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TMLCPC Tectite tube coil


TMLCPC Tectite tube coil
SizePattern No.Pack 1 QtyPack 2 QtyCodeBarcodePrice (£) ex VAT
15mm x 25mTMLCPC2505022050356437£3.33 per Metre
15mm x 50mTMLCPC5005022050356475£3.33 per Metre
15mm x 400mTMLCPC40005022050356598Disc(Out of Stock)Discontinued15/12/2021
22mm x 25mTMLCPC2505022050356512£6.66 per Metre
22mm x 50mTMLCPC5005022050356550£6.66 per Metre
22mm x 400mTMLCPC40005022050356635Disc(Out of Stock)Discontinued07/01/2022