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    André in het Veld welcomes Guy Robinson to Pegler

    André in het Veld and the Pegler team welcome Guy Robinson to the company. Guy will take up the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Aalberts IPS United Kingdom and Middle East and comes to us with a wealth of experience that will be of significant benefit to Pegler. He has previous experience in a range of board roles at JCB alongside running international businesses and operating on a global scale including out in the Middle East. Coupled with Guy’s drive and innovation, he will be a real asset to have onboard, unlocking future growth and possibilities at the company and we wish him well settling into his new job role.

    Fri, 17 Jul 2020 11:46:09 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/Guy Robinson Blog

    Benefits of Heat-Free Jointing

    At Pegler, we recognise that the restrictions of naked flames on site and difficulties in acquiring hot work permits add unnecessary stress and obstacles, which is why we offer heat free jointing methods through our press-fit and push-fit technology ranges.  Since its inception in the late 1950’s, press-fit technology has been a high quality and efficient solution used across a multitude of projects. Our press-fit range offers pivotal benefits such as the jointing being very clean and fast without the need for heat. Moreover, it doesn’t leave behind carbon deposits, so it takes less time to flush the system and there is consequently less corrosion. With Push-fit technology being introduced more recently in the 1980’s, it’s fittings are compatible with multiple pipe materials. Furthermore, this makes it ideal for diverse applications such as domestic maintenance and refurbishment, new build and large-scale public sector projects. Key benefits offered by the Pegler push-fit range include cost savings made through the lack of hot works permits again and the consequent benefit of more accurately made fittings compared to the traditional technique in which a blowtorch could lead to incomplete and unsatisfactory jointing.  Additionally, with technological advances occurring constantly, heat free jointing is set to continue its longevity in the future creating even more potential benefits such as further savings in installation time compared to traditional methods.  We have an extensive range of heat free jointing technologies through: VSH Tectite, VSH XPress, VSH PowerPress, VSH Shurjoint, VSH Multipress, Prestex and Kuterlite. All of these brands exhibit the modern innovation and ease of no naked flames and display just how we are able to make faster and more efficient connections.  

    Tue, 14 Jul 2020 10:07:08 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Benefits of Heat-Free Jointing

    Covid-19 Statement

    In light of the Covid-19 outbreak Pegler will be following UK Government guidelines and consequently a large number of our staff will be working from home. Of course, we remain accessible by telephone and e-mail to support our customers in their daily work.  Our field staff will not undertake any physical visits, but if necessary you can reach them by mobile phone and e-mail and they will be happy to help you. Let us all take the necessary precautions to combat this virus.  For further Coronavirus information visit  https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus  

    Tue, 09 Jun 2020 12:10:35 GMT


    Pegler UAE Team Goes From Strength To Strength

    A UAE division of Pegler is going from strength to strength as it continues to grow in the region. Pegler, that has had representation in the Middle East for the last decade, has seen its turnover grow from £5m to almost £30m in the region and as Paul Reasbeck, Export Director, retires a new but experienced team will be there to continue to develop the growth strategy. “Paul has been pivotal in the growth and diversity that we have seen from our Dubai office and we know that the team that will succeed him will continue to seek new opportunities and support existing customers in this prosperous and forward thinking region,” said Phill Jackson Business Development and Marketing Director Pegler. “He has been a well-known and well respected member of our Middle Eastern team and we wish him every happiness as he leaves the company after almost 40 years’ service.” One of those that will succeed Paul is his son Will, who has worked with his father for the last  three years; gaining knowledge of the business, the wide range of products that the company manufacturers across all its brands and the export requirements across the globe. “It seems like it was just yesterday that I began my career in the Export Department at our Yorkshire headquarters and I have enjoyed every minute of it,” said Paul. “I know that the team have the right strategy in place to ensure Pegler remains the brand of choice for plumbing and heating across the UAE and beyond and that Will, will play his own part continuing the Reasbeck name in the company.” Will is to be responsible for Pegler Valve Sales as well as looking after sales in South America and the Caribbean. He has already gained experience in Europe and South America. The Dubai office offers the full range of Pegler products to the local and global market including well-known brand such as Pegler Valves, VSH Tectite, VSH PowerPress, VSH Shurjoint and VSH XPress.

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 11:05:46 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Will Reasbeck Appointment

    Win a Prize Package to British Grand Prix this Summer with Pegler

    Contractors are frequently asked to deliver work faster andmore cost-effectively than ever before. Removing the risk of squeezed marginswhile at the same time delivering on time and on budget can be achieved byworking closely with building products manufacturers such as Pegler who cansupport contractors to deliver projects faster, safely and profitably. Restrictions in the use of naked flames on constructionsites and difficulties in obtaining hot works permits for public buildingprojects in particular have resulted in a growing trend for heat-free jointingmethods. Our range of solutions include innovatively designed,efficient and reliable products and systems that reduce installation time andcosts without compromising quality, aesthetics or reliability. One contractor, Capri Mechanical Services chose Pegler to betheir preferred supplier for a project to provide M&E services to buildingsat East Lane Business Park in Wembley. They are confident that using VSHPowerPress and VSH XPress solutions saved them a significant amount of time onthe job. Ian Taylor, Project Manager at Capri, said: ““We canhonestly say the VSH PowerPress system from Pegler has taken us half the timeto install the run outs than it would have normally! We fully expect there tobe additional time savings made during the flushing and water treatment processas there will be virtually no debris, oil and paste to remove from the system. “We also thought the press indicators were really usefulespecially with so much of the pipework being installed along very highceilings, it gave us confidence during the inspections that all joints had beenpressed. In addition, we really liked the valves, you can see and feel theirquality and as they were press ended their installation ensured the time-savingcontinued.” Win Tickets to the 2020 British Grand Prix To celebrate this – and many other – faster installationthanks to Pegler’s #heatfree #pressfit #pushfit jointing, we’re offering onelucky person the chance to witness some of the fastest drivers in the world atthis summer’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Register here for your chanceto win! Good luck to everyone who enters!

    Mon, 16 Mar 2020 13:39:28 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/Faster installation Blog

    Pegler Named As Finalist in H&V News Awards 2020

    Pegler is pleased to announce it has been named as a finalist in the prestigious H&V News industry awards, taking place this April.   Shortlisted to receive an award within the Commercial HVAC Product of the Year category; Pegler Product Manager, Amy French commented: “We are delighted to have been chosen as a finalist.  The H&V News awards are renowned in the industry and to have our peers already supporting one of our newest products to the range is fantastic.” The product which has propelled Pegler into the limelight once again, is the new VSH PowerPress range of fittings and valves for use on thick wall steel pipes and which is particularly suited to the HVAC commercial market. VSH PowerPress is a press system that does away with the need for soldering joints and connects a range of steel systems including black steel, epoxy coated and galvanized.  It offers many more advantages over any other thick wall system in the UK such as; compatibility with a range of specifically developed valves in the same carbon material as the pipe, something that is unique to this type of system and which greatly enhances its reliability by eliminating any damaging galvanic corrosion and condensation. It also has specially designed press clips that 'pop-off' when the joint is pressed correctly ensuring a faster and safer install.   In addition, VSH PowerPress also incorporates a fail-safe leak before press indicator, which enables installers to identify missed or incorrectly pressed joints and rectify them prior to any commissioning it also includes advanced ‘O’ ring protection, that is specifically developed to seal the joint and mitigate any corrosion. The VSH PowerPress system combines the best press technology, for which Pegler is renowned and, negates the need for heat which provides all the associated benefits such as; clean joints, no flux requirement, faster install times and a safer working environment ensuring an easier installation overall. Amy concluded: “VSH PowerPress provides greater system efficiencies by having a comprehensive and compatible valve range in addition to being easily integrated into other building piping systems which allow for a more seamless, cost and time efficient install.” To find out more about VSH PowerPress click here.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:27:19 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/HV News Finalist 2020

    Pegler Increases Valve Offering With Mini MVS

    Continuing on from the launch of its hugely successful bespoke valve configuration service, Pegler, the UK’s leading integrated piping system manufacturer, has launched a mini modular valve solution to support contractor efficiencies within fan coil units. “Since launching our seven day bespoke valve service, we have noticed a demand for more compact valves that support easier and speedier installation and servicing without losing any of the key attributes such as performance and reliability,” said Shaun. Burrows, Technical Product Manager at Pegler.  “This new valve solution offers a smaller pipe centre of 40mm and has been reduced in size to ensure direct connection to fan coil units is possible while ensuring the products sits within the confines of a drip tray.”  The mini MVS is part of a standard range by Pegler and has 12 configurations.  It is available as left or right handed, with strainer or without and comes in the standard three flow variants, low, standard and high.  Also included is a choice of indicator either for heating or cooling.  In addition, and because Pegler offers an integrated piping system solution, there are convertor kits available with the mini MVS for solder, compression male thread or push and press connections. Furthermore, the mini MVS range is manufactured from DZR brass with union joints to allow valve orientation to be changed onsite with a built-in test point to allow flow rates and signals to be measured to ensure system design flows can be set.  The complete mini unit still allows connection, regulation, isolation, flushing and draining for fan coils.   Shaun continued: “The new mini MVS is an additional suite of valves to our Pegler Proflow valve range that has been developed to address key issues found by contractors whilst on projects up and down the country.  With the bypass pipe centre at 40mm the product is now more in line with standard pipe centres on fan coil units ensuring that the valves’ compact nature allows for a better performing system due to the mitigation of leaks outside of the drip tray confines.” 

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:40:09 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/valves-news/Mini MVS


    The education sector is one where building infrastructure has to be particularly robust across all elements including heating and pipework system. Leading manufacturer of integrated piping systems, Pegler, now offers its VSH PowerPress system across the UK and Irish market and Holy Family National School in Swords, County Dublin was just one establishment which reaped the benefits from the specification and installation of this product selection; a thick wall steel pipe and press fitting range. “Our VSH PowerPress is revolutionising installations that require robust piping systems but, is also proving a huge hit with installers who reap the benefit of speedy installations,” said Amy French, Product Manager, Pegler. “It was particularly suitable for this exposed pipe installation and its fail-safe leak before press indicator and advanced ‘O’ ring protection sets it apart from other systems in terms of reliability and performance.” Amara Engineering was the M&E contractor who were tasked with installing services to the six classroom extension at the 1400 pupil school which replaced ageing temporary accommodation. The additional facilities have made a significant impact on the pupils and their families in the local community and the heat free, speedy installation offered by VSH PowerPress ensured a timely install whilst complete safety of the site, especially as there was considerable timber used in the construction. Furthermore, the change from threaded and welded joints system that would have historically been specified, has shown the reliability and ease of installation offered by VSH PowerPress.   “We would highly recommend VSH PowerPress and would have no concerns in using this product again in the future,” said a representative from Amara Engineering. “We have no doubt that this product will replace traditional methods of mild steel pipework installation in the future due to its ease of installation, time savings and removing the need for hot works permits and all that is associated with them. Our team have now become skilled at installing this system after training from the Pegler team.” The range gives great flexibility in a wide range of applications and is available in sizes ½” to 2.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:38:46 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/Powerpress case study PR

    Proud of our British heritage and reputation as a tried and trusted manufacturer

    It’s been a turbulent few years for British businesses. Somehuge names have disappeared from the high street and the next 12 months won’tbe any easier for companies, whatever their industry. Pegler was established 120 years ago in the late 1890sshortly after Yorkshire Tea and Marks & Spencer set out on their journeysto become hugely successful and well-loved brands. Ours may not be a household name, but it is one that many inour industry hold in high esteem. Our reputation as one of the world’s leadingmanufacturers of advanced plumbing, heating and engineering products has beenearned through a total dedication to quality, innovation and customer service. In South Yorkshire, the Pegler brand is iconic, in fact itstill remains 198 feet in the air displayed on the original, and now redundant,furnace chimney at our Doncaster manufacturing plant. There, our excellent teamproduce over 100 tonnes of brass billet every week which is then manufacturedinto a variety of products. Our product range is continually evolving, embracing thetraditional style fittings that have been made in the factory since the earlydays and now including innovative modern methods such as push and press. Our products are iconic in their marketplace. Just likeinstantly recognisable British icons: The Beatles, Big Ben, James Bond, TowerBridge. Help us celebrate 120 years in business – we’ll be postingon social media to the end of the year and would love your support to help usraise awareness of our British business. Still going strong thanks to its people,its products, its partners and its reputation for plumbing and heatinginnovation and quality. Join us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin #Pegler120 And to celebrate, we’re running a free prize draw offeringthree lucky winners 2-night weekend breaks for 2 people in each of GB’s capitalcities: London, Cardiff and Edinburgh. For more information and to enter pleaseclick here. Good luck!

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 18:04:05 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/Best of British

    Pegler Launches VSH MultiPress System to UK Market

    Pegler, has announced the latest addition to its market leading portfolio of brands with the launch of VSH MultiPress. A new multilayer pipe system, VSH MultiPress, incorporates many revolutionary features as part of both its design and molecular construction that set it apart from other plastic piping systems. The secret of VSH MultiPress pipe lies in the aluminium layer with additional inner and outer layers of polyethene (PE-X) and the way these layers are linked delivers enhanced resistance to loads generated by internal pressure and high temperature. The aluminium means there is minimum linear expansion, which delivers a performance comparable with copper, while the smooth surface prevents the buildup of scale and other debris making VSH MultiPress pipes corrosion and wear resistant, yet at the same time ensuring minimum pressure loss. Amy French, Product Manager at Pegler commented: “By incorporating a quality plastic based piping system into our portfolio we really are the only UK leading manufacturer with a complementing product portfolio that can make any plumbing and HVAC system truly integrated.” The VSH MultiPress system incorporates many benefits for a variety of applications in domestic and light commercial plumbing projects including sanitary, heating and underfloor systems to name a few. Its heat free nature ensures that no hot works are needed whilst ease and the speed in which a quality joint can be made will not only provide the installer with reassurance but also the ability to reduce time spent on site.  In addition, the thermal memory of the pipe can reduce the number of fittings needed and therefore provide cost savings in terms of materials used and time on site. The system, which includes a range of multi-profile press fittings from 16-63mm which are colour coded according to size for easy recognition, also incorporates the intrinsic benefits found within the VSH XPress range from Pegler. These include the unique ‘leak before press’ feature in addition to the insertion depth control window of which both safeguard against incorrectly made joints and the problems they can cause.  Furthermore, the fittings can be pressed with both U and TH profile jaws and also offer optimal positioning of the press jaws for a fast and secure pressing. Amy concluded: “While many multilayer systems seem the same on the surface, as with so many things you need to get under the skin to see what really makes certain products stand out. VSH MultiPress, developed using precise engineering techniques, offers high performance and reliability to ensure optimal quality of any installation.” VSH MultiPress comes with all required approvals, including WRAS.

    Mon, 02 Sep 2019 09:59:29 GMT


    Why we issued a challenge to our friends in the media...

    At Pegler, we pride ourselves on our reputation for quality and innovation in an industry where product reliability and versatility is demanded. Our jointing solutions span the full range from the tried and trusted traditional to the newer modern methods such as push and press. With this in mind, and to give our friends in the media the chance to get hands-on with our products, we decided to issue them with a challenge when they visited our headquarters in Doncaster. Nothing too strenuous, just the chance to put their skills to the test without using a phone or computer! Our team devised a Jointing Challenge to put the teams from HVP, PHPI and HPM magazines through their plumbing paces and to see which method would be crowned the fastest, and which individual would make it to the winner’s podium… This is the challenge we set them: To create joints using soldering (Yorkshire), capillary (Endex), press (VSH XPress) and push (VSH Tectite) with the aim of finding the fastest individual method and fastest contestant across all the methods. All participants were initially shown the techniques (we’re not completely mean!) and then timed whilst attempting to create the joints. None of them had any previous experience. It’s safe to say we all had a lot of fun during the challenge! And you’ll be able to see just how much in June when we share the films of the novices “at work”. Thanks to James Moore, Editor, and Adrian Stapleton, Advertising Manager from PHPI, HPM’s Tim Wood, former Editor, now Editor of BMN, and Tim Davies, Advertising Manager, and finally HVP Editor Joe Dart and Area Sales Manager Laurie Guy. If you’d like to have a guess about which method and which individual were fastest, head over to Twitter or Facebook and leave a comment on one of the posts about the #jointingchallenge!

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:51:59 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/Media Challenge

    Wax vs Liquid for Thermostatic Radiator Valves?

