creation of heating programmes, direct from your PC. A variety of heating programmes can be generated and stored, allowing you to select and implement your favourite at the touch of a button

Finally, the window contact is the icing on the cake, delivering all round management of home heating and energy loss, right down to detecting when a window has been opened or closed and informing the i-temp device which can then respond accordingly. The window contact epitomises the i-temp philosophy, by delivering energy saving in a simple, unobtrusive way.

“When we launched i-temp it was a revolutionary product for the Terrier range and these new options make it accessory heaven for i-temp users everywhere,” said Pegler Yorkshire product market manager Sindar Singh. “i-temp is cost effective, easy to install and these new accessories make the system easer to use than ever, while delivering even greater energy efficiency.”

Costing about £25, i-temp requires no complicated installation, and fits easily to most popular TRV’s and handy adaptors are included in the pack. The i-temp i30 PRC is suitable for vertical valves while the i35 is the choice for horizontal valves. Both are available with thermostatic valve bodies if required – making them the perfect choice for a new installation as well as an energy saving upgrade in an existing dwelling.

Simplicity, as a first principle, is at the heart of the i-temp system. Many people will remember the complexity of some early domestic heating controls and rather than leave end users scratching their heads, the team at Pegler Yorkshire have designed the i-temp range around them. Programming has been greatly simplified and the new remote control for example uses only the basic buttons required to avoid any confusion and eliminate unnecessary and cumbersome complexity.

“The new additions have been developed to be very easy to ‘pair’ with the i-temp PRC,” added Sindar. “For those who have used i-temp to delver energy savings already, these latest products have been designed to offer additional energy saving options. They can be installed in minutes, but will provide years of energy saving and heating control.”

Aimed at delivering convenience and a simple way of saving energy and controlling heating without needing to touch the main boiler control, i-temp has found itself the perfect solution in both the domestic and commercial environment alike. It can play a significant role in reducing the carbon emission score in care homes, social housing and multiple apartments with a single heat source. The new accessories have just taken this to the next level. By recognising when a window has been opened and adjusting the heating accordingly, it will be clear how the window contact will quickly pay for itself in a care home and social housing environment, while the remote allows the user to adjust every room easily. These new i-temp upgrades will save everyone from home owners to maintenance manager’s time and money while the product’s existing high performance has led it to be the first PRC of its kind to be recognised as an Energy Saving Trust recommended product.

Energy Saving Product that the Design Conscious Must Have

With over 70 percent of UK households still not benefitting from the savings offered by thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), leading UK manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire has put its knowledge and expertise to the test and developed a range of decorative TRVs which would appeal to the more design conscious consumer.

"A" Rating is a Minimum for Terrier TRV

The renowned Terrier TRV, by leading manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire, has been given an A rating under the European TELL product classification system for the thermostatic radiator valve industry.


As the winter months descend, and we crank up our heating systems, the ubiquitous issue of never ending increasing fuel tariffs raises its ugly head once again.

i-temptations as trio of new i-temp accessories deliver Terrier-ific

Less than 12 months since the launch of the innovative i-temp leading valves and fittings manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire announces not one, but three additions to the i-temp range.


The future of controlling room temperature is set to change thanks to the latest technology developed by market leader Pegler Yorkshire.

Decorative Radiator Valves from Pegler Yorkshire

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of thermostatic and manual radiator valves, Pegler Yorkshire is always at the forefront of the latest developments in the industry. A range of decorative radiator valves is now available that combine elegance with the reliable performance associated with Pegler Yorkshire.

The Terrier Push-Fit Range from Pegler Yorkshire

The Terrier Push-Fit range of products combine the push-fit technology of Yorkshire Fittings with the years of Pegler know-how that has gone into Terrier. Developed with the needs of the New Build market in mind, Terrier Push-Fit has the quality of product and speed of installation required, while still remaining competitive on price.

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