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Light pattern brass Bibtap, crutch top

701 Bibtap

Light pattern brass Bibtap, crutch top
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701 Bibtap

Light pattern brass Bibtap, crutch top dimensions
5090111/2 701S    
5090133/4 701S    
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DescriptionMinimum Operating
Pressure (bar)
Maximum Cold Working
Pressure (bar)
Maximum Hot
Working Pressure (bar)
701 Bib tapNo Minimum Operating Pressure10.0 bar at temperatures up to 90oCNot Suitable for Maximum Hot Working Pressure

No regular aesthetic care is required for this product


No regular maintenance is required for this product.

For any further help please contact the Service Support Team on: 0800 1560050.

BodyForged Brass
BacknutForged Brass
Anti-rotational washerPolyethelene
HeadBrass Bar
SpindleBrass Bar
HandleForged Brass
ValveBrass Bar
GlandBrass Bar

701 Bibtap

Light pattern brass Bibtap, crutch top spares diagram
Spare KeyDescriptionCodeBarcodeDate FromDate ToPrice (£) ex VAT
1HK9 COMPLETE HEADWORK 1/2817205501386605869101/01/1900To Current£0.00
1HK10 COMPLETE HEADWORK 3/4 - DISCONTINUED817206501386605870701/01/190010/04/2009£0.00
Spare KeyDescriptionCodeBarcodeDate FromDate ToPrice (£) ex VAT
2VW16 VALVE WASHER811082501386605394801/01/1900To Current£0.00
2VW17 VALVE WASHER811209501386605418101/01/1900To Current£0.00