    What does a TRV do? A Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) regulates the flow ofwater into a radiator according to its setting to control the room temperature. How does it work? As the room temperature changes the element contained in thevalve head expands, adjusting a pin in the valve to open or close it. Thismaintains the room at a set temperature. TRVs use wax or liquid sensors which expand and contract toadjust the pin in the valve. The type of material used can affect theefficiency and accuracy of the TRV. Historically, the performance of a TRV was judged solely onits response time. Unsurprisingly, liquid was judged to be the more responsiveof the two. However, modern day comparisons have taken other variables intoconsideration to provide a much more accurate judgement. Variables that must beconsidered are; hysteresis, response time, high temperature, differentialpressure and accuracy.  Once all factorshave been considered only then can a true assessment of the overall performanceof a TRV be accurately determined.   Hysteresis measures the ability of the valve to maintain aconsistent room temperature within comfort limits. Response time measures the ability of the TRV to respond totemperature changes within the room. Differential pressure or force is what drives the pin andopens or closes the valve. Benefits of wax – the original material used in TRVs Smaller:  more compactsensor element allows much better designs for air flow Safer: wax has anti- flammable properties Quicker: faster response time once different temperature hasbeen set Reliable: uses a thermally conductive copper flake insuspension Long-lasting: wax is less likely to leak Consistent: greater force prevents valve sticking andensures valve performs when commanded by the element Benefits of liquid – a more recent alternative Faster to detect changes in temperature Did you know: 68% of TRVs sold in the UK use WAX What will you choose next time? 

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:52:52 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/Wax vs Liquid

    Unique Valve and Fitting Now Incorporates Stainless Steel Version

    A unique full flow ball valve from manufacturer Pegler is now available in stainless steel making it suitable for potable water applications. The VSH FullFlow Ball Valve, part of the VSH XPress system, supports installations by streamlining material usage and technologies. With one system and one material the risk of damaging galvanic corrosion and condensation is eliminated and system reliability is enhanced.  The inclusion of stainless steel in the product range will see more installations realise the benefits associated with this pioneering solution.   “Our integrated piping systems are designed and developed to provide solutions that streamline installations procedures and deliver efficiencies in plumbing systems,” commented Sindar Singh, Director of Product Line Valve Technology at Pegler.   The new VSH XPress FullFlow range combines the valve and fitting into one product. The addition of the stainless steel version (suitable for potable water applications and WRAS approved) joins the carbon steel version which has been revolutionizing applications since its inception. With no coatings to contaminate potable water there are no issues regarding drinking water quality and therefore provides even greater options when installing a complete system.  The valve within a fitting is available in ½ to 2” diameter making it entirely suitable for small commercial applications.   “This is another product range which has combined our extensive knowledge and experience  and is delivering greater efficiencies and reliability across all applications,” said Sindar. “The incorporation of a full-bore valve inside a streamlined fitting is a highly effective, solution and will assist in saving time, increasing reliability and continue the re-education of the way we approach pipe and plumbing systems.  And, with this being WRAS approved installers can rest assured of quality and suitability from the onset.”   The new VSH XPress Valve bodies are laser marked with information including size, material and pressure and a colour coding indicates the type of material; red for carbon steel and green for stainless ensuring compatibility.   Each valve is available in three versions; swivel, press and threaded to give choice, flexibility and compatibility with the entire system.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:40:02 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/valves-news/VSH SS Valve

    Pegler Joins Leading Yorkshire Industry Network

    Pegler is delighted to announce that we have joined the leading Yorkshire manufacturing and engineering membership group Made in Yorkshire. We are now part of a collective group of 100+ firms including Portakabin, Actionplas, Rosti Automotive, Holmesterne Foods, Balmoral Tanks, Hesco, Hayley Group, Corrocoat and many more. Like many other fellow members, we have joined Made in Yorkshire to share best practice, win new business, collaborate, raise our profile and source Midlands based suppliers. We join an industry network of ‘movers and makers’ that is proactively bringing together our regions engineering and manufacturing firms from all sectors, that challenges the status quo and is leading the way in creating a lasting legacy and ensuring the long term prosperity of industry in this region. Pegler is proud to now be part of the growing #MIYFAMILY, and relish our opportunity to benefit from the buzz surrounding this network whilst also contributing to benefit others.

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:53:10 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/Made in Yorkshire

    Specialised Valve Training Centre Created at Pegler

    Pegler has expanded its training facilities in Doncaster to offer an evengreater interactive experience.   The specialised valve centre offers more hands-on training forindividuals and companies to facilitate greater understanding and moreexperience in balancing and commissioning valves.   Glenn Schofield, Technical Training Support Manager at Pegler, commented:  “We have specifically designed this trainingfacility to simulate real life situations. The whole room can be used at once or just certain sections to show whatcould happen in any commercial or domestic setting.”   The aptly named ‘valves wall’ houses a Grundfoss Magna 3 pumpwhich delivers a head pressure up to 15 metres and provides all or just some ofthe systems with their requirements depending on learning needs.  The training provided by Glenn coversdifferential pressures and how to deal with them, what effects control valves haveon velocity noise and flow rates and how to lock valves and change flow.   Glenn continued: “This is a really immersive room thatengages most senses.  Visitors can seejust what happens to flow rates and pressures thanks to the visual displayunits which monitor each valve, they can get hands on and change pressuresaccording to requirements and see how a ¼ inch turn can effect pressures, theycan also hear velocity noise and alter valves accordingly.   “Commissioning and balancing systems is about knowing thesystem, understanding its requirements and adjusting to suit.  This allows visitors to ‘play’ around gettinga feel for flow and pressure rates and working with a system in a controlledenvironment.”   The training facility is open to all those interested incommissioning and balancing systems. Visitors so far have included architects, specifiers, clerk of works,installers, commissioners and college students.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:39:35 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/valves-news/Training Room

    Streamlined Solution Incorporates Valve And Fitting In One Product

    A unique full flow ball valve has been launched by Pegler as part of its Integrated Piping Systems which is revolutionisinginstallations across the globe.   The VSH FullFlowXPress Ball Valve forms part of the expanding XPress portfolioand offers unrivalled specification due to being manufactured from materialthat is identical to the pipe.  With thematerials matching and technological advancements within the design andmanufacture of this valve the reliability of a system is greatly enhanced asthe risk of damaging galvanic corrosion and condensation is eliminated.   “Due to the resounding success of our VSH XPress range theVSH FullFlow XPress Ball Valve further complements our product portfolio andoffers HVAC contractors with a reliable Integrated Piping System.” commented SindarSingh Director Product Line Valve Technology at Pegler. “A complete system thatoffers reliability is a huge benefit to contactors whose reputation relies onthe quality of the products they use.  Weare delighted to be now launching a new product that incorporates the valve andfitting into one streamlined body and is made from Carbon so when used withcarbon pipe system it delivers a positive zero voltage reaction and therefore preventing the start of any galvaniccorrosion.“   Made from Carbon which comes with all the inherent benefitssuch as lighter weight and low theft risk, the team at Pegler has developed theVSH FullFlow XPress Ball Valve to ensure a number of advantages no matter whatthe application.  For the exposed valvesthe streamlined body offers increased aesthetics whilst also providing a safetyfunction.  Its design allows for easypipe insulation fitting whilst the handle can be repositioned for ease ofinstallation or fully removed for security. In addition, the valve is designed to reduce the number of seals whichdecreases the possibility of leaks due to incorrect fitting but also benefitsfrom double O-Rings giving increased reliability.  Available in ½ to 2” diameter, the valve is compatiblewith the XPress thread, swivel and press options as required.  A stainless steel version, suitable for potablewater applications will be released later this year.      “This is another element of our Integrated Piping Systemswhich are proving to deliver greater efficiencies and reliability across allapplications,” said Sindar. “The incorporation of a full-bore valve inside astreamlined fitting is a simple yet effective solution and will assist insaving time, increasing reliability and continue the re-education of the way weapproach pipe and plumbing systems.”   All VSH XPress valve bodies are laser marked withinformation on size, material and pressure and a colour coding indicates thetype of material; red for carbon steel and green for stainless ensuring compatibility.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:39:55 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/valves-news/XPress Fullflow Valve

    Manufacturing Career Opportunities Unlocked for French Students In Yorkshire

    Pegler has welcomed a handful of French students to its production plant in Doncaster to showcase the career opportunities available.   In conjunction with Business and Education Together, Pegler offered to host the students to highlight the opportunities and satisfaction that a career in manufacturing can bring.   “Manufacturing is so important to so many industries like ours and we are striving to communicate this message to young people to encourage them to choose manufacturing as a career,” said Phill Jackson Business Development and Marketing Director Pegler. “As part of a global group of companies it was a delight to be able to communicate our career and employment opportunities to students from France.”   During the three week placement the students worked in the tool shop, shadowed and assisted a Toolmaker and learnt other transferrable skills such as health and safety in the workplace and manual handling guidelines and procedures.   One student commented; “I thoroughly enjoyed see the manufacturing process and how raw materials are transferred to the finished product. I am now hoping to seek a career in the same industry and to the learn the required skills.”   Business and Education is a not-for-profit company which supports the young people of South Yorkshire in gaining valuable work experience and on this occasion worked with a South Yorkshire based company to fulfil an international request.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:27:27 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/French Students

    Pegler supports #noVANber campaign against van and tool theft

    Social media is often under the spotlight for the negative things that can happen on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But sometimes it can be a force for good too. Which is why Pegler is proud to support the fantastic #noVANber campaign which aims to protect tradespeople from the epidemic of van tool theft. A shocking 62 thefts are reported to take place every day and 50% of victims have their tools stolen more than once. @PBPlumber – who visited our Doncaster factory earlier this year – started the #noVANber campaign with an online petition to force the Government to address the problem of van tool theft. As we approach the end of November, the petition has almost 30,000 signatures. But another 70,000 are needed to reach the 100,000 total which triggers a debate in Parliament. Have you signed it yet?  We encourage you to pledge your support and sign the contract here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/231177 And once you’ve signed it, don’t forget to ask your friends and family to sign it too!

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:53:27 GMT


    Pegler Supports Charity Refurbishment

    Pegler has donated a range of products to a children’s charity tofacilitate its ongoing refurbishment programme.   Pegler made the pledge to The Woodlands at Sebastian’sAction Trust based in Berkshire to ensure essential renovations could becompleted and to enable them to maintain a high level of care for the childrenand families that rely on its support.   “We are proud to be able to support such a worthy charitywho are achieving great things and needed the facilities to be modernised andfit for purpose,” commented Phill Jackson Business Development and MarketingDirector at Pegler. “Making the donation has allowed the work to continuewhilst retaining vital funds for other elements of care and support that theyprovide to children and their families.”   Products donated included parts to support a new heatingsystem, thermostatic mixing valves for wash hand basins, mains water and wastepipes and remote thermostatic radiator valves.   “The support of the team at Pegler has been invaluable toour refurbishment programme and now means that our plumbing, heating andpipework performs well and is safe for all our users,” said Nick MannFacilities Manager Sebastian’s Action Trust. “Having a place that is welcomingand supports the work that we do means that we can continue to be here forfamilies of seriously ill children across the South of England.”   Sebastian’s Action Trust is a registered charity and furtherinformation can be found by visiting https://www.sebastiansactiontrust.org/

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:27:34 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Sebastian Trust

    Global Future for Renowned UK Brand

    As the leading UK manufacturer of pipes, valves and fittings, Pegler Yorkshire is drawing on hundreds of years of expertise from within the UK and across the globe to be the UK’s only Integrated Piping Systems provider to the plumbing and heating industry.   And, Pegler Yorkshire, part of the Aalberts Group, will be bringing together its technologies under the iconic brand name of Pegler.   Phill Jackson, Marketing and Business Development Director Pegler commented: “This is a truly exciting time for us, we are renowned for our expertise in valve and fitting technology for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and have now combined this knowledge together with Dutch group member VSH to create a seamless integrated piping system solution for applications across the board.   “The Pegler brand is so iconic, in fact it still remains 198 feet in the air displayed on the original, and now redundant, furnace chimney at our manufacturing plant in Doncaster.  So we know our customers will instantly recognise the quality, innovation and performance of their Integrated Piping System.”   Through understanding customer needs and changing environments, requirements and technologies, Pegler has developed world-class modern connection and valve technologies that combined provide unique systems.   “In today’s modern construction environment the emphasis is on efficiency whether that is encapsulated by the building’s requirements or the project’s and with an Integrated Piping System that works harmoniously offering seamless connectivity and performance this is absolutely achieved,” concluded Phill Jackson.   To underpin the company’s commitment to a total system solution Pegler recently launched Warranty Plus, a three stage process for large scale projects, which sees the company’s expert team working with contractors on system design, providing commentary on expansion, contraction, valve sizing and positioning, commissioning and BIM compliance, through to installation training, using, onsite and online resources, and finally the provision of system and water conditioning using the latest technology and processes, commissioning and aftercare.  Which provides reassurance on the entire system with a guarantee of up to 25 years.   “As a business, applying more focus to the critical areas of efficiency within a plumbing system and, by encouraging customers to use a fully integrated piping system, this enables us to support projects from the word go.  Customers are literally able to put our expertise to the test as we offer assistance from planning through to commissioning something that can be extremely beneficial in achieving optimised system goals,” concluded Phill Jackson.   The move to becoming a fully integrated piping system provider has resulted in Pegler transferring its taps and mixers business to group member Comap, who will commence distribution and supply of taps and mixers from 1st January 2019.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:27:43 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Pegler Name Change

    Integrated Piping System - An Ideal Solution for Modern Construction

    A highly efficient pipework system from Pegler, has delivered infinite benefits to endless modern construction projects across the UK, including a recent project by Scottish company Arc-Tech. The £2.8m contract to construct the Hawkshead Centre was carried out on behalf of the Veterans’ Charities and the Royal Blind Association. The Day Centre has a striking roof design to replicate the wings of a Hawk jet, a subtle nod towards its military connections, whilst the 55-bed care home is a modern building with a sensory garden at its centre.   “Our integrated piping system fulfils the demanding briefs set by today’s architects and specifiers giving installers confidence in the fitting and commissioning process,” said Pegler Fittings Market Manager. “The heat free, push and press fit technology offers compatible pipes, fittings and valves and is an ideal solution in a variety of projects and continues to grow in popularity across all sectors.”   A shining example of this was when Arc-Tech (Scotland) Ltd, who have worked on flagship projects across Scotland, were commissioned to be the main M & E contractor at the Hawkshead Centre. The contract was carried out in a tough 40-week period on time, and on budget, and this was attributed to the products and the support received from the Pegler.    VSH Tectite push-fit system, by Pegler, was chosen as the preferred solution for this particular project for its credentials and ability to be easily connected. Its heat free technology ensures a clean and speedy installation of the system whilst the complementary valves provided the completed services with greater efficiency and control.    The VSH Tectite system, combined with the entire integrated piping system, ensured a clean installation as the product negates the need for any solder or flux. No hot works permit is required due to its heat free nature and full training from the Pegler team was given to all installers to ensure the products were installed correctly and that the efficiencies of time and labour were realised.    John Gallacher Managing Director Arc-Tech commented; “The quality of the Pegler products is excellent and the team were very responsive when any assistance was required. It supported us in the execution of this flagship project reducing tooling, allowing us to meet the tight timescales and delivering a project that represented the quality synonymous with Arc-Tech and Pegler.”   For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products and solutions call 01302 560 560 

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:27:51 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Arc Tech PR

    Why our totally integrated approach to heating & plumbing systems is better for specifiers & install

    Designers and installers of pipe-work systems, whether they are for domestic, commercial or industrial projects, are facing increasing pressure to deliver more cost-effective solutions which optimise performance and conform to exacting quality standards. Pegler Yorkshire’s expertise in both valve and connection technology means we offer some of the market’s top-rated integrated piping systems bringing together valves, fittings and pipes with an emphasis on delivering heat-free jointing (helping to minimise costs and improve site safety).  Our fully Integrated Piping Systems combine the best world-class elements of modern connection and valve technology, incorporating press, push, groove, compression, capillary and threaded solutions for copper, steel, multi-layer and PEX pipes. In addition, our highly acclaimed valve technology encompasses isolation, regulation, and pressure and temperature flow control to optimise building performance.  Greater than the sum of its parts  The seamless connectivity of these individual components results in a system that offers many benefits to both specifiers and installers. Specifiers and installers of our Integrated Piping System know they have selected only the highest quality installation-ready products which work harmoniously to deliver effective and reliable results. The systems are underpinned by support from initial impartial expert advice through to free on-site and online training and product guarantees with complete system warranty for some larger projects https://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/Links/WarrantyPlus .  Find out more here https://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/GreaterThan

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:53:47 GMT

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    As part of our commitment to our local community, we’ve been supporting a number of initiatives designed to help young people make their way in the business world. In April, we took part in an event organised by Ahead Partnership which helps businesses like ours play a hands-on role in the community. The event , held at Ashworth Barracks in Doncaster, was to provide interview practice for 16-19 year olds currently studying vocational qualifications and to give them feedback to help them improve their chances of being successful at interviews in the future. Together with other local businesses, we conducted mock interviews and provided feedback on things like language, appearance, question answering styles, body language etc. “The aim of the event was to give the young people the opportunity to practice speaking about themselves and their strengths, and to give them an understanding of what businesses are looking for during an interview, and how they can improve presentation of themselves,” said Farah Yasin, from Pegler Yorkshire’s Marketing Department. Feedback from the students was very positive so hopefully we’ve helped to make the prospect of job interviews less daunting! “It helped me prepare for future interviews and told me what I have done well and where I can improve.” Student “I loved how positive the staff were. The event was well set-out.” Student “It’s made me more confident and feel like I can prepare for an interview in the future.” Student

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:54:22 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/Farah Blog


