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Pegler Yorkshire Shower Regulator Saves Water

Showers are now a standard fixture in most homes. They are quicker, more hygienic, and more convenient than a bath and are also usually more environmentally friendly. Running a bath sees the second highest use of energy in the home, but taking a shower instead can save gallons of water. Showers are generally more environmentally friendly, since a typical five-minute shower uses about 40 litres of water (about half the volume of a standard bath), but a power shower can use up to 20 litres of water per minute and can actually waste more water than a bath!* With water saving at the top of many people’s agenda, Pegler Yorkshire is seeing a real demand for restricting water flow in places of shortage or conservation and as such, have identified the need for a product to regulate the flow of water accordingly. Regulating the flow on shower fittings is ideal, because it does not impact on daily use or the spray pattern, but can make an immediate impact on water conservation. This new regulator is suitable for all products that have a ½ inch BSP male thread and would have a standard hose screwed into it. Installation has been designed to be easy and in most cases the regulator can be fitted after installation of the shower has taken place. This new shower regulator will hold back the flow of water to a maximum limit of 6 litres per minute no matter what the pressure, although the full benefits will only be seen when installed on higher pressures, when bigger water savings can be made. “This product will have a real impact in social housing projects or new build,” explained Pegler Yorkshire Product Manager Mike Dickinson, “In these cases, a good flow is required for bath fill, but restricting the flow on the shower will make a real impact on water saving. This new regulator allows the flow to be restricted on the shower alone, without affecting the flow for bath fill.” Pegler Yorkshire boast a shower portfolio offering a complete range of easy to fit dual control and single sequential showers, in many differing product styles. Single sequential control showers use one ‘simple to use’ control lever to control the shower temperature. These showers are also thermostatically controlled with factory pre-set maximum temperatures to avoid scalding, making these showers ideal for use by the young, the elderly and the less able. For a brochure or further information you can call the Pegler Yorkshire Sales team on 0870 120 284 or visit the Pegler web site at

Pegler Yorkshire Extends Commercial Tap Range

Performa the popular commercial tap range from Pegler Yorkshire has undergone a major design and functionality overhaul to ensure modern water saving efficiency and design credentials are met.

Lincolnshire Hospital Installs Antimicrobial Copper Taps As Part of A New Patient Safety Initiative

Pegler Yorkshire has supported an  initiative by a leading healthcare specialist promoting the use of antimicrobial copper in healthcare establishments.

Affordable Designer Taps That Don't Compromise On Quality

From the iconic Francis Pegler brand comes a brand new collection of brassware that offers designer style at refreshingly competitive prices.


According to experts 80% of infectious diseases are transferred by touch, and the most frequently touched surfaces can be contaminated with anywhere from several hundred...

Discover Britain’s Latest Hidden Gems with Concealed Bathroom Systems from Francis Pegler

The expanding Francis Pegler range of sanitary ware takes another exciting new turn as a host of new concealed bathroom systems are launched by Pegler Yorkshire.

Pegler Yorkshire Extends Kitchen Tap Range

Pegler Yorkshire has extensively increased its range of kitchen brassware and produced ‘The Kitchen Collection’ brochure which is entirely dedicated to the existing and extended range of products.

Strata Success

Pegler Yorkshire, renowned for its quality brassware, is at the forefront of research and development into the taps and mixers of tomorrow. 

New Ebro Tap Range goes with the flow

The Ebro and Pulsar tap range from Pegler Yorkshire. Both are minimalistic in style and despite being part of the Francis Pegler range are competitive in price.

Konik Proves a Hit

Konik is part of the renowned Francis Pegler range and along with some of the other new offerings this year.

Pegler Yorkshire Shower Regulator Saves Water

To assist those who want the benefits of a power shower without wasting unnecessary water, Pegler Yorkshire has introduced the shower regulator. In the wake of the success of the Pegler Yorkshire Eco Tap range the company have responded to customer demands once again by introducing a flow regulator suitable for showers.

Disability Needs In The Bathroom

With over 11 million people registered disabled in Britain and an ageing population, the demand for products that meet the needs of the disabled has never been greater. This applies in the home and at work, where the requirements of Part M and the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) require that everyone responsible for providing facilities must ensure that those with special needs have equal access and equal ability to make use of the same facilities as more able bodied people.

The Signia Range from Pegler Yorkshire

When it comes to taps, showers and general water control, you can’t choose a better name than Francis Pegler. With a worldwide reputation for manufacturing the finest taps and mixers you can buy, Pegler Yorkshire has a well-respected name for everything it does.

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