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The Modern Approach To Commissioning

Pegler Yorkshire is constantly striving to develop new system solutions, capable of meeting the changing needs of installers, contractors and specifiers. The Proflow valves range provides one of the most comprehensive selections of products on the market. The Proflow Venturi is one example of a product with a proven reputation for quality and reliability, and when compared with more conventional products, offers the ultimate approach to commissioning.

Proflow Venturi offers a unique and modern approach to commissioning modern heating and chilled water systems. The concepts incorporated into this valve provide significant benefits to consultants, contractors and commissioning engineers, enabling systems to be designed, installed and handed over without complications.

Choosing the Proflow Venturi offers many advantages over the more commonly used fixed orifice plate. The venturi orifice delivers much greater measuring accuracy of +/-3% across the entire range of valves and using the venturi principle negates the need for 3-5 times the pipe diameter of straight pipe to gain an accurate reading. The trumpet shaped design of the venturi nozzle will return a higher, cleaner signal (typically 10-30 kpa dependent on flow rate). This is achieved without the pressure loss associated with more conventional orifice plates, which makes commissioning easier and simpler than ever before.

At the heart of all Proflow Venturi valves is the integrated fixed orifice venturi. The venturi principle was first demonstrated in 1797; but in simple terms, water is accelerated through the venturi orifice, which increases the velocity of the flow and the pressure differential, proportionally amplifying the signal generated. Significant pressure drop is recovered after the water has passed through the venturi nozzle.

The Proflow Venturi uses a quarter turn ball valve for isolation and a needle valve for regulation in the same body. This unique design feature enables the valve to be used for isolation purposes without altering the setting on the regulation needle. This all makes Proflow Venturi easy to regulate, isolate, install and operate. In the traditional method of commissioning, all commissioning stations usually require a certain length of straight pipeline, excluding fittings, upstream from the valve to ensure correct flow measurement. This length varies between five and ten pipe diameters, depending on the manufacturers recommended guidelines. So if the valve size is 50mm, for example, the length required will be between 250mm and 500mm. The dimension is of course increased if the valve is fitted immediately after the pump.

Some commissioning stations also require a downstream straight length. With Proflow Venturi technology, (except for immediately after a pump) no straight lengths are required either up or down stream and this can be a serious advantage in a tight plant room and is a more elegant and modern method of commissioning.

The Proflow Venturi has also been designed for installation in any orientation, even with the test points facing down. This feature is possible due to the creation of a cylindrical chamber around the outside of the venturi cartridge and another chamber in the housing. Two pilot holes from the high and low pressure sides of the venturi feed the pressure differential into the chambers, on the outside of which are located the test points. The pilot holes from the venturi to the chamber are positioned at 3 and 9 o’ clock positions when the valve is positioned upright. Therefore, should either pilot hole fill with debris (when positioned pointing down) the other will be pointing up, allowing the signal to be measured.

“The Proflow Venturi is suitable for connecting to most steel, copper or plastic pipe systems and from a technical viewpoint has been optimised to accurately deliver design flow rates and signal and setting data to ensure trouble free installation and operation, “ said Pegler Yorkshire Product manager Barrie Plant, “This valve delivers high accuracy and performance and has no rival as a modern commissioning tool.”

New Pegler ResiFlow Valve Handles the Pressure...

The UK’s leaders in valve technology have set the bar high with the launch of its latest revolutionary valve range. Aalberts integrated piping systems, the company behind the renowned Pegler brand, have brought ResiFlow to the market to address the needs of performance, efficiency, and ease of installation within high-rise multi-occupancy residential buildings.

Pegler Increases Valve Offering With Mini MVS

Continuing on from the launch of its hugely successful bespoke valve configuration service, Pegler, the UK’s leading integrated piping system manufacturer, has launched a mini modular valve solution to support contractor efficiencies within fan coil units.

Unique Valve and Fitting Now Incorporates Stainless Steel Version

A unique full flow ball valve from Pegler is now available in stainless steel making it suitable for potable water applications.

Specialised Valve Training Centre Created at Pegler

Pegler has expanded its training facilities in Doncaster to offer an even greater interactive experience.

Streamlined Solution Incorporates Valve And Fitting In One Product

A unique full flow ball valve has been launched by Pegler as part of its Integrated Piping Systems which is revolutionising installations across the globe.

Bespoke Valve Configurations On Site As Early As Seven Days

For any building service contractor, the key to a successful project is the efficiency of the installation – in short, time spent on planning and onsite.    Leading Integrated piping solutions manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, has developed a unique service that delivers bespoke valve arrangements (modular valves solutions) for fan coils in a significantly reduced lead time from the merchant’s order.

Pegler Yorkshire Completes Static Valve Offering

To ensure heating and ventilation systems work to their optimum efficiency valves are a key element.    Pegler Yorkshire with its foundations held in the development and manufacturing of valves, is increasing its Static Valve offering which incorporates ultra low and medium flow static products to compliment all flow variables.

V850 Gate Valve Opens Up a Plethora of Opportunities

Pegler Yorkshire continues its drive to further enhance its valve portfolio and support its customers’ objectives of system optimisation.    The new  V850  ductile iron gate valve has been introduced to the company’s commercial valve offering and adds a solution for potable water applications.

Splendid Isolation: Ballofix from Pegler Yorkshire secures quality where it matters most

When the public sector needs quality products, it turns to global taps, valves and fittings specialist Pegler Yorkshire and the introduction of a new range of Ballofix products will be welcomed by those who depend on the latest valves to ensure a secure and reliable service where it matters most.

The Modern Approach To Commissioning

Pegler Yorkshire is constantly striving to develop new system solutions, capable of meeting the changing needs of installers, contractors and specifiers. The Proflow valves range provides one of the most comprehensive selections of products on the market.

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