    Pegler Yorkshire is introducing a mechanical grooved piping system to its portfolio.  Under the brand VSH Shurjoint, this new range will complement the company’s renowned brands such as VSH XPress and VSH Tectite offering fully integrated piping systems. The Fittings Market Manager for PeglerYorkshire commented: “The introduction of VSH Shurjoint is reallyexciting.  This world renowned brand, bringsgrooved fittings, couplings and valves to the UK under the Pegler Yorkshireportfolio providing our customers with the reassurance our brand offers plus afully integrated piping system from one manufacturer avoiding compatibilityissues and offering a seamless transition with our other Pegler Yorkshireproducts.” VSH Shurjoint by Pegler Yorkshire offers a broad range ofhigh quality grooved components. It provides a scope of benefits particularlyattractive to M&E contractors especially when their priority is to effectivelyinstall a system that is guaranteed to perform.  When comparing this system to other jointing methods such aswelding, VSH Shurjoint can reduce installation time by up to 70%, offering amore efficient install along with improved safety thanks to the elimination ofheat.  In addition, the system is backedby technical support from the onset, with 3D design modelling and BIM readydrawings, cost comparisons and thermal movement analysis all of which providesinformation that can improve jobsite schedules, productivity and budgets. The Manager concluded: “The system can be easily integrated intonumerous applications such as heating, cooling, compressed air and sprinklersystems.  In addition to its highlyregarded quality and performance this system is underpinned by our extensiveportfolio of leading technology including press and push fittings, along withour all-encompassing valve range, it also offers a 10 year warranty.” With the introduction of VSH Shurjoint into the PeglerYorkshire family of world class fittings and valves, specifiers and contractorsnow have the ability to use just one manufacturer for their complete pipingsystem which provides a myriad of benefits from initial system design, technicalsupport and onsite training. For information about VSH Shurjoint from Pegler Yorkshirecall 01302 560 560.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:38:28 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/Shurjoint PR

    More HUGE reasons to choose stainless steel press fittings

    Following on from her previous post about why stainless steel deserves a leading role in the UK HVAC market, Amy Sedgwick here offers more – and bigger – reasons worthy of consideration by specifiers and contractors of commercial plumbing and HVAC systems… Press systems in stainless steel up to 108mm have been established within the UK commercial marketplace for a number of years now, but what are the options for installations above this size?  Areas such as large scale plant rooms have standardised on stainless steel due to requirements for long service life and the ability to cope with challenging atmospheric conditions. In fact, a large proportion of projects switch to welding for sizes above 108mm.  However, there is now a choice thanks to our latest stainless steel press fittings innovation (and a UK first!) which offers an extended range up to 163.8mm, enabling further installed cost benefits to be realised without compromising on system quality and performance. Following on from my earlier consideration of the specific benefits of using Pegler Yorkshire’s 444 stainless steel range as part of a VSH XPress or VSH Tectite piping system, here are even more reasons to use press systems over alternative methods. Ideal for on-site installation The new sizes of press fitting are ideal for on-site installation, particularly if the building is already operational such as a hospital, school or prison. The ability to install without heat or flame significantly reduces the amount of requirements on-site for post-installation system observation, fire prevention equipment (including trained staff) and surface and finished good removal or protection. Significant savings on installation costs Although welding is a ‘tried and trusted’ method of installation, it is not without serious health and safety risks.  HSE recommends cold jointing in BS 9999:2017 Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings. The main benefit of using VSH XPress at sizes above 108mm is the potential to make significant savings on the installation costs. There is no need to employ a specialist welder fitter, who may charge high hourly rates; there is no waiting time for welding equipment to reach temperature; areas which are tricky to weld (elbows, tees) are now easily installed; and there is no requirement for cooling time or additional observation after the jointing has been completed.  Improved health and safety This is before we consider the potential safety hazards that come with welding – some installers suffer health problems as a result of breathing in welding fumes and can become more prone to life-threatening lung infections. Welding fume is also a classified carcinogen, particularly the fumes produced from welding stainless steel (http://www.hse.gov.uk/welding/illness.htm). The HSE actively promotes considering a cold jointing method above welding to remove the need for flame (http://www.hse.gov.uk/welding/fume-welding.htm). Ideal for enclosed or smaller spaces Although installations at these larger sizes tend to often be carried out by specialist off-site fabrication companies who operate out of large premises, it is worth noting that a press connection does not require increased ventilation or open space like welding does which makes it the perfect choice for installing within enclosed spaces or smaller areas. Improved pipework integrity The high temperatures applied during the welding process forces the stainless steel to undergo a series of changes which could ultimately have an impact on the structure of the material, and make it susceptible to corrosion in areas of high stress such as joints, corners or poorly finished welds. Good corrosion resistance is not just a critical factor for the lifespan of a piping system, but is also of paramount importance in areas where the pipework regularly hits high temperatures as this exposure can accelerate the corrosion process. Examples of regular high temperature use would be in hygienic environments where pipework is regularly purged for thermal disinfection purposes. Reduced post installation processes Welding stainless steel may also require additional post welding processes to be carried out to ensure integrity of the weld and to restore the corrosion resistant layer. This can take the form of pickling baths, pastes and gels, and then potentially an additional process called ‘re-passivisation’ which can also be done through baths, pastes and gels. Both of these processes (if required) require additional time, controlled observation, specialist knowledge and application of dangerous chemicals which presents additional health and safety risks to the installation. After installation has been completed, there will be less flushing time required with a press system as no adhesives or additional products will have been added to the system. A press system is also proven to operate very efficiently with low pressure losses and flow resistance, due to the smooth bore that such a system offers. Pegler Yorkshire’s XPress press system is WRAS approved and warrantied for up to 25 years with a choice of o rings making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is available from major UK merchants. ENDS

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:54:53 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/Amy Stainless Steel Part 2

    Swapping the office for the classroom to help develop STEM skills in Doncaster

    As part of Pegler Yorkshire’s communityengagement activities, Farah Yasin from the Marketing Department went back toschool to help out with this year’s TEKK Challenge. Here she describes how the10-week programme has helped pupils get to grips with science, technology,engineering and maths skills… The TEKK Challenge is a programme designedto develop STEM skills in 9-12 year olds. It gives a group of young people anopportunity to get hands on experience forming a company to meet atechnological challenge. This year, as a TEKK Ambassador I workedwith Kingfisher Primary School over 10 weeks in 2 hour sessions to help supportthe programme, and make sure it stayed on schedule! The pupils had to form a “company”, createa corporate image, design a model, build and test a prototype, make apresentation and then enter the final competition against other participatingschools. As a TEKK Ambassador I knew it was importantto ensure that all the children participated and felt involved in the task. Outsidethe sessions, I also spent some time doing personal research on building andconstruction to help provide ideas on building and jointing techniques. Being part of the challenge was anenjoyable experience and an opportunity to give something back to thecommunity. Initially it was quite challenging going from a quiet officesurrounding to a loud classroom environment but after settling in it was very rewardingand I felt like I helped the children grow on the STEM skills as well givingthem an insight into this business and the variety of roles and careersavailable here. As well as my time, Pegler Yorkshire also presentedpersonalised goodie bags to the Kingfisher Primary pupils which included acertificate and some merchandise. And the icing on the cake was thatKingfisher Primary won the TEKK Challenge Construction Award at the celebrationevent! Well done team!!

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:55:11 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/TEKK Challenge

    Pegler Yorkshire Extends Tooling Range

    Pegler Yorkshire, the leading UK manufacturer of VSH XPress fittings has expanded its range of tools to meet the demands of the marketplace.   The XPress Press Power Tools range offers a variety oftooling to support press-fit installations from 12mm to 168.3mm and sprinklersystems.  In addition, the range includesthe popular combined package of AC0203 with 15-35mm jaws in a single case. Pegler's Market Manager for PressSystems, commented: “With over half the work carried out by heating engineersand contractors being on ‘live’ sites, press-fit jointing has become thepreferred choice because of its safety credentials and ease of installation.  With that in mind it was a naturalprogression to provide our customers with not only the best press-fit fittingson the market but the full range of tools to complete the job too.” Theimproved range of press tools provide greater performance whilst being lighterand easier to handle. Incorporating an ‘X’ symbol, visible on the pressedfitting, the range of tools provide an instant visual aid to indicate the jointhas been pressed offering continual reassurance.  The range includes a number of kitted optionsenabling complete sets of tools, jaws and slings to be ordered under just oneproduct code. Inaddition, the new tooling brochure is designed to showcase all XPress tools andaccessories in one easy to use comprehensive guide.  It also includes a tool compatibilitytable to easily identify the best tool for the job requirements and a fullinstallation guide for all sizes from 12mm to 168.3mm.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:38:09 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/Tooling Brochure

    Pegler Yorkshire offers students unique opportunity

    Pegler Yorkshire invited the lecturers of the colleges who made it to the 2017 HIP UK Heating Apprentice of the Year final to experience one of their student visit days. The event showcased what the HIP Magazine competition’s sponsor can provide for colleges throughout the UK, and included presentations on where their products are used, table discussions on errors to avoid and a tour of the entire Pegler Yorkshire factory. It was attended by the HIP UK Heating Apprentice of the Year judge Tony Kite, HIP Magazine editor Becky Martin and lecturers from Coleg y Cymoedd and Bradford College. With such a vast and unique range to offer, the Pegler Yorkshire student days are a chance for the installers of the future to get to grips with the products before they have to use them once they are qualified.  Glenn Schofield, Technical Training Support Manager – Commercial, said: “We wanted to do something different that will stick in the students’ minds in the long run. “With a large factory here in the UK, in Doncaster, it’s a great opportunity for students to see the array of jobs that exist in that kind of environment. “Pegler Yorkshire is keen to work with the next generation of installers as we know that they will be our future customers, so this is another way that we are engaging with student plumbers and heating engineers.” If you and your college are interested in attending a Pegler Yorkshire student day, please email Glenn Schofield at glenn.schofield@pegleryorkshire.co.uk. By Becky Martin, HIP Magazine Editor

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:28:23 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/HIP Visit PR

    Why stainless steel deserves a leading role in the UK HVAC market

    As a specifier or contractor of commercial plumbingand HVAC systems you are probably already familiar with the benefits of usingstainless steel pipework systems. For many years, stainless steel has been apopular choice for pipework within the industrial sector and has made the leapsuccessfully into the commercial marketplace, probably helped by the rise ofsub-contracting enabling installers to gain experience in other sectors of themarket.  Offsite pre-fabrication has alsobecome a common feature on projects. Known as “the hygienic” metal, stainlesssteel has a number of material, environmental and financial benefits which makeit a popular choice. More recently, its aesthetic characteristics have alsocontributed to a rise in popularity thanks to the trend for industrial styleinteriors. This, combined with its simple cleaning requirements, means thatpipework does not have to be hidden away and can instead form a part of the décor. Amy Sedgwick, Market Manager – PressSystems says: “We are seeing the emergence of stainless steel as the specifiermaterial of choice for pipework systems, which is already an area wherepress-fit jointing is one of the most popular methods of installation. The‘norm’ is to install 316 tube and fittings up to 108mm, but in a world of everincreasing demands regarding cost, time and performance Pegler Yorkshire isdeveloping innovative solutions to challenge this area of the marketplace andexceed expectations.” Here she considers the specific benefits ofusing Pegler Yorkshire’s 444 stainless steel range as part of a VSH XPress orVSH Tectite piping system. Superior resistance to corrosion Probably the main reason for the rise inpopularity of stainless steel for pipework is its reputation as being superiorwhen resisting corrosion. 444 performs well against each of the four majortypes of corrosion in the following ways: 1) Pitting Corrosion. This occurs when thenaturally occurring passive layer of stainless steel is compromised. A high %of Chromium and Molybdenum is effective against this – both of which are verymuch present in 444 tube. 2) Crevice Corrosion. This occurs in areaswhere the metal has been worked or deformed. Major element to resist this isMolybdenum. 3) Intergranular Corrosion. This occurs athigh temperatures (ie during welding). Grades stabilised with either titaniumor niobium work best against this (444!). 4) Stress Corrosion Cracking. Thecombination of a mechanical load and a corrosive environment lead to cracksforming in the metal, ferritic grades are best at resisting this from occurring(444!) Durability and resistance to environmentalconditions The vast majority of products we use on adaily basis contain stainless steel (car exhausts, washing machine drums – manyproducts with a long service life). Its excellent reputation for durability andresistance to various environmental conditions mean that in the plumbing worldit is gaining particular popularity in geographic areas where water hardness isa problem, for example parts of Scotland and the Channel Islands. Stainless steel is an ideal material forthermal disinfection as it can accommodate high temperatures in regular cyclesover a long period of time – making it a great choice for healthcare applications.The SSF100 grey Viton o-ring which is available within the VSH XPress Stainlessproduct portfolio will create a system suitable for steam condensateapplications, also suitable for applications requiring purging anddisinfection. Whole life cost-savings The price of 444 is significantly less thanthat of 316, meaning that significant savings are up for grabs. The 444 tubefrom Pegler Yorkshire is also WRAS approved, meaning that the jump toinstalling stainless steel will not be as expensive as one might think. If thisis considered alongside the additional benefits and cost savings thatinstalling a press-fit system can offer then the overall benefit will besubstantial. Conclusion Stainless steel 444 is fast being adoptedas a preferred metal grade within the commercial HVAC market. The cost benefitvs 316 while still offering a similar level of corrosion resistance (which issuperior compared to other available commercial pipework grades) is commandingattention from both specifiers and contractors alike. Installing 444 as a partof a VSH XPress or VSH Tectite piping system gives you a 25 year systemguarantee so there is nothing to lose and a considerable amount to gain.

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:55:32 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/Amy 444 Stainless Steel

    Top 3 reasons to choose Terrier TRVs to control your heating system

    As a manufacturer, we know only too wellthe truth of the saying “you’re only as good as your last performance”. Ourcustomers (and their customers) judge us on their most recent experience of ourheating and plumbing solutions, which is one of the reasons we are continuallyevolving our ranges, as well as our processes, to make sure we provide the verybest products and services. Back in the 1990s, we introduced our firstTerrier TRV radiator valve, designed to provide more precise control overheating systems. Now there are over 20 million Terrier TRVs and MRVscontrolling heating systems in both commercial and domestic spaces, and we’veintroduced new and improved versions over the decades. Now we’re launching our latest “new andimproved” Terrier TRV range and we’re confident you will love the new stylishfeatures and technical advantages which add up to even better performance,easier installation and uncomplicated operation. We asked valves and heating market managerSindar Singh for the top three reasons you should be installing our new TerrierTRVs: 1 Better performance The first thing to mention is the concealedair intake system which tests have shown provides a much more efficient flow ofair to the new pure copper element. This copper element enables a fasterresponse to temperature changes, so the heating can reach comfort levels in asignificantly reduced time when compared with other TRVs on the market. 2 Good looking Our decorative TRVs proved extremelypopular when we introduced them some years ago, so we’ve taken some of thedesign features and improved them further for the latest Terrier TRV range. Aslim profile and bright white body is complimented by a larger easy grip andeasy care surface finish. We’ve also added a feature chrome trim and a clearcolour temperature window which offers high contrast icons and intuitive colourcoded settings. 3 Easy to operate Each TRV now comes with a quick guide to“getting the most out of your TRV” giving a brief overview of how to operate itand the average comfort level settings which are also displayed in easy tounderstand pictures. The mechanism has been altered to a more intuitive lowfriction action easy for any dexterity while an ECO touch indicator is idealfor those with visual impairments. If you would like more information, pleasevisit the Terrier section of our website here 

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:56:31 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/TRV Sindar Blog

    Our BIM Journey: The Story So Far

    Clive Gill, Technical Information Administrator, has been responsible for managing the processes we use to share product data with our customers for over 10 years.  He shared his experience of getting to grips with Building Information Modelling (BIM) at last year’s Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) BIM Workshop which took place just before its annual Bathroom and Kitchen Business Conference. Here, he gives an insight into how Pegler Yorkshire’s commitment to introducing 3D models will benefit its customers and reinforce its reputation as one of the leading manufacturers of advanced plumbing, heating and engineering products in the world. “BIM – or as I like to call it Minecraft for Engineers/Architects – is an integrated system design tool which has the potential to improve the efficiency and sustainability of building design. With so many of our products being specified for use on public sector buildings (where the Government made BIM compliance compulsory by 2016), we recognised the need for an accessible and comprehensive 3D product library that would give us an edge over our competition and help specifiers at the earliest stage of building design. But with thousands of products in our portfolio, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task. We consulted extensively internally with colleagues in sales and marketing, as well as with key customers, to determine what information should be contained within our 3D models. We also invested in specialist training, Autodesk Revit with BIM Academy, and built a young team to help us develop our 3D product library. In a relatively short space of time – under two years – we have created a 3D catalogue of taps and valves which is available for free via our MyPY portal. Users simply need to register and can then access a User Guide and asset files from our brands including Ballorex, Endex, Pegler, Tectite, Xpress and Yorkshire. But this isn’t the end of the story. BIM is a fluid situation and we recognise that simply creating the asset files and library is only the start of our journey. We’re speaking regularly with consultants and engineers who are using the files in their building designs to refine the information contained in them, and revise our library to make it as efficient and effective as possible."  If you’d like more information, or to provide some feedback of your experience with BIM, please do get in touch! clive.gill@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:56:53 GMT


