VSH PowerPress

The VSH PowerPress range is a press system designed for thick wall steel pipe. Installation times are reduced, and a clean working environment is assured. This new system offers installers a complete solution with great flexibility.



Up to 80% quicker compared with welded or threaded example, brewery, 16 hours screwed, 2 hours PowerPress.
No hot permit required.
No down time at close of business.



Less technical than threading or welding.
Reduced number of skilled workers.
Installation can be carried out on wet systems.
PowerPress ring indicates fitting function and o ring material, and reduces contamination and deflection.



Full Aalberts Integrated Piping System (IPS) including valves offers enhanced warranty and reduced contractor risk.
Reduced requirement for tools on site for cleaner and safer working.
Leak before pressure feature reduced risk of failure and poor installations.
Can be installed in hazardous applications without additional precautions


  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Compressed Air
VSH XPress

VSH XPress is a leading  press-fit system, offering a comprehensive and flexible range for all modern building services, providing easy, fast, cost effective and reliable joints.


Innovative, comprehensive and easy to use

VSH XPress offers all the benefits of a heat free, press-fit system, saving time and money with every joint



VSH XPress offers a more diverse range of installations and opportunities, such as gas installations, with super sizes available for the highest tower block



VSH XPress's performance is exceptional, a heat free, clean system offering major advantages over its competitors


  • domestic
  • multi occupancy
  • commercial
  • public utility
VSH MultiPress

VSH MultiPress is an extensive plastic tubing system with multi-profile press fittings for use on sanitary, heating, chilled water systems and underfloor heating systems. For further information on the suitability of the range, please refer to the Specification Clause.


Fast & Easy

Light weight tube and fittings

Optimal positioning of a press jaws for fast and secure pressing

Easy to identify fittings with size colour coding

Quickly check the insertion depth of the tube using the control window

Calibration up to 32mm recommended but not required



Can be use with either a TH or U profile

Benefit of leak before press function up to 32mm


High Quality

Compact fitting which can be used in a range of applications

WRAS approved

The multilayer pipes of VSH Multipress fulfil the requirements of BS ISO 21003-2

The plastic fittings of VSH Multipress fulfil the requirements of BS ISO 21003-3

The brass fittings of VSH Multipress fulfil the requirements of BS ISO 21003-3 (and BS EN 1254-3)

No additional protection required due to higher resistance compared to other materials


  • Domestic
  • Multi Occupancy
  • Commercial
  • Public Utility

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