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Female branch tee, press-fit x BSP parallel female branch


Female branch tee, press-fit x BSP parallel female branch

Key Features

  • XPress offers all the benefits of a heat free
  • press-fit system
  • saving time and money with every joint
  • More diverse range of installations and opportunities
  • such as for gas and solar installations
  • with super sizes available for the highest tower bloc
SizePattern No.Pack 1 QtyPack 2 QtyCodeBarcodePrice (£) each ex VAT
12 x 12mm x 1/2"S30/6130G5755022050133342£12.76
15 x 15mm x 1/2"S30/6130G5505022050385857£14.00
18 x 18mm x 1/2"S30/6130G5505022050133830£31.17
22 x 22mm x 1/2"S30/6130G5505022050385918£20.89
22 x 22mm x 3/4"S30/6130G5405022050385871£28.58
28 x 28mm x 1/2"S30/6130G5205022050385925£32.14
28 x 28mm x 3/4"S30/6130G5255022050385932£34.61
35 x 35mm x 1/2"S30/6130G5155022050385949£36.81
42 x 42mm x 1/2"S30/6130G1155022050575302£43.94
54 x 54mm x 1/2"S30/6130G155022050575319£54.07
76.1 x 76.1mm x 1/2"S30/6130G105022050574480£234.06
108 x 108mm x 1/2"S30/6130G105022050574497£302.30
3858412 x 12mm x 1/2" S30/6130G341219171426151026283412191714DN101/2" (DN15)DN10
3858515 x 15mm x 1/2" S30/6130G341523201425111326283415232014DN121/2" (DN15)DN12
3858618 x 18mm x 1/2" S30/6130G42182620222416826284218262022DN151/2" (DN15)DN15
3859122 x 22mm x 1/2" S30/6130G422231212126151126284222312121DN201/2" (DN15)DN20
3858722 x 22mm x 3/4" S30/6130G452231212427161132344522312124DN203/4" (DN20)DN20
3859228 x 28mm x 1/2" S30/6130G442837232129151426284428372321DN251/2" (DN15)DN25
3859328 x 28mm x 3/4" S30/6130G422837231935201432344228372319DN253/4" (DN20)DN25
3859435 x 35mm x 1/2" S30/6130G503544262434151926285035442624DN321/2" (DN15)DN32
3859642 x 42mm x 1/2" S30/6130G574253302738152326285742533027DN401/2" (DN15)DN40
3859754 x 54mm x 1/2" S30/6130G695465353444152926286954653534DN501/2" (DN15)DN50
3819076.1 x 76.1mm x 1/2" S30/6130G6576945015481830--6576945015DN651/2" (DN15)DN65
38191108 x 108mm x 1/2" S30/6130G821081326715651253--821081326715DN1001/2" (DN15)DN100
Pegler Yorkshire reserve the right to change specifications
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Pegler Yorkshire XPress Copper, Gas, Stainless and Solar fittings Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

Products are subject to a guarantee that is between Pegler Yorkshire and the final purchaser of the product. When correctly assembled with the stated tubes and pipe the length of guarantee is as follows:

25 Years
The Xpress Copper, Gas, Stainless and Solar ranges are guaranteed for 25 years when installed along with other manufacturers’ pipeline components conforming to the specified standard.

30 Years
Where pipelines are constructed exclusively from compatible XPress Copper, Gas, Stainless and Solar fittings and tubes, the resulting installations will be deemed XPress Systems and qualify for a 30 year guarantee. Qualifying systems are:

  • Xpress Copper fittings and Yorkex* copper tube
  • Xpress Gas fittings and Yorkex* copper tube
  • Xpress Stainless fittings and stainless steel 316 System tube
  • Xpress Solar fittings and Kuterlon* copper tube
  • * Yorkex and Kuterlon are brand names of Yorkshire Copper Tube/KME Group

    The guarantee is subject to proof of purchase being supplied.

    This guarantee does not affect any statutory rights the consumer may have in law.

    The guarantee covers manufacturing or material defects when installed in accordance with our instructions on specified tube materials and applications, and does not cover parts subject to normal wear and tear.

    This product range has been designed for the use of homeowners, domestic and commercial applications and therefore the Guarantee is subject to the product being properly selected for their intended service conditions.

    The guarantee is not applicable where the product is fitted contrary to the conditions in the fitting instructions.

    This is reinforced where valves are covered by the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED97/23/EC) where Installation, Operating and Maintenance Instructions are supplied with each product and/or carton.

    Provided it is installed correctly and receives adequate preventative maintenance it should give years of trouble–free service.

    Abusive behaviour and accidental damage to the product are not covered by this guarantee.

    The extent of this liability is limited to the cost of the replacement of the defective item and not to installation or consequential damages.

    XPress FittingTube/pipe used withMin temperature and pressureMax temperature and pressure
    XPress CopperCopper-24˚C at 16bar110˚C at 16bar

    No regular aesthetic care is required for this product


    No regular maintenance is required for this product.

    For any further help please contact the Service Support Team on: 0800 1560050.