    Pushing the Boundaries - VSH Tectite Receives BSI Kitemark Standard

    Pegler Yorkshire has raised the bar by being the first manufacturer to achieve the prestigious BSI Kitemark across its range of push-fit fittings. Received for its VSH Tectite Classic, Pro and Sprint ranges from 15 to 54mm the BS EN 1254-6:2012 certification assures plumbing and heating professionals of the quality and value of this product range. The range will now boast the esteemed Kitemark which demonstrates regular independent batch testing and auditing to assure the integrity of the products. Pegler's Push Fittings Product Manager commented: “Receiving this endorsement from the world renowned BSI can only serve to reaffirm our commitment to customers for high performance and quality by providing the best products on the market.  And, to be the first manufacturer to attain this certification supports our stance of continually pushing the boundaries of connect and control systems and solutions that provide tangible benefits to not only our customers but the built environment as a whole.” The VSH Tectite range of fittings stretches across a global market and is used by plumbing and heating professionals operating within the domestic and commercial sectors.  VSH Tectite has become the choice product for many installers due to its unique and unrivalled features such as  grip first grab rings which prevent any risk of full bore blow offs, pre-lubricated seals for reduced insertion force and a cooper, DZR brass or stainless bodies.    The range is suitable for jointing with a wide range of tube materials, including copper, flexible metal, PEX and PB and a variety of steel including stainless and carbon.  Additional features include fixed non-demountable and demountable options. Furthermore, VSH Tectite offers speed of installation and therefore provides installed cost savings, it negates the need for a hot works permit which also saves time immediately after installation as the VSH Tectite system is intrinsically clean, there is no need for adhesive curing or long flushing times.   The Manager continued: “The  Pegler name is already synonymous with quality however, Kitemark certification for VSH Tectite provides independent recognition that we strive to deliver high quality assured products, systems and solutions.  Our commitment to meet current and future standards is on-going therefore guaranteeing that we will continually strive to attain the latest and highest standards.”   “When specifying or installing a product it is imperative that customers understand the quality, and its intrinsic value.  Our research has shown that manufacturer’s guarantees coupled with recognised and highly acclaimed industry standards instantly reassure customers of the quality and reliability of a product,” concluded The Manager. Last year the company also received a special certificate from the BSI for having held the BSI Kitemark for over 70 years, one of only two companies in the world to do so.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:38:01 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/Tectite Kitemark

    Bespoke Valve Configurations On Site As Early As Seven Days

    For any building service contractor, the key to a successful project is the efficiency of the installation – in short, time spent on planning and onsite.  Leading Integrated piping solutions manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, has developed a unique service that delivers bespoke valve arrangements (modular valves solutions) for fan coils in a significantly reduced lead time from the merchant’s order. Contractors looking for a fan coil modular valve solution (MVS) require the typical questions answering such as performance in application, reliability, and ease of installation and, whilst they are essential:  service, lead times and planning are seen as after thoughts but do have a major impact on projects if not met. “The real issues for contractors are providing a bespoke modular valve solution designed to specific drawings and required in a realistic time frame,” commented Sindar Singh, Climate Control Manager Pegler Yorkshire.  “The unique service we have developed in-conjunction with our technical team incorporates a process to evaluate, (take off drawings) offer guidance and quotation in rapid time and, we would also support the delivery schedule lead times. However, once an order is received from the merchant, we can actually deliver a bespoke product as early as seven working days.” The process works by uploading drawings for take off preparation, Pegler Yorkshire’s technical team can offer direct guidance on optimisation for efficiency and the most cost effectiveness for your proposal.  Your preferred merchant receives the quote and once the order is received it will be fulfilled in line with the installation schedule. This unique service provides a bespoke solution made up of a variety of interlinked multi-functional valves and components, manufactured from DZR brass and, includes intuitive handles, union joints to allow valve orientation to be changed onsite and an additional test point to allow signals to be measured across the coil.  The complete unit allows connection, regulation, isolation, flushing and draining for fan coils.  Impressively, it allows connection to a variety of centres with its flexible offset connector.   Furthermore, as the leader of adapted valve technology Pegler Yorkshire has continued this bespoke choice solution on the MVS unit with a range of Xpress, Tectite or both fan coil or system connections. This solution provides pressured tested units that reduces on-site assembly requirements with a simple completion of four joints (traditional methods would require a minimum of eight).  Sindar concluded: “Consultants and contractors are already excited about the opportunities this solution presents.  For consultants; known envelope dimensions allow for greater space usage, known performance characteristic across the MVS allows for accurate pump sizing and therefore reduces any specification errors.  Whereas contractors benefit from a reduction in on site labour time and costs as only four connections are required, standard components are individually and collectively tested, it eliminates the need for a costly on-site prefabrication area and also reduces administrative duties plus delivery costs. “All in all, there are endless benefits to this solution and no disadvantages.  We believe this will be the future of valve selection meaning that fan coil applications will be become much more efficient and cost effective.” 

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:39:22 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/valves-news/MVS Solution PR

    4 reasons to use press-fittings on “live” construction sites

    Well over half the work being carried out by heating engineers and contractors is on “live” sites, where traditional jointing methods can add extra workload in terms of paperwork and meeting health and safety requirements. Switching to modern press-fit jointing methods minimises on-site risks and means contractors can get on with the job in hand safely and quickly. According to research, 69% of plumbing systems currently being installed are for the Repairs, Maintenance & Improvement (RMI) market (source: Ama Research). Healthcare and education are two of the sectors that traditionally dominate, and are forecast to be a significant part of the overall market to 2020.  We asked our Market Manager – Press Systems, Amy Sedgwick for some tips for heating system contractors and engineers that would help them meet the growing demands of public sector specifiers and regulators while ensuring the very highest standard of plumbing work.   1               Hot works permit not requiredMany service buildings (schools/hospitals/prisons etc) will not allow the use of a flame on site if the building is in use. If you look at the application form for a hot works permit – you soon get an idea of the huge amount of work that needs to be done to comply. It goes without saying that using VSH XPress or Tectite either gets rid of or minimises the work involved for all these points! Fire protection systems need to be disabled and possibly extra security provided onsite. A continuous fire watch needs to be in place. There needs to be post installation supervision provided for a set period of time. Personnel who are providing the fire watch need to be trained to do so. Extra extinguishing equipment (extinguishers/hose reels) needs to be in the immediate vicinity. Adequate ventilation needs to be provided Combustible materials (blankets, drapes, screens, curtains) need to be removed from the area. Surfaces (walls, ceiling, flooring) need to be protected from sparks Hazardous materials need to be removed (blowtorches, flux, solder etc) once the work has been completed and the area checked.   2               No need to dry out system Press-fit methods don’t require the system to be dried out so you can install wet. This saves a lot of time when you are working on a RMI project!   3               Same length of guarantee as a traditional system In fact, on some projects Pegler Yorkshire’s Warranty Plus gives a 25-year guarantee. It means we work on projects from the initial design stages to provide value engineering solutions incorporating Tectite, XPress and valves solutions. We also provide complete training for the installation team which all adds up to give the specifier added peace of mind! 4               Happier, healthier workforce! Bit of a strange one but... 35,000 cases of work-related skin disorders are diagnosed every year (source: HSE) mostly by workers coming into frequent contact with chemicals in their job. VSH XPress offers clean jointing with no need to use flux or solder (and that has additional benefits for water quality too!). Plus, you get a full bore with no solder build up – better flow rates and less pressure loss too! Win-win.  We’d be interested to hear from any contractors or engineers who have made the switch to metal press-fit technologies, how do you find it?

    Tue, 03 Mar 2020 17:58:19 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Blogs/Amy Press Fit Blog

    Pegler Yorkshire Supports Future Generations

    Pegler Yorkshire is supporting children and young adults find their ideal occupation by invoking enthusiasm from an early age for careers within the manufacturing industry. It will support a number of initiatives throughout Doncaster and the UK to encourage awareness of career opportunities, inspire children to consider technical based GCSE’s, or give young adults the confidence to choose vocational courses and apprenticeships.  During this academic year the Pegler Yorkshire team will take part in the national ‘Teen Tech’ challenge, employability days in conjunction with Doncaster Chamber, a programme of community engagement with 10 and 11 year olds and will sponsor a high achieving student at a Doncaster secondary school. “It is very important to us that we address the skills shortage and highlight the multitude of careers that a company such as ours can offer,” said Phill Jackson Business Development and Marketing Director. “For us, it is about tapping into that energy and enthusiasm at an early age and showing them that a company like ours is not only about the manufacture of product but a plethora of career opportunities namely product designers, engineers, marketers, sales, accountants and skilled trades people.” Pegler Yorkshire currently supports the apprenticeship scheme across a number of platforms and actively encourages ongoing training, not just of its own staff but skilled industry professionals. Its state-of-the-art training centre -  which received CIPHE accreditation in 2016 -  complements its online training portal for Continuous Professional Development and a range of comprehensive videos are provided to support online learning. “It is essential that we inspire future generations to want to join companies such as Pegler Yorkshire which offer long term career opportunities that are not only restricted to the UK,” said Phill. “We have an operation in Dubai and Bangkok and there are global opportunities with our parent company, Aalberts Industries.” Phill concluded: “With such a wealth of experience in the plumbing and heating industry and having a reputation as one of the leading UK companies of innovation and product development, we are well placed to provide inspiration, support and training at a variety stages of education, personal development and ongoing career progression.” Pegler Yorkshire has set up dedicated social media channels to engage with students and to keep them abreast of career talks, training and job opportunities. The Careers social media channels can be found on Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/CareersatPeglerYorkshire/?fref=ts), Twitter  and via a showcase page on the Pegler Yorkshire LinkedIn page.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:36:58 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Education PR

    A Spotlight on Careers at Pegler Yorkshire

    Interested in working for Pegler Yorkshire? Join our new careers pages on Facebook and Linkedin! Pegler Yorkshire is proud of its reputation as an innovator in the plumbing and heating industry. Our entire team works hard to ensure we maintain our position as a trusted supplier of proven solutions to the construction sector and we are committed to providing training, both internally for our people and externally for our customers, to maintain the highest industry standards. We recognise that we can only be as good as our team, and so we are always on the look-out for people who share our vision for innovation and quality who can make a positive contribution to the growth of our business. As a Yorkshire manufacturer, with additional manufacturing sites overseas, and with a worldwide customer base we are keen to attract the very best talent to join our team.  We have been busy this year attending skills and careers fairs in Doncaster and Yorkshire to promote engineering – which is at the heart of our company – as well as other career paths available at Pegler Yorkshire. Young people and professional plumbers have also been enjoying our “Tectite Challenge” at roadshows and open days around the country – if you want to find out more, have a look at this https://www.facebook.com/GrahamPlumbersMerchant/videos/1120190238066600/ And now we’ve launched dedicated careers social media profiles on Facebook and Linkedin initially to make it even easier for people to find out more about becoming part of the Pegler Yorkshire team. We’ll be posting all our latest vacancies and also introducing members of our team to give insights into the sorts of roles within our company people can apply for. With departments from Export to Factory and Marketing to Finance, there are a whole host of roles which we hope will be of interest.   Please join our online careers community and tell us what you’d like to know about working for us – now and in the future!

    Wed, 04 Mar 2020 09:41:57 GMT



    Pegler Yorkshire has extended its stainless steel VSH XPress Press Fit range of fittings to included sizes up to 168mm - a first for the UK market.  The two new additions complement the VSH XPress range offering a complete system from 12mm through to 168mm.  “We are constantly looking at what the market wants and addressing needs of specifiers and installers.  We noticed a gap in the UK market for larger sized press fittings and have introduced these new sizes (140mm and 168mm) which allow greater flexibility on large scale installations,” said Pegler's Press Systems Market Manager. The VSH XPress stainless steel range is a world class fitting that can now be fitted up to 25 bar, subject to application submittal and prior approval.  It boasts a myriad of advantages including; no requirement for threading machinery or grooving which is labour intensive and costly, it also negates the need for a hot works permit as no heat or jointing compounds are needed to complete the jointing procedure.  In addition, VSH XPress benefits from a unique Leak Before Press feature which provides instant identification of joints that have been assembled correctly but mistakenly left unpressed. For use on hot and cold water systems, chilled water services and fire protection the new additions to the VSH XPress Stainless Steel range are simply compressed onto 316 or 304 tube using the AC0401 press tool and slings.  There is also flange adaptors available for Pegler Yorkshire valves to complete the system.  “Specifiers can now include these in their plans meaning that a full system can be installed using VSH XPress which is WRAS approved and comes fully backed by the Pegler Yorkshire guarantee,” added Pegler's Manager.  “We are delighted to be the first company in the UK to be offering these large scale fittings which make specifying a whole lot easier.” For further information about the VSH XPress call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:37:45 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/XPress Large Sizes


    Pegler Yorkshire has received accreditation from the     Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) for its state of the art training centre and its investment and commitment to training across the industry. The accreditation was received at the inaugural CIPHE round table meeting which was hosted in its training centre and which saw the company welcome Richard Soper, Chair of the meeting and previous Pegler Yorkshire employee, back to the fold. “It was a delight to have Pegler Yorkshire host our inaugural round table meeting and to see the way in which the company has advanced delivering training programmes for installers and specifiers,” said Paul Williams President of the CIPHE. “Pegler Yorkshire continues to push the boundaries of innovation and technological advancements in its products and its commitment in providing training to support this is commendable.” The state-of-the-art centre allows both practical and theory based training, supports continuous personal and professional development and the ethos of CIPHE by encouraging conformity, professionalism and pride in the industry and its related skills. One of its key members of staff at the training centre, Shaun Burrows, recently received the accolade of Master Plumber from CIPHE. “The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering is a supportive regulative industry body with whom we are proud to have a long association,” commented Phill Jackson Marketing and Business Development Director Pegler Yorkshire. “It was great to welcome Richard back to Doncaster and we were extremely proud to host the inaugural CIPHE round table.  It was really interesting to see the variety of people attending who brought with them a varied range of experience and skills from within the industry.  The discussion covered some hugely important industry topics and some noteworthy solutions were realised.”  CIPHE membership is offered to those individuals who can demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to uphold the reputation of the industry providing quality service and products to consumers in all areas of plumbing, heating and hot water delivery. Paul concluded: “We enjoy visiting key manufacturers within the industry to appreciate their innovation and commitment to training and product development to support the needs of consumers, installers and specifiers. We recognise that Pegler Yorkshire upholds fantastic professional industry standards which not only focuses on its products but appreciates the needs of its users with regard legislative requirements and we look forward to supporting them in the future.”

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:37:08 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/CIPHE Award


    Pegler Yorkshire celebrates success after exhibiting at theBMAM Expo Asia 2016 for the first time. Building Maintenance and Facilities Management (BMAM) is a leading international exhibition for the Asian build market held in Bangkok, Thailand.  In its 9th year the exhibition attracts over 10,000 trade visitors looking to discover the latest technology, products and solutions for construction and maintenance. Since making the decision to open a sales and technical support office in Hong Kong earlier this year, Pegler Yorkshire has seen significant growth in brand awareness and interest in its light weight XPress Sprinkler system and metal push-fit fittings in particular. Joshua Collins, Sales Director of Pegler Yorkshire Hong Kong division commented: “BMAM is the leading international exhibition of building maintenance and facilities management for the Asian market and because the business is increasing its export to that area, it made perfect sense to attend. “We are extremely pleased to have spoken to so many contractors and engineers interested in the latest plumbing innovations from Pegler Yorkshire Group. This was highlighted with the success of Tectite Push Fit and Xpress Press Fittings with immediate project successes into renovation markets in Thailand.” The Asia market as a whole is currently experiencing healthy growth in construction which is evenly spread across residential, industrial and infrastructural projects. It is expected that almost all Asian countries are to increase their budgets for infrastructure in the next five years. “Pegler Yorkshire have a strong brand name in Asia and now, having an office located in Hong Kong, it enables the business to grow and provide increased support for customers. The Hong Kong office is not only Sales and Marketing but also technical support with our in-house engineering team available to support technical queries and training on site or over the phone which is another added value to customers.” concluded Josh.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:36:45 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/BMAM 2016

    Pegler Yorkshire Completes Static Valve Offering

    To ensure heating and ventilation systems work to their optimum efficiency valves are a key element.  Pegler Yorkshire with its foundations held in the development and manufacturing of valves, is increasing its Static Valve offering which incorporates ultra low and medium flow static products to compliment all flow variables. “Standard practice of installed HVAC systems is to ensure minimal loss of hydraulic flow.  Therefore, regulating flow and keeping pressure loss to a minimum is essential in the optimum efficiency of a system,” said Sindar Singh, Climate Control Market Manager for Pegler Yorkshire.  “With the expansion of our 1260 static balancing valve range we are confident that all flow requirements and system optimisation, which includes the conservation of energy, are covered within the Ballorex portfolio.” Within the Ballorex Commercial Valves range the Pegler 1260 fixed commissioning double regulating valves incorporate a fixed plate orifice for accurate flow measurement and regulation. The design includes
an oblique pattern body and easily accessible test points for use during commissioning. The range includes combined commissioning, double regulating valves and metering stations. The key features offered by the fixed range of 1260, 1200 and 1250 DZR brass bodied valves include, PN20 rated, non-rising stem, double regulating feature on spindle and a hand wheel incorporating position indicate 00-79 all boast full WRAS approval.  In addition, they are available in a variety of end connections including threaded, push-fit, press-fit and union. Pegler Yorkshire is aware that building system optimisation benefits the full spectrum of those involved from design consultants, specifiers, contractors, through to facility users.  However, as a manufacturer of plumbing and heating systems and components for over 100 years, and as part of its ongoing process to deliver tangible connect and control solutions, it has recently altered its approach to the convoluted process of valve choice.  The company has developed straightforward valve selection process targeting ‘application areas’ which ensures the right valve is chosen to support function, size, performance and optimisation, in essence, helping the building perform and in turn helping reduce energy costs.  The three key areas are identified as Source – which is focused around plant / boiler centres, Network which encompasses the distribution of heating and potable building systems, and finally the Zone that is the occupied function zone, such as an apartment, office or ward where the heat or water is emitted.   We can safely say that requirements for the Source area would be centred on large sized valves, in some instances up to DN600, which provide regulating and isolating functions from the heat source into the first part of the network.  Within the Network area valves are used to control water flow and balance the heat and cooling distribution to different locations.  These valves ensure the correct flow rate is supplied to differing parts of the building therefore providing optimum energy efficiency and comfort.  The next point of use is classed as the Zone area, for example heating, this consists of pre-set  valves for either panels or radiators through to modular valves units used on fan coil units, these types of valves allow control through heat/flow output therefore offering precise controlled comfort. “The additional valves incorporated into the Ballorex portfolio will mostly be used within the Network application area.  The additions to the range mean a total control solution can be sourced from one manufacturer giving greater reassurance and more continuity,” concluded Sindar. For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products and solutions call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk 

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:39:10 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/valves-news/Static Valves

    Put An End To ‘Pressing’ Jobs With A Combined Toolkit

    As the rise of more modern jointing techniques such as push and press continues leading manufacturer, Pegler Yorkshire, has launched a combined toolkit that gives installers the right equipment to speed up installations.  Phill Jackson, marketing and business development director said: “Each installation brings its own challenges but the key is being able to adapt.  Our newly launched toolkit provides all the essential equipment for installers to be able to adapt their installation as the job dictates whether that is via push, press or a combined approach.”  The Pegler Yorkshire Toolkit includes everything an installer needs for a push or press system installation; a REMS 3-35mm pipe cutter suitable for Copper, Carbon and Stainless, 15, 22 and 28mm Jaws, 15-108mm XPress Copper Depth Gauge, Tectite Sprint and Tectite Classic Depth Gauge and Deburrer, 15mm Multi-layer Tube Straightener and 10-28mm tube cutter for use with PEX and Multi-layer tube.  In addition, there are demount clips, mini press tool, spare battery and dri-slide. Phill continued: “Today’s installers are well aware of the benefits a heat free installation can bring and are in tune with alternating their methods depending on the job.  Many are happy to use a press system until it gets to a confined space when switching to a push method will make life easier. Both methods provide excellent sealing as you would expect from a quality fitting.”  Those are primarily found in metal fittings – which are a product of choice of those installers who demand high performing and reliable fittings.  Whether push or press a quality metal fitting can be easily identified via its inherent attributes such as Pegler Yorkshire’s XPress unique Leak Before Press design allows installers to instantly identify unpressed joints and Tectite’s patented TectSEAL, directional seals pre-lubricated for reduced insertion force and the provision of a reliable seal.  Phill concluded: “The new Pegler Yorkshire Toolkit provides those installers already combining metal push and press technology with a comprehensive and handy toolbox full with everything needed to complete an installation.  Yet it can also be a great starter kit for those that are yet to use one or both methods.” Additionally, Pegler Yorkshire has also recently launched an Installer Club which offers cash back or money off products.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:37:31 GMT


    V850 Gate Valve Opens Up a Plethora of Opportunities

    Pegler Yorkshire continues its drive to further enhance its valve portfolio and support its customers’ objectives of system optimisation.  The new V850 ductile iron gate valve has been introduced to the company’s commercial valve offering and adds a solution for potable water applications. Gate valves, primarily used to allow the flow of liquids, ensure very low friction loss and provide a high flow path when in the fully opened position.  The new V850 is characterised as having a non-rising stem which supports ease if operation in confined spaces.  The WRAS approved V850 from Pegler Yorkshire boasts numerous benefits over other gate valve types as it is ideal for isolating pipelines that transport potable water.  Its design incorporates a stainless steel stem providing resistance to corrosion in addition its discs are coated in a EPDM material to reduce exposure of fluid to metal surfaces.  The valve is coated in an Epoxy paint to prevent direct contact with the ductile iron body and so avoiding any contamination of the water supply.  The V850, available in size DN65 to DN300, also benefits from a non-rising stem which combined with a wheel head operation gives optimal functionality.  Furthermore, the V850 Ductile Iron flanged isolating gate valve is supported by a host of standards including the BS EN1171:2002, BS EN1092-2 PN16 (flanges) and most importantly the V850 PN16 gate valve has WRAS approved product status. In support of the industry’s drive to provide optimal building efficiency Pegler Yorkshire has developed a straightforward valve selection process for specifiers and contractors alike.  The process targets application areas to ensure the right valve is chosen to support function, size performance and optimisation. The three key areas are identified as Source – which is focused around plant / boiler centres, Network which encompasses the distribution of heating and potable building systems, and finally the Zone that is the occupied function zone, such as an apartment, office or ward where the heat or water is emitted.  The Pegler V850 gate valve would perform best within the Source area and can provide an ideal solution to a number of flow control applications.  And, with a working temperature of -10 ° C to 80 ° C this PN16 rated valve can certainly provide optimal performance. Barrie Plant, Valves Market Manager for Pegler Yorkshire commented: “Valves are such an important part of any flow control system, it is imperative the best valve is chosen for the each and every application.  The ‘Area’ system we have developed not only gives specifiers and contractors the confidence in choosing the best valve for the job but also provides reassurance in the quality of the product they are choosing by having the backing of the Pegler Yorkshire brand, a name synonymous with centuries of quality UK manufacture and expertise.” The V850 forms part of the ever increasing range of WRAS approved cast and ductile commercial valves that include Ferrous V850DI V905/G/906/G CI and non ferrous Ball, Gate, Spring Check, Pressure Reducing and Thermostatic Mixing Valves.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:39:02 GMT


    Loyalty Pays Dividends for Installers

    In an era of consumerism surprisingly very little is offered for brand loyalty even for products purchased day in day out.  Pegler Yorkshire however, recognizes the need to support small, independent installers and has launched its own PY Installer Club that simply rewards each and every purchase from its entire range of brands. “Pegler Yorkshire has a long history of developing products and solutions to address the needs of the plumbing industry and its professionals, this is just another way in which we are continuing to support our loyal customer,” said Phill Jackson, Marketing and Business Development Director for Pegler Yorkshire. The Pegler Yorkshire Installer Club has been entirely developed with today’s busy installer in mind.  Based around the use of an app the club provides a simple save and redeem system offering a cash value or free product to the value of points collected. By registering with My PY on the company’s website, installers are able to directly download the app which is compatible with a range of smart phones including, android, IPhone and Windows.  Once this is complete the money saving process can begin. The process works by using the smart phone’s camera, installers take a photograph of their invoice which includes a Pegler Yorkshire product, click, submit and the job is done!  The invoice will be verified by the team at Pegler Yorkshire and once approved the points will be added to your account.  Installers are able to track and redeem the points at any time.  Phill continued: “Today’s installers don’t want a long drawn out or even futile process that requires posting copy invoices or colleting points that will eventually offer a ‘prize’.  Our research has shown that installers want a tangible and simple system whereby they can easily see what their most recent Pegler Yorkshire purchase has gained them.  With our club installers can also choose how they want to use their points, either cash back or free product it’s as simple as that.” After the verification of the submitted invoices installers can choose to transpose the value of their points to either cash back which equates to 2.5% of points earned or free product which equates to 5% of points earned.   “We are also planning to offer all our Installer Club members a recommendation accreditation, we know that by using Pegler Yorkshire components they are using the best products for the job so they will be included on our recommended plumber database for consumers to search via location.   We’re inviting all Gas Safe registered plumbers to join up today and start reaping the rewards,” concluded Phill.  All Pegler Yorkshire products and brands are included in the scheme including the popular Tectite push-fit range and renowned Terrier TRVs. Register today at My PY 

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:36:25 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Installer Club

    Pegler Yorkshire Extends Commercial Tap Range

    Performa the popular commercial tap range from Pegler Yorkshire has undergone a major design and functionality overhaul to ensure modern water saving efficiency and design credentials are met. The range has seen amendments to the classic design as well as the range extended to provide further options for commercial specifiers, plumbers and end users. “Our Performa range continues to be hugely popular in educational, healthcare, leisure and commercial settings and these new additions will only serve to reinforce its market position,” said Mike Johnson Taps and Washroom Manager Pegler Yorkshire. “Design is equally important as water saving and durability, and our enhanced Performa range delivers an aesthetically pleasing family of taps along with more practical considerations.” The Performa range now includes new design Non-Concussive high performance tap which benefits from a flow rating of 3.8 litres/min whilst the auto shut-off function gives 12-15 seconds of free flowing water.  The inner cartridge has been redesigned to provide a smoother operation and easier push mechanism. It also benefits from a multi-directional filter which is fully adjustable providing a flow of water suitable for a range of sinks and applications.  The new Performa Sensor taps from Pegler Yorkshire also benefit from the new sleek design and incorporate an improved performance via an integrated solenoid valve with filter.  These are available in two forms, an Infrared version and a Capacitive version that utilises the most advanced technology to give more controlled sensitivity. Capacitive technology is impervious to light and it is activated by the user being within a certain proximity of the tap, then once the user is out of proximity, the tap deactivates. The Performa Sensor taps have a maximum of 30 seconds activation time to prevent vandalism, and furthermore a newly angled spout eliminates any stagnant water within the tap system protecting the inner workings and provides user safety. “We want to encourage specifiers and contractors to choose taps that allow the use of water to be controlled, supporting water saving and limits the need for direct contact with them, minimising the transference of bacteria and infection.   It was important that we supported the market demand for this with a stylish design,” said Mike. “In a commercial washroom setting these are vital considerations and we are proud that our new Performa range encompasses all aspects of these requirements for today’s market trends.” Other aspects to the Performa range include healthcare sector specific taps with anti-microbial properties to aid infection control and lever handles to negate the need for dexterous operation. The full range of ‘Performa’ taps can be viewed here -http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/ebrochures/105_PY_PERFORMA_40pp_LR_WEB/index.html

    Wed, 20 Apr 2016 10:25:49 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/taps-and-mixers-news/Performa Range 2016

    Master Plumber Accolade Achieved by Pegler Yorkshire Employee

    We’re proud to announce a Pegler Yorkshire employee has received the much coveted accolade of Master Plumber from the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE). Shaun Burrows, 34, from Wath-upon-Dearne, South Yorkshire has been employed by Pegler Yorkshire for over 6 years as Technical Support Engineer advising end users, installers and specifiers on the technical aspects of the company’s products and providing onsite training on the installation, servicing and commissioning of products. “We offer our warmest congratulations to Shaun on this amazing accolade and thank him for his continued hard work and commitment to this ever changing role,” said Phill Jackson Marketing and Business Development Director. “His hard work and dedication to his trade has paid dividends recognising his technical expertise in a variety of fields associated with plumbing and heating.” The award is given to individuals who can evidence their long term commitment and development to the industry and takes into account personal and professional development, the execution of knowledge in the work place and recognises ‘Excellence in the Art, Craft, Science and Practice of Plumbing’  Furthermore, the award, combined with Shaun’s ever growing list of credentials, brings enhanced benefits for Pegler Yorkshire, building customer confidence safe in the knowledge that advice given, work carried out and services offered are supported with a comprehensive knowledge of both the product and plumbing systems and is to current regulations and standards.  Not only a Master Plumber Shaun is also a registered Gas Safe and Water Safe engineer, a Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme (WIAPS) registered installer, as well as a member of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) and Engineer Council and the Commissioning Specialists Association (CSA). “It goes without saying that I am delighted to have received this award and it’s particularly satisfying as it is awarded by independent professionals from the industry,” said Shaun. “I’ve always had a massive interest in every aspect of the industry and it shows that since I completed my apprenticeship, hard work and dedication really does pay off.” The award is only open to plumbers enrolled on the Register of Plumbers. It was inaugurated by the Worshipful Company of Plumbers in July 1886 and maintained by the CIPHE since January 1970. Successful candidates must be able to provide evidence of achieving a satisfactory level of technical knowledge in vocational education and be registered with the Engineering Council. A panel of representatives formed from the CIPHE and Worshipful Company of Plumbers, then assess all applications, including independent references, prior to awarding the Master plumber certificate.  

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:36:11 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Master Plumber

    Unique Water Sport Earns Sponsorship from Pegler Yorkshire

    A unique water sport has secured sponsorship from Pegler Yorkshire – a perfect watery partnership! Underwater Hockey, also referred to as Octopush, has been around since the 1950’s but has gathered more and more followers as it grows in stature across the globe, and the UK, with 105 clubs now formed across England, Scotland and Wales. “We are delighted to support this emerging sport and also our employee, Glenn Schofield, who has turned his excellent training skills in his day job, as a Technical Training Support Manager, into coaching some of the leading Octopush players in Great Britain,” said Phill Jackson Marketing and Business Development director Pegler Yorkshire. “We take our corporate responsibility seriously not only is it imperative that we support ongoing innovation within the industry but in society as a whole and are pleased to be able to play a part in helping this innovative sport grow and develop.” Having been a player for many years, Glenn has enjoyed recent coaching successes at the World Championships in Castlellon de la Plana, Spain with the U23’s ladies team and at two previous World Championships with the GB Men’s Master securing bronze position.  Pegler Yorkshire has provided sponsorship for out of water kit for the U19’s and U23’s Ladies and mens teams.  Glenn Schofield commented:  “Sponsorship is of paramount importance to allow our teams to enter national and international competitions and develop their skills and confidence as individuals and as a team.  Our thanks go to Pegler Yorkshire for its support and we look forward to delivering great results in the future.” The sport, which developed as a way of keeping scuba divers fit in the winter months, enjoys greater popularity in other parts of the world with children in New Zealand being taught it at school and France’s national squad funded by the Government. Glenn concluded; “It’s a fast paced sport that requires speed, dexterity and a healthy dose of grit and determination. More and more people are discovering the fun and health benefits it can bring”. The GB teams train at Loughborough and Leeds but local clubs are located across the country. Further information can be found at http://www.gbuwh.co.uk/.

    Tue, 26 Jan 2016 10:55:43 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Octopush PR

    Tectite makes plumbers’ lives easier – and slashes installation times

    Rigorous testing has shown that Pegler Yorkshire’s innovative Tectite push-fit system can cut installation times by up to 75% without sacrificing durability and versatility. In separate trials, world-renowned construction business Balfour Beatty and market-leading pipework company MEP Solutions compared the Tectite solution with two more traditional methods, namely threaded joint and press-fit. Using Tectite fittings, MEP’s installers were able to create a prefabricated module containing three separate services four times faster than when using the threaded joint method. Tectite’s flexible, easy-to-use system also proved twice as quick as press-fit. What’s more, Tectite passed MEP’s durability examination with flying colours. The module survived a 500-mile trip around the roads of the UK without picking up a single leak –  despite minimal supports being attached in construction to ensure it would receive rough treatment. Balfour Beatty’s results were similarly impressive, with the Tectite push-fit system cutting the installation of a similar module from 1 hour 17 minutes using press-fit to 1 hour flat.  “When we were asked to create a prefabricated module using only Pegler Yorkshire Tectite fittings, it was a relief to discover that these were readily available to use,” said Ray Barclay at MEP.  “Also noticeable was the consistency of the fitting sizes – this makes life easier for offsite manufacture.  “The ability to simply pick up a part and push it in place reduces the need for any of the typical jointing methods, which not only increases the speed of production but also reduces injuries and eradicates crimping errors and the cost of buying and maintaining crimping tools.” As well as reducing installation times, Tectite brings many advantages over traditional methods.  Its wide range of fittings is compatible with a variety of materials – including copper tube, PEX and PB pipe, carbon and stainless steel – and its valves can be rotated for ease of access. Some demountable Tectite fittings can even be swapped out once installed, thus future-proofing any installations and massively reducing the cost of repairs.  And, because Tectite fittings are so easy and safe to use, only one installer is required, increasing productivity and freeing up staff to work on other jobs.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:06:35 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/Tektite Time Trial

    Lincolnshire Hospital Installs Antimicrobial Copper Taps As Part of A New Patient Safety Initiative

    Pegler Yorkshire has supported an  initiative by a leading healthcare specialist promoting the use of antimicrobial copper in healthcare establishments. Michael Oko – ENT Consultant and Clinical Lead, and Department of Health Advisor on Obstructive Sleep Apnoea – has championed the replacement of key high-touch surfaces with antimicrobial copper equivalents in a project at Lincolnshire’s Pilgrim Hospital. Initially, taps, bed rails, cabinet handles, chair arms, grab rails, hand rails, light switches and coat hooks were commissioned and with these now installed, his intention is to replace more items and roll out the copper upgrade throughout the hospital. “Studies into the effectiveness of copper show greater than 80% less contamination on copper surfaces than non-copper equivalents.  It therefore proves how effective copper can be in addressing the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria. We are proud to support projects like this knowing that we are helping to reduce the number of healthcare associated infections in our hospitals,” said Phill Jackson Marketing & Business Development Director Pegler Yorkshire.  Using the company’s expertise and knowledge gained through various scientific studies, and inline with the Health Protection Agency (HPA), Pegler Yorkshire has developed a range of Antimicrobial Copper Taps that are capable of continuously killing pathogenic microbes even in between cleans. “We continually engineer new and innovative products to ensure they are in line with, and often surpass industry standards and this is reflected in the design of our Antimicrobial Copper Tap range,” said Phill. “Replacing the surfaces most often touched by staff, patients and visitors with antimicrobial copper equivalents will help reduce the risk of infections spreading via these surfaces," said Mr Oko. "It can be used as an adjunct to other infection control measures – such as regular hand washing and surface cleaning and disinfecting – to improve patient safety. “Reducing the rate of infections means a substantial reduction in a patient’s length of stay, a reduction in their mortality risk and a reduction in overall treatment costs. Antimicrobial copper surfaces make sense from a patient safety point of view as well as a financial one.” Andrew Cross director at ACT Surfaces who worked on the Pilgrim project explained, “In any clinical environment, certain surfaces will be touched maybe hundreds of times, by dozens of people, every day and these are the key touch surfaces to identify as they will offer the most benefit when replaced with antimicrobial copper equivalents. “ACT Surfaces works with clinical teams - from cleaner to consultant - to identify the ‘problem’ touch surfaces in a given facility; upgrading these to antimicrobial copper reduces the infection risk to patients and yields significant clinical savings. For this project, we invited Brass Age in Norwich to fabricate & supply the bespoke items like the bed rails, grab rails and over-bed table from their VETOBAC Antimicrobial Copper range and to manage the project’s completion. The range of Antimicrobial Copper taps from respected industry professionals Pegler Yorkshire supports this initiative and helps drives the campaign for copper touch surfaces forwards, in both NHS healthcare as well as other medical establishments across the UK.” Further information about the anti-microbial properties of Copper can be found visiting http://antimicrobialcopper.com/uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:13:49 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/taps-and-mixers-news/Lincolnshire Taps

    Pegler Yorkshire Launches range of CPD Modules

    Personal and professional development is critical to employees and employers to allow individuals and companies to grow and prosper. With this in mind Pegler Yorkshire, has launched a portfolio of Continuous Personal Development (CPD) modules which are suitable for industry professionals across a variety of sectors. “Ongoing training is a very important part of career development. With new products entering the market and changes to legislation affecting the construction and plumbing industries we feel our online training portal is a hugely effective way of promoting ongoing learning,” said Phill Jackson Marketing and Business Development Director Pegler Yorkshire. “Initially, we have selected topics which will benefit a wide cross section of people from installers and contractors to specifiers and consultants, and more modules will be coming very soon as we continue to build on our training programmes.” The online training modules, which can be accessed via ‘My PY’ cover general topics such as; Central Heating, Taps & Mixers, Metal Push-fit and Commissioning.  Additionally, Pegler Yorkshire is continuing to develop a portfolio of CPD site seminars which currently include; the Importance of Anti-Microbial taps in infection control for health care sectors, Safety and Efficiency of Water Systems in line with Part G of Building Regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes and, also a module detailing how Heat Interface Units support Heat Distribution Networks to deliver environmental and cost saving efficiencies.   The Heat Distribution, Metering and Control training module, for example, focuses on system types, applications, influences and climate solutions particularly focusing on Heat Interface Units (HIU’s) and the benefits they can bring.  It, as well as the other modules, includes a host of industry related statistics and facts to deliver enhanced levels of knowledge “The Heat Distribution module is particularly relevant as 2015 sees the start of a Local Council study into the benefits that a Heat Interface Unit (HIU) can bring to heat networks,” said Phill. “Furthermore this particular CPD module has gained accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) for its industry relevance, and will be used by them as a benchmark for other manufacturers and training providers so that learning for all in the industry can be achieved.“ More CPD training modules will continue to be uploaded onto the Pegler Yorkshire website throughout the year. To access the modules individuals can simply create a ‘My PY’ account and companies can contact the Pegler Yorkshire team direct to book a presentation or fill in the online ‘Book a Seminar’ form.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:07:01 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire Launches New Generation Stainless Steel Tube to UK Market

    As an innovator in the world of plumbing and heating solutions Pegler Yorkshire has announced the launch of its XPress SS630 tube - a new grade of stainless steel tube that benefits from equivalent strength and corrosion properties as the 316 and provides a new choice for the commercial marketplace. The new grade of tube is already widely used across Europe because of its unique qualities.  Its high Chromium content and presence of Molybdenum, amongst other alloys has meant the price sensitive Nickel element is no longer a requirement, which provides huge cost savings when compared to the other grades of stainless steel already used in the market. Amy Sedgwick, Press Systems Market Manager for Pegler Yorkshire, commented: “This is a great innovation that now allows contractors the choice to choose stainless steel without having the restriction of cost.  More applications and alternative jointing methods can now also be achieved by using XPress SS630.  The XPress Stainless Steel systems are also eligible to apply for an extended system working pressure of up to 25 bar.”  With matching qualities to that of 316 the Xpress SS630 is set to be a serious contender in the tube market.  Its strong technical performance affords its use across a wide variety of building services and industrial applications meaning that projects including commercial heating and fire protection systems through to aggressive environmental applications, such as shipbuilding, can utilise this new grade of tube. XPress SS630 is available in sizes 15-54mm and 6m lengths and meets a wide range of approvals including several international standards for sprinklers (LPCB, FM) and shipbuilding (DNV, GL, RINA).  The presence of titanium gives the tube strength and formability which means that sizes up to 28mm can also be bent to suit. The SS650 range completes the tube offering up to 108mm. Forming part of the XPress portfolio this light weight, easy to handle tube supports the drive for more heat free installations through quality push-fit and press-fit technology.  It is compatible with the standard XPress Stainless Steel fittings range and benefits from a unique “Leak Before Press” (LBP) design which was developed as a final check to the system to provide instant identification of joints that have been assembled correctly but mistakenly left un-pressed. Plus the Tectite 316 push-fit range which includes a stainless steel grab ring which has been specifically developed to grip stainless steel tube without the need to for it to be scribed.  “With the price of stainless steel sometimes being prohibitive for some projects and contractors this does truly offer a hugely viable alternative,” continued Amy.  “We have listened to what our customers need and introduced this new grade of pipe which will provide the solution to a number of current market issues, not to mention suit a large range of applications.” 

    Fri, 26 Jun 2015 10:11:00 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire Launches Essential Tool for HVAC Installers

    Pegler Yorkshire, UK manufacturer of plumbing and heating solutions, has brought to market a tool that no HVAC installer should be without!  The Tectite Tube Straightener exclusively supplied by the company has been launched for 15mm pipe sizes. Janette Henwood, Market Manager for Tectite Push Systems said: “The new Tectite Tube Straightener is a highly efficient lightweight handheld tool that can be used instead of a pipe decoiler.  HVAC installers will benefit greatly from having this in their toolbox, not only will their installation have a totally professional look but logistical pressures can be eased with the ability to purchase pipe coils but achieve the same result as straight lengths.” Flexible metal pipe from a coil can be straightened by hand or by placing on a level surface and manipulating.  However this method never gives a true straightened length and as such can make a job look untidy and reduce the speed of the liquid flowing through it. The solution now offered by Pegler Yorkshire is its 15mm Tectite Tube Straightener.  This handheld, compact lightweight tool allows pipe to be passed through its centre, by working it in both directions, the spiralling rollers will straighten and strengthen the pipe providing a professional looking and more efficient length. Janette concluded: “By using this tool installers are guaranteed a more professional looking pipe whilst potentially reducing the costs of materials and simplifying the installation process.” The Tectite Tube Straightener complements the highly engineered range of Tectite fittings, valves and flexible metal pipe that provide installers with a complete installation solution.  The Tectite range from Pegler Yorkshire is renowned for its highly versatile fittings that connect to a number of pipe materials that give installers swift, clean and high performing installations.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:06:30 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/Tube Straightener

    Affordable Designer Taps That Don't Compromise On Quality

    From the iconic Francis Pegler brand comes a brand new collection of brassware that offers designer style at refreshingly competitive prices. The design led ‘Araya’ range shares its name with, and is inspired by, the dramatic landscapes of a Caribbean peninsula. Its full bodied pillar is emphasised by its curvaceous lines which flow effortlessly into an easy to operate lever handle, evoking images of the undulating shoreline. “The latest addition to our designer taps collection gives consumers and installers real flexibility in choosing design-led products that are competitively priced without compromising on the renowned Francis Pegler quality,” said Taps marketing manager Sean Foley. “Each product within the Araya range has been designed and manufactured to the exacting standards expected from leading UK manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire - and we’re expecting them to be hugely popular in modern bathroom environments.” The seven-piece Araya collection offers options that are suitable for both low and high pressure systems, and its sleek contours and minimalistic styling will have endless appeal to design conscious consumers. Araya products also function as well as they look with simple and effective single lever operations that keep the user in control with the minimum of effort, and all products are supported by a 10-year guarantee. “Araya is a welcome addition to our impressive portfolio of modern taps and showers and continues to demonstrate Francis Pegler’s commitment to meeting customer requirements in the constantly evolving brassware sector. It’s especially pleasing to have developed such a good-looking range with an equally attractive price tag,” said Sean.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:13:44 GMT


    Push & Press Used in Aberdeen's Latest Hotels

    Project:  Construction of new hotels in Aberdeen Product Used:  Tectite Flexible Metal & XPress Market Sector:  Public leisure The Project Brief A landmark site in Aberdeen is  being developed as part of a  planned expansion of strategically located branded hotels in key UK cities. The development will include a  193 Bedroom 3-Star Holiday Inn Express Hotel  and a  165 Bedroom 4-Star Crowne Plaza Hotel – both with  conference facilities and meeting rooms.   With its location being in  close proximity to Aberdeen International Airport ,  which offers flights to 48 national and international destinations connecting with key international  cities at Heathrow, Amsterdam and  Paris ,   it will provide a hub for international travellers . The construction of the Holiday Inn Express Hotel incorporates bathroom POD systems and as space was of paramount importance the key priority for sub-contractors CHC Group was the flexibility of materials used plus reliability in the connection of modules to the overall plumbing network.   The Crowne Plaza has a more traditional bathroom installation and CHC Group wanted a solution that required minimal joints within the bedrooms plus gave access to all valves from the services riser shaft .   The Solution Pegler Yorkshire’s Tectite Flexible Metal tube combined with its XPress press-fit range of fittings and Pegler Yorkshire Valves provided the ideal solution. Renowned for its quality of manufacturer and innovative engineering design Pegler Yorkshire’s Tectite Flexible Metal Tube, constructed using a combination of PE-Xc and aluminum allowed even the tightest of bends to be formed, and reduced the amount of elbows and fittings required.   The XPress range of fittings was chosen because of their exceptional reputation for performance.  The XPress range offered CHC Group a heat free clean solution that negated the need for a hot works permit and saved time on installation as there was no need for adhesive curing or long flushing times, particularly when all modules were installed into the construction.  The varied range of valves offered by Pegler Yorkshire that aid sustainability and building performance also supported the modular systems.   Benefits of Tectite Flexible Metal System using XPress Fittings and Pegler Yorkshire Valves: ·       Reduces the number of fittings used by up to 40% ·       Operating maximum of 6 bar at 95C and 16 bar at 30C ·       8 X less expansion than plastic systems ·       No sagging under temperature due to metal construction ·       Moulds into the tightest bends by hand ·       Clip only once per metre ·       Quality fittings with WRAS and Kitemark approval ·       Leak Before Press (LBP) feature ·       Reliable valves that support optimum building performance     The Results Mark Rainey, of CHC Group commented: “The traditional route of installation was not suitable for this project so we looked at the market for a more innovative solution.  We thought the Tectite Flexible Metal Tube from Pegler Yorkshire was ideal, it meant we used less fittings and still managed to maximize the space available.  And, because we used the XPress range of fittings and valves we were guaranteed a reliable system underwritten by Pegler Yorkshire.”

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:00:23 GMT


    Push and Press - Like Two Peas in a Pod

    While the plumbing industry continues to debate the merits of both push and press, there has been a noticeable rise in the amount of systems being installed that now benefit from a combined approach. It is clear that today’s installer is much more likely to opt for a system that provides cost and time saving benefits over traditional forms of jointing.  And, with the latest technological advancements in quality and range of fittings it is obvious why! Press Technology Press-fit has a reputation for being a high performing solution.  Since its inception in the late 1950’s its popularity has been paramount to the success of many projects.  Because there is no need to use heat and solder its is a very clean and fast jointing method.  It doesn’t leave carbon deposits or flux so there is less risk of corrosion and time required to flush the system. Push Technology On the other hand push-fit is relatively new in comparison – introduced back in the 1980’s it was originally classified as a light domestic solution used in conjunction with plastic piping.  But today’s metal fittings have advanced that much, push-fit is now being used on a full range of projects from small domestic to large scale commercial, including The Shard.  The technological improvements of push-fit fittings means they are now compatible with a variety of pipe materials and their range can easily dovetail with a wide choice from plastic to flexible metal, copper and even carbon steel. Push-fit offers similar advantages to that of press-fit.  As there is no heat required to seal the joint there is no need for a hot works permit which significantly reduces costs associated such as administration and insurance premiums.  Labour time saving is another distinct advantage, the process is faster and  there is no longer a requirement to stay on site for up to two hours following the use of heat as a precautionary measure to guard against fire . Another reason as to why these two alternative methods of jointing have been preferred is the issue of working in confined spaces.   It can be almost impossible to ensure that a joint is made correctly, when using traditional techniques, if access to it is restricted. If the blowtorch for example, cannot be passed around the fitting completely there is a risk that jointing is incomplete and a corresponding risk of leakage. Combination Modern systems have become much more advanced with highly engineered fittings that incorporate fail safe features such as the XPress unique Leak Before Press design, enables easy identification of unpressed joints and Tectite’s patented TectSEAL, directional seals pre-lubricated for reduced insertion force and the provision of a reliable seal. Installers have now discovered that a combination of these jointing methods can provide a total solution that is still less time consuming, safer than traditional methods and offers a robust system.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:06:24 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/Push and Press

    New Sizes Add Yet More Connectivity with Tectite Sprint

    Tectite Sprint, the innovative metal push-fit plumbing system from Pegler Yorkshire, has been making installers’ lives easy for almost a decade. Now, three new sizes – 35mm, 42mm and 54mm – have been added to the existing options of 15mm, 22mm and 28mm, opening up the award-winning solution to yet more applications. “Tectite Sprint combines the best of both worlds for contractors and installers,” said Tectite Tectite Product Manager Janette Henwood. “Not only is it a robust, high-performance system with a long working life, but it is also quick and easy to install. “Thanks to the new sizes introduced by Pegler Yorkshire, more contractors than ever can benefit.” Designed to be as slim and attractive as possible, the copper and brass jointing system represents metal push-fit in its purest form.  Consisting of only a handful of components, Tectite Sprint requires no hot work, flux or specialist tooling – making it clean, simple and up to two and a half times faster to install than traditional joints. The ultra-versatile rotatable joints make the system ideal for use in tight spaces and awkward corners, as do the compact design and low profile. What's more, flawless electrical continuity is facilitated by a continuity clip or a grab ring (depending on the size). Tectite Sprint is compatible with myriad tubing materials, including plain and chrome-plated copper, PB and PEX. The metal body ensures protection from rodent damage, too. Tectite Sprint is also WRAS-approved, so contractors and installers can rest assured they have fitted a safe, durable and reliable system.  In fact, Pegler Yorkshire is so confident in the quality and performance of Tectite Sprint that it guarantees the parts for up to 25 years. Thanks to the new sizes on offer, even more specifiers and contractors can now reap the rewards of this cost-effective, high-quality and user-friendly plumbing solution.

    Tue, 24 Mar 2015 13:50:21 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Tectite/Tectite Sprint

    Pegler Yorkshire Goes Social to Increase Global Brand Awareness

    Pegler Yorkshire, the leading manufacturer of high quality flow control products, is expanding its marketing activities to include more digital and social media as part of its on-going efforts to raise awareness of its market-leading brands at home and overseas.The company is using Twitter (www.twitter.com/pegleryorkshire) and Linkedin (www.linkedin.com/company/pegler-yorkshire) to communicate with media and trade audiences, while Facebook (www.facebook.com/PeglerYorkshire) activities are designed to connect with installers of its plumbing and heating ranges as well as the homeowners who ultimately benefit from their innovative water and energy-saving products.Marketing & Business Development Director, Phill Jackson, said: “People are more interested now in finding out about a company’s story, and they have the communication platforms and tools to do that more easily than ever before. They are searching online for advice and information about products and services – and we need to make sure we’re there to provide the answers they’re looking for to be in with a chance of winning their business.“Internet window shopping is the new global high street, and we are keen to support our customers by making sure our brands are well-represented in the digital marketplace. Our social media profiles are already attracting a worldwide audience, complementing our offline activities and supporting our sales teams in the UK and the Middle East.”Pegler Yorkshire has also created a social media hub (http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/socialMedia/) which brings together news and information from the plumbing and heating industry, ranging from energy-saving gadgets to the latest water conservation news.“As an industry innovator, we’re keen to promote all the latest developments so our community of customers and followers can make informed choices about the products they use in their homes, offices and businesses,” said Phill.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:10:44 GMT


    Award Win for Pegler Yorkshire Employee

    Shane Jefferson, 42, from Doncaster has been involved with the scheme in South Yorkshire for over eleven years and has successfully merged his commitments to the scheme with his day job as a production manager at Pegler Yorkshire's Doncaster site."I was delighted to receive the Gold award for Outstanding Volunteer Contribution and thoroughly enjoy the work that I do with schools across the county," said Shane. "The scheme can form a worthwhile part of the education programme and is perfectly suited to giving its participants an appreciation of business and the world of work."Pegler Yorkshire is renowned for its innovation and pioneering approach to business. Established for over 100 years it continually pushes the boundaries in terms of product innovation, customer service and setting industry standards. In 2014 it has already launched its online tool for product selection - INSIGHT – and developed connect and control philosophies aimed at installers and specifiers. Through Shane, Pegler Yorkshire is keen to inspire the next generation of employees and business owners and encourage creativity and innovation.Phill Jackson Marketing & Business Development Director commented; "Shane is an ambassador for Pegler Yorkshire and continues to provide inspiration and education to Young Enterpriser's in South Yorkshire.  His vision and positivity will encourage them to pursue careers in industry, manufacturing and business and his award is well deserved."During his involvement with the scheme Shane has worked with hundreds of young people and now provides guidance to other business advisors in the region. "Shane's commitment to Young Enterprise is invaluable and I can think of no one better to win this award," commented Kevin Donnelly Young Enterprise Manager South Yorkshire. "He is a fabulous ambassador for Pegler Yorkshire in the community and provides inspiration and guidance for the young people and our mentors alike."

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:07:35 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Shane PR

    Pegler Yorkshire Supports BIM Initiative

    Pegler Yorkshire is furthering its reputation as a solutions provider by offering a selection of its products in the BIM system. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is designed to allow architects, designers and contractors to create, design and specify a whole range of buildings using digital representation, irrelevant of size or stature."BIM is a superb tool for the construction trade and in many ways mirrors the ethos behind our online INSIGHT tool which helps installers, contractors and specifiers choose the right system for the job," said Phill Jackson Marketing & Business Development Director. "It supports the construction industry in designing and specifying buildings which are efficient and cost effective and initially we will be providing information regarding our Ballorex and Pegler Yorkshire range of commissioning valves which are suited to the HVAC market."BIM will surpass the typical CAD drawing in that it can provide a 'whole life' appreciation of the building, not just at construction phase. Using BIM it will be possible to understand how a buildings heating and ventilation systems will work and what performance they will deliver when installed."We are in support of this new initiative which will enable our customers to easily specify products for their projects," said Phill. "Its appeal is the systems impartial choice process giving industry professionals complete flexibility to make their own informed choices as to the correct products and materials for their project, promoting design and creativity rather that prohibiting it.“Pegler Yorkshire's own INSIGHT online tool offers a step by step guide to choosing the most appropriate system encompassing jointing and pipe works choices in a variety of situations. We are currently developing the next stage of INSIGHT which will further support installers in their decision making process,” concluded Phill.For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:07:40 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/BIM PR

    Pegler Yorkshire Leads The Way in Connecting With Customers

    Renowned UK systems manufacturer for the plumbing and heating industry is leading the way in 21st century customer relations with the launch of a state-of-the-art training centre. The fully interactive training centre at Pegler Yorkshire's Doncaster site has been created with the sole purpose of showcasing its complete product range to installers and customers. As a systems and solutions provider, the training centre allows its quality products to be tested, viewed and the benefits of each clearly understood allowing Pegler Yorkshire to fully connect with its customers in a variety of ways. "Our Group CEO described the training centre at Pegler Yorkshire as setting the standard for the rest of the businesses within Aalberts Industries and will facilitate greater education, understanding and training on our entire product range," said Stuart Anderson, Group Managing Director for Pegler Yorkshire. “He concluded his visit by remarking, it is an outstanding training centre and one which he would certainly encourage customers to visit.” Visitors are able to turn valves and see how to balance a system, view a fully fitted underfloor heating system, experience live demonstrations and can view training packages via interactive touch screen facilities. Within the centre is an enclosed training pod where up to twelve people can receive detailed training on products of their choice.  Furthermore, a fully working Meibes Thermal Interface Unit is available for view as are a wide range of taps, valves, pipes and fittings for which Pegler Yorkshire is renowned. Furthermore, the 'e-control' system, an energy management system designed to embrace eco-credentials and sustainability and which delivers heating, hot water and cooling is effectively displayed. "We are proud to be able to encourage more visitors to our Doncaster site where they can engage with our products in a more informative way," said Stuart.  "Hands on experience is invaluable in this industry and with live interactive demonstrations by our team to showcase the versatility and suitability of our products we believe that more installers and customers will select Pegler Yorkshire as their preferred supplier." An investment of £250,000 has been made by Pegler Yorkshire into delivering this state-of-the-art training and innovation facility and customers and installers are welcome to book a visit during opening hours. Training and product demonstrations from a member of the team are also available and can be organised through a Pegler Yorkshire representative.

    Thu, 20 Feb 2020 14:21:38 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Training Centre

    Energy Saving Product that the Design Conscious Must Have

    With over 70 percent of UK households still not benefitting from the savings offered by thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), leading UK manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire has put its knowledge and expertise to the test and developed a range of decorative TRVs which would appeal to the more design conscious consumer.“Research by TACMA, the controls association within BEAMA, (of which Pegler Yorkshire is a member) and the Energy Saving Trust, showed that 70% of UK homes do not have the minimum levels of controls installed meaning that a homeowner could save up to £409.00* in just twelve months with the installation of room thermostat and TRVs," said Sindar Singh, climate control market manager for Pegler Yorkshire.  “Yet still there are millions of UK households still not tuned into this cost effective way to save energy and ultimately money!“Our own research showed that homeowners have in the past opted for the more aesthetically pleasing manual valves, which, whilst they may look the part do not offer any energy saving benefits, meaning homeowners are missing out.  We have looked at the most popular designer radiators out there and developed a range of TRVs that compliment styles and materials whilst providing the all the benefits found with TRVs.”The range of three Décor valves manufactured under the renowned Terrier brand are great designs with a twist, and have been created to incorporate the most popular finishes of decorative radiators including white, anthracite and chrome.   They are sympathetic to the needs of both consumer and radiator style and provide a compact design incorporating all the attributes found by regular Terrier TRVs. As one of the most recognisable TRV brands on the market, the Terrier is very user friendly, with clear settings for efficiency and boasts an operational temperature range of 7°C to 28°C. A positive shut off has been incorporated to enable removal of radiators for decoration or maintenance - without the need for removing the thermostatic head and replacing with a manual cap. The Terrier Décor range of TRVs also carries Keymark approval from the EN215 Standard for quality and performance and an "A rating" from the TELL scheme provides a further European seal of approval.Sindar continued: “As a renowned UK manufacturer we are continually pushing the boundaries of both design and functionality.  We understand what the industry needs, how we can deliver that within a complete solution and ultimately how we can help installers add value to their customers.  Our new TRVs are compatible with a range of end fittings including, press and push fit technology.”For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk * http://www.beama.org.uk/en/utilities/document-summary.cfm/docid/10170869-0D20-4FE8-A9BBBC9E9E5A9508

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:01:51 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/heating-control-news/Decor Range Launch

    New Online Tool to Help Installers and Contractors with jointing Choices

    Pegler Yorkshire has launched a new online selector tool to provide installers and contractors with a unique, new way to identify the most effective way to join pipe work in any given situation.INSIGHT is the perfect online tool to help installers, contractors and specifiers choose the right system for the job. Through three simple stages of search and selection (confirming the type of project, application and pipe work system), INSIGHT will help installers to identify and select the most appropriate way of joining pipe work for a specific project. "Whether it’s a large commercial commission for service distribution, a high occupancy building, or a domestic installation that’s posing a new challenge, all the answers and qualified advice for both new applications and retro-fitting are now just a click away," said Phill Jackson Business Development and Marketing Director Pegler Yorkshire. "It offers impartial, unbiased advice as to which method and product is best suited to a particular application and covers all sectors of the heating and plumbing industry."Jointing products can be flexible to meet varying requirements but dependent upon the project, application and needs, some will perform far better than others and be quicker and easier to install. For example, push-fit and press-fit jointing products offer a myriad of benefits when utilised in different applications. Consideration is given to the situation of the pipe work, the confines that may affect it and the application involved - gas, solar, heating and hot or potable water."This comprehensive and much-needed facility will reveal the best product solution for installers," said Phill. "It’s easy to use and clearly defines the pros and cons of each connecting system. It also takes into account convenience for the installer by highlighting systems that can be fitted without having to purchase non-standard tools, or homing in on push-fit solutions in situations where speedy installation is a necessity.’’INSIGHT can be viewed at www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/en/insight

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:09:14 GMT


    VSH Tectite Commercial Valve Range Expands

    Following the successful launch of the revolutionary new VSH Tectite Flexible Metal plumbing system, Pegler has announced an addition to its valve range – the VSH Tectite TX300 Full Bore Quarter Turn Lever Ball Valve.Aaron Carter, Pegler Yorkshire’s marketing manager for Tectite said: “The VSH Tectite range is rapidly growing as more and more installers, specifiers and contractors catch on to its many benefits.  The VSH Tectite Ball Valve is yet another product launched by Pegler to complement the range of highly efficient push-fit end technology products.”Many contractors, particularly in the commercial valves market, place emphasis on the importance of product longevity, quality engineering, cost-effective and straightforward commissioning and maintenance procedures.  VSH Tectite push-fit end technology, as found with the Ball Valve, addresses all of these elements and then some. Heat free jointing offers many advantages, such as the ability to install without a hot works permit and therefore avoiding associated administration costs. Less COSHH controls, fewer specialist tools and lower insurance premiums.  Labour time saving is another distinct advantage, as there is no longer a requirement to stay on site for up to two hours following the use of heat as a precautionary measure to guard against fire.  Added to this is a reduction in the time required to fully flush a system for the removal of flux.  Furthermore, with technical advancements metal push fit fittings are also available in larger sizes, making them suitable for a greater number of applications across more pipe types and sizes. The new VSH TX300 Ball Valve embodies the VSH Tectite ethos boasting grip first grab rings which prevent any risk of full bore failure, pre-lubricated seals for reduced insertion force and a DZR brass body which conforms to the latest European Drinking Water legislation.    As with the whole VSH Tectite portfolio the TX300 offers tried and tested technology with the advancements and quality assurance only found with products by Pegler.Additional features offered by the new VSH Tectite Ball Valve include; a unique lever design that incorporates a locking feature, red and blue inserts for hot and cold water services identification, blow out and vandal proof stem assembly, available in sizes 15mm and 22mm tube connections and is suitable for connection to a wide range of popular tube types.Aaron continued: “Pegler places huge emphasis on gaining independent approvals and providing assured quality products. The VSH Tectite TX300 Ball Valve boasts WRAS approval and also benefits from a date code for audit traceability.  This is a great Tectite addition to both the domestic and commercial Valves ranges and will ensure greater system choice for installers, specifiers and contractors.”Pegler’s approach in the development of this product has been driven by developing relationships with the contractors and installers who work with commercial and domestic valve products. From the resulting ideas and feedback this has generated, the VSH Tectite commercial valve range of new products is continuing to evolve which will see an influx of quality assured inherently practical products that will complement most applications.  For further information about any of Pegler’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

    Mon, 29 Apr 2019 09:59:47 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/Tectite Ball Valve

    Pegler Yorkshire Takes on French Copper Manufacturing Facility

    As part of a re-structure from parent company Aalberts Industries, Pegler Yorkshire is pleased to announce a welcome addition to the UK group.  To further enhance the company’s global presence the addition of the Saint Denis de L’Hotel factory in France, to the Pegler Yorkshire family, will see the management of copper production centralised in the UK.  The European management team alongside Pegler Yorkshire will begin to work on the operational facilities with the team in France.Stuart Anderson, Group Managing Director for Pegler Yorkshire commented: “The strategic decision to bring all copper manufactured products under one management team, will provide us with greater capacity meaning increased production.  It will also allow us to bring the globally recognised Sudo Press and Sudo Endfeed brands under the Pegler Yorkshire umbrella.”Renowned for its superior quality and design features the Sudo range will sit comfortably alongside Pegler Yorkshire’s established brands such as Yorkshire, Terrier and Tectite.Stuart continued: “The Saint Denis de L’Hotel factory has strong sales, not only in France, but also in Germany, the Nordics, Southern and Eastern Europe.  It is our intension to further develop these sales by expanding the product range and using best practice between our copper facilities to maximise efficiency.“We also have a strong research and development team to focus on further innovation and technology to take us forward over the next 10 years.”

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:09:24 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/St Denis Factory

    Case Study: Installation of Bespoke XPress Sprinkler System in Gateshead

    The project involved the installation of a bespoke sprinkler system to a multi-occupancy high rise as part of an on-going regeneration by Gateshead Housing Company, Gateshead Council and Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue to ensure all high rise, multi-occupancy blocks adhered to latest fire safety standards.A completely new installation, rather than a replacement of an existing system, meant XPress was specified as a result of consultation from Pegler Yorkshire's sales representative in the area. Contractors, Domestic Sprinklers who were the installers and specifiers ascertained the suitability of the XPress system primarily due to its feature of a seamless and efficient installation without the need for passive works.Products from the XPress press-fit range were utilised including a variety of sizes of tube and fittings.  In addition, XPress was selected due to its strength and flexibility and its fire retardant credentials. As it will not burn without a flame source it is particularly suitable for fire sprinkler systems in residential buildings such as this. Because of the aesthetics presented by XPress pipework and fittings it was able to be exposed in hallways.Colin Taylor at Domestic Sprinklers commented, "Despite slight reservations in the product - it is a relatively new product for fire protection market and this was a flagship project for us - we have found it simplistic to use and due to being so lightweight it has made the installation extremely easy. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other clients and to commission it in other projects."The system was installed under BS9251 guidelines and comprises  920 individual sprinkler heads.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:09:30 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Gateshead Case Study

    Tectite Flexible Metal System - A Revolution by Pegler Yorkshire

    Pegler Yorkshire is pleased to announce the future in domestic plumbing for the UK!  The company has drawn on 125 years of British manufacturing to create the unique Tectite Flexible Metal system, a product like no other on the market.Tectite utilises multi-layer composite pipe (MLCP) tubing, which is constructed using a thin layer of aluminium flanked by cross-linked polyethylene, an environmentally friendly, industrial-strength plastic.This offers installers and specifiers the perfect balance between the integrity of metal and the flexibility of plastic.  Indeed, Tectite is malleable enough to be shaped by hand, yet it is more resistant to warping than plastic piping, and it can handle temperatures of more than 100°C and working pressures up to 16 bar. Designed for installation alongside the high-performance metal push-fit fittings range from Pegler Yorkshire, jointing does not require any expensive tooling – and is twice as quick as the capillary method, thanks to the use of pre-lubricated seals.“Multi-layer pipe has not been manufactured in UK metric sizes until now,” says Aaron Carter, Tectite's Marketing Manager.“The Tectite brand by Pegler Yorkshire has finally made the technology available to the UK installer. What all this adds up to is a high-performance, flexible system that offers a long working life, greatly reduced system noise and a swift, efficient installation.”Available in two sizes, 15mm and 22mm, the Tectite Flexible Metal system is the perfect solution for plumbing professionals everywhere.Pegler Yorkshire has based the Tectite Flexible Metal System around the Tectite Classic and Pro ranges which provide a slim-line, stiff and reliable joint incorporating a demountable function.  The company has incorporated a growing valve portfolio which ensures the system provides the domestic installer with all the quality and breadth of range, long associated with the manufacturer.   This range includes unique ball valves, push-fit Terrier TRV’s, Tectite thermostatic mixing valves and a host of other controls up to and including advanced differential pressure control valves.For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:05:35 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/Flexible Launch PR

    TMVs Now Boast Tectite Technology

    The Tectite TMV utilises the latest innovations in metal push-fit technology and will provide connectivity to copper, stainless steel and PE-X and PB.  It also benefits from additional push-fit advantages such as installed cost savings, as joints are made in a fraction of the time, heat free therefore no requirement for a hot works permit and rotatable joints which makes working in confined spaces easier.   The TMV itself carries with it the high performance guarantee by Pegler Yorkshire products.  The Tectite TX405 series in-line TMVs are combined TMV3 and TMV2 compact mixing valves which meet the requirements of NHS Model Engineering Specification DO8, are third party approved through Buildcert.  They also meet EN1111 and EN1287 standard allowing them to be used in domestic bath fill applications for new build properties in line with the mandatory requirements of Part G of the Building Regulations 2010. Barrie Plant, product market manager for Pegler Yorkshire said: “By combining our extensive knowledge and expertise in the thermostatic mixing valve market with that of fittings we have developed a product that provides installers with an easy fit solution for our renowned TMVs.”The new valves are fitted with a single purple cap which includes the TMV3 and TMV2 logos that provides a clear visual indication that the valve can be used in a variety of applications such as hospitals, care homes and domestic use.For installers and contractors, the new valves retain the ease of service advantages and now also offer Tectite connection for pipe sizes 15mm to 22mm. The full Tectite TMV series are supplied with strainers and non-return valves, they offer a screw fixed tamper proof cap to prevent unauthorised adjustment of the valve temperature setting which is factory pre-set to 43C and come with easy to service union connections. Barrie continued: “We are now offering our customers, whether they be merchants or installers, a product that boasts many advantages from reduced costs of stocking because of the compact combination of a TMV3 and TMV2 to the ease of fit due to the Tectite technology.  And, as Pegler Yorkshire continues to innovate our customers will continue to experience the provision of system solutions rather than just products.”The range will be extended further with the addition of Tectite TMV’s combined with 90 degree union angle valves later this year. For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:04:14 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/Tectite TMV PR

    Pegler Yorkshire Welcomes Head of CBI

    At a recent visit to the Doncaster offices of Pegler Yorkshire, the Director General of the CBI cited the company as one of the ‘corner stones’ of the country that can provide the engine of growth required for the recovery of the UK economy.With global representation, Pegler Yorkshire, provides plumbing products, systems and solutions worldwide.  It has four factories and international sales teams based in the UK and Dubai.Stuart Anderson, Group Managing Director of Pegler Yorkshire commented: “The CBI is an organisation that ensures businesses have a voice in policy at Government level and we are encouraged by their involvement in promoting schemes to the UK Government that would, in particular, allow house buyers to gain reasonably priced loans to purchase homes.“These polices would give a real boost to house building and in turn provide smaller developers and suppliers the ability to expand their businesses.  “We welcomed the visit by John Cridland and were keen to hear of not only the CBI’s involvement in the UK but the international trade missions John has been on over the past 12 months.”  The CBI lobbies in the UK, in Europe and beyond to tackle barriers to operating overseas and create conditions that encourage businesses to export. John Cridland, Director General of the CBI, met with Stuart Anderson to discuss the expansion of Pegler Yorkshire into overseas markets which now makes up 35% of the overall sales.  Infrastructure was also a topic of discussion and how investment into energy projects would help control the soring energy costs faced by businesses like Pegler Yorkshire.  “One of the most informative and enjoyable parts of my job is getting out and about across the UK to speak to businesses on the ground, and I’m delighted to be here in Yorkshire and The Humber to meet Pegler Yorkshire,” commented John Cridland.“A significant driver of the UK’s future economic growth will depend on the ability of firms to break into new overseas markets to sell their products and services internationally, so it’s been fascinating to learn about Pegler Yorkshire’s success as an established exporter.”

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:09:41 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/CBI Visit

    Kuterlite delivers PROfessional results every time

    When installers need compression fittings that deliver enhanced performance, valves and fittings specialist Pegler Yorkshire has always been the first choice. By operating a policy of unceasing product development, Kuterlite has established itself as the market leader and reputation set to be reinforced further by the improved Kuterlite fitting – the K900-Pro.The experts at Pegler Yorkshire have studied the performance of compression products throughout the market and have identified applications where new modifications could push the boundaries of the performance of the existing range even further.These modifications have meant re-visiting the design characteristics of the compression nut itself, and using the company’s years of know how to remodel the nut to deliver enhanced engineering safety in every new K900 fitting. Manufactured to exceed the requirements of BS EN 1254-2, Kuterlite-PRO is recommended for all applications where the K900 was previously employed, but particularly comes into its own in specialist areas such as chilled water applications.The secret of the new fitting lies in the top four modifications that have been made to the K900-PRO range to deliver this new enhanced performance. Firstly, the forged nut reduces residual stresses better than ever before; while wall thickness has been increased, to exceed BS EN 1254-2 by 50%. Thirdly, the nut is now wider across the flats, to better suit most common metric spanner types for ease of installation, while finally the height of the nut flat has been increased to deliver greater contact.Pegler Yorkshire product market manager Kathleen Bramwell has no doubts about the new performer, “The new K900-PRO is a great product. Years of research and development has now delivered a product that does not disappoint on any level. It is perfect for installers, thanks to many of the new improvements, while still delivering an industry leading 25 year guarantee.”Along with the points above, the fitting boasts an all new internal profile, which helps to ensure correct compression ring deformation every time, and the new K900-PRO is available now.“Kuterlite has always been a popular choice and is supported with a wide range of patterns, size range, from 12-54mm with the chunky nut and 67-108mm with the flange and bolt method, and a choice of finish,” added Kathleen. “This new PRO has been designed to be more robust than ever before and its new funky and chunky design is typical of the brand and continues to make this fitting both a practical and stylish option – particularly in areas with exposed pipe work as there is a Chrome Plated option available.”For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 alternatively, email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:04:08 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/fittings-news/Kuterlite Pro

    Bank of England's Deputy Governor Visits Pegler Yorkshire

    Pegler Yorkshire has welcomed Charlie Bean, Deputy Governor of Monetary Policy at the Bank of England, to its Doncaster premises.  Mr Bean visited the company as part of a region wide fact finding mission and was particularly interested in Pegler Yorkshire’s growth in export sales.  The Deputy Governor spoke with Directors of the company and was taken on a tour of the facility which took in the key elements of brass product manufacturing.  Including processing the raw material, of which Pegler Yorkshire is one of only two remaining companies in the UK to have this facility, through to rod extrusion, machining, chrome plating, and finished product testing and labelling.Stuart Anderson, Managing Director of Pegler Yorkshire commented: “As manufacturing is an important part of the local and wider economy we were encouraged by the visit and the opportunity to speak directly with the Deputy Governor.  “It was evident Mr Bean was keen to see innovation at the forefront of British manufacturing and the opportunities these innovations offer to both the regional business community and export sales.“We are proud to show that our growth in export continues to underpin our contribution to the local economy by the staff we employ and the local suppliers we use.”Pegler Yorkshire which has over 660 UK employees has concentrated on export growth via expansion into the Middle East and becoming the European developer of metal push-fit solutions through the company’s Tectite brand.  The company was keen to demonstrate its prowess in its export strategy and discuss factors that contribute to its success.Stuart concluded: “As a business we welcome the stability of the currency and are pleased to see that interest rates remain low, it is also encouraging to see the continuation of quantitative easing, all of which help us to develop our business on the global stage.  It is important that the Government and banking industry continue to support investment into schools, hospitals and local housing projects to ensure UK manufacturing output remains steady but with an opportunity of growth.“It would be great to see the feel good factor that surrounds Britain at present filter through to British products with more and more companies encouraged to ‘Buy British’.”The high manufacturing standards and processes of which Pegler Yorkshire adhere to, coupled with continual innovation in product development, investment into new plant and equipment plus the understanding of global markets ensures Pegler Yorkshire is comfortably positioned to export products across the world.  Being based in Yorkshire and the transportation infrastructure in the area offers a distinct advantage to the company in delivering its products worldwide.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:10:37 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/BOE Visit

    "A" Rating is a Minimum for Terrier TRV

    The renowned Terrier TRV, by leading manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire, has been given an A rating under the European TELL product classification system for the thermostatic radiator valve industry.Fully manufactured at the company’s UK facilities, the Terrier brand has an enviable reputation for installer loyalty and proven reliability.  Its key attributes boast a quality performance, down time minimisation and now an A rating which offers a European seal of approval.  The TELL scheme aims to help the industry promote responsible energy usage by consumers and offer information and guidance in making a conscious purchasing decision.  The right to use energy efficiency labelling on thermostatic radiator valves can only be granted to products that fulfil the minimum requirements in line with EN 215, with adherence to influence of water temperature, hysteresis, response time and influence of differential pressure.Pegler Yorkshire, has adopted the TELL scheme for classification of its thermostatic radiator valves in order to offer a visible, environmentally led, choice guide to its Terrier and Belmont ranges. Being classified as the most highly efficient TRV is a testament to the engineering and manufacture processes of the Terrier range at Pegler Yorkshire’s Doncaster facility.Sindar Singh, heating product market manager for Pegler Yorkshire commented: “Providing products that surpass industry standards is why our products are chosen time and time again.  The TELL scheme is an additional benefit for our installers, providing consumers with an informed choice of energy performance. Schemes such as TELL are ideal solutions to the requirement for more information about efficient products.  “The TELL labels are easily recognisable they are broken down by categories A to F and colour coded to provide a simple guide based on the criteria.  Efficiency of a product is easy to recognise at a glance, for example an A rated product is much more energy efficient than an F.” Sindar continued:  “TRVs are a hugely beneficial component to domestic and commercial heating system and will help to achieve compliance with Building Regulations Part L and reaching heating efficiency credits.  They are a fitting that can make a significant impact on a building’s emissions and energy costs.”TRVs boast many advantages, as proven technology they offer energy savings, regulatory compliance plus they are simple additions to new or existing radiators and are quick and easy to install without the need of specialist tools.  For further information about Pegler Yorkshire email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:01:10 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/heating-control-news/Terrier A Rating

    Pegler Yorkshire Supports Future Sporting Star

    Whilst the nation is currently building up for Olympics 2012, one sporting star of the future has her sights firmly fixed on Rio de Janeiro 2016, and is pleased to have the support of one of the UK’s leading manufacturers Pegler Yorkshire.Eighteen year old Kelly Bramhald from Doncaster, who competes in Javelin, has received sponsorship from Pegler Yorkshire which has allowed her to fulfil additional commitments this year and compete amongst much admired professionals including, Jessica Ennis.“I have competed against Jessica twice this season and on the last occasion, my eighteenth birthday, achieved my personal best,” said Kelly. “Jessica is someone that I really admire and I will continue my training over the next four years to hopefully be able to compete and become an Olympian of Rio 2016.”Kelly, who has just finished her ‘A’ levels is hoping to study Sports and Exercise Science at Loughborough University which is also where she trains. This close proximity to her training ground and her work should ensure she is well placed to develop the strength, fitness and precision required to excel at this discipline.Phill Jackson marketing director of Pegler Yorkshire commented: “As a company dedicated to developing products of the future and providing solutions to overcome working practice hurdles, we are delighted to offer Kelly our support as she embarks on what should be a glittering career for her.“We wish Kelly every success for the future and look forward to seeing her achieve her potential.”Kelly has been working hard with her coach, World Junior champion David Parker, paying particular attention to strength and conditioning to enable her to drive her performance forward so far this season.During this summer Kelly hopes to claim gold at the English Schools Competition and also qualify for the World Junior Championships in Barcelona.For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire's products contact 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:10:31 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/Corporate/Kelly Sponsorship

    Splendid Isolation: Ballofix from Pegler Yorkshire secures quality where it matters most

    When the public sector needs quality products, it turns to global taps, valves and fittings specialist Pegler Yorkshire and the introduction of a new range of Ballofix products will be welcomed by those who depend on the latest valves to ensure a secure and reliable service where it matters most.The new expanded Ballofix range includes everything from the latest lockable push and press fittings, through to modern filter valves – a range that proudly offers state of the art isolating service valves that have become synonymous with quality, reliability and longevity while setting whole new standards for the industry.The latest lockable valves provide the perfect tamper proof solution for a wide range of public buildings and are sure to prove popular among local authorities and others who rely on such products such as hospitals, schools and care homes.“When enhanced valve security is required, Pegler Ballofix lockable is the obvious choice,” said Pegler Yorkshire Valves Product Manager Barrie Plant. “They are ideal for preventing unwanted or unauthorised opening or closing of the water supply and as such prove particularly popular for schools and other institutions to which the general public has access.”Ballofix Lockable has a tamperproof lock on the top section of the valve that allows the valve to be operated only when the key is turned. A master key means that only one key is required to operate several locks, making the valves easy to operate for scheduled maintenance or authorised employees.When the correct functioning of the system is paramount, then Ballofix filter valves really come into their own. Designed to offer system protection against potential damage caused by debris in the pipework, Ballofix filter valves are highly effective. In important facilities such as hospitals which often have expensive equipment installed such as shower valves, electric taps, TMVs and the like, Ballofix filter valves are the first line of defence against damage to essential equipment that could prove costly to repair or replace.In line with other products in the Pegler valves range, all Ballofix valves have been designed to be hard wearing, functional and reliable for the end user, but also offer the installer the confidence of quality products and performance, coupled with speed of installation.“This new Ballofix range has evolved, yet still boasts the advantage of being far quicker to fit than some traditional end connectors,” added Barrie. “They save time and money for the installer and ultimately the end user. After fifty years, Ballofix is still providing the solutions for public buildings and commercial property.”With valves perfect for everything from potable water and hot and cold water, through to oil and compressed air and gas services, there is a Ballofix isolation valve to meet your needs. All come complete with colour coded handles tailored to the service they are installed on and components can be removed without closing down the whole system. WRAS approval comes as standard, together with a comprehensive guarantee then ensures whole life solutions.For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:03:42 GMT


    The Tectite Push-Fittings Range

    The direct benefits derived from using push-fittings including speed of installation, heat and solvent free jointing and the need for only basic tools, can now be realised in more applications and across more pipe types and sizes.To help you decide which fitting is most suited to a particular application Pegler Yorkshire’s high quality engineered Tectite push-fit range is shown below.  Tectite provides versatility giving the installer a choice of one fitting to suit numerous tube / pipe variants or a dedicated fittings range for particular applications. Tectite has already proven itself as the alternative metal push-fit fitting giving peace of mind to installers, specifiers and plumbing engineers alike.  The proven technology from a Tectite fitting not only boasts ease of use or speed of installation but high performance – operating from -24C up to 114C and reliability – offering up to a 30 year guarantee.Tectite ClassicIs the original in the Tectite family tree and has been established over 15 years and proven itself as a key player.  Tectite Classic is a demountable fitting manufactured from gunmetal and DZR brass, this demountable fitting can be used with copper tube, PB and PEX pipe or chrome plated copper tube.  Available in sizes 10mm to 28mm the Classic is suitable for use on hot and cold potable water services, heating applications and low temperature hot water services.   Including a selected range with a chrome finishTectite SprintTectite Sprint is a non-demountable fitting ideal for fast and efficient heat free jointing.  The fitting offers a visually appealing, low profile design which can be easily installed in confined spaces.  They are manufactured from copper or machined DZR brass, which can be used with copper or chrome plated copper tube, PB and PEX pipe or chrome plated copper tube.  The Sprint is available in sizes 10mm to 28mm and is suitable for use on hot and cold potable water services, heating and chilled water applications and low temperature hot water services it also provides electrical continuity.  The range also includes a chrome finish option. Tectite ProDeveloped for the rigorous demands of the mechanical services sector Tectite Pro offers enhanced performance over an extended size range from 15mm to 54mm. This demountable fitting is manufactured from gunmetal and DZR brass, it can be used with copper tube, PB and PEX pipe, chrome plated copper tube or carbon steel tube and provides a guaranteed electrical continuity.  The Tectite Pro is designed for use in on hot and cold potable water services, heating and chilled water applications.Tectite 316The 316 System is a stainless steel option which has been developed for use with 316 System tube for potable water applications where water quality and hygiene are key considerations.  The Tectite 316 range incorporates a stainless steel grab ring which has been specially developed to grip stainless steel tube without the need for it to be scribed.  Manufactured from 316 stainless steel this demountable fitting is available in sizes 15mm to 54mm.  It can be used with 316 System tube and guarantees electrical continuity, as mentioned it is specifically designed for use for potable water services in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.Tectite CarbonTectite carbon is new and available as a system incorporating both tube and fittings from 15mm to 54mm and is supported with a range of accessories.  It is the latest addition to be launched into the Tectite family. Tectite Carbon is built on the technological know-how of the well-established Tectite Pro range.  The fittings benefit from a greater rigidity via the guide collar to assist in pipe alignment, guarantee electrical continuity and are manufactured from galvanised carbon steel, which is light in weight, easy to install and designed for use with unvented closed circuit heating and chilled water services (closed loop).  Compared to traditional screwed steel systems, Tectite Carbon provides up to 70% cost saving benefits.The range above provides an insight to what fittings are available for different applications, a key consideration in any instantaneous jointing systems is the quality of the fitting.  Tested fittings from a quality supplier will ensure your job is finished on time, on budget and to the best standards.For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:04:19 GMT


    Instant Jointing Techniques By Pegler Yorkshire

    Push-fit fittings started to appear in the UK during the 1980s in flexible systems.  Originally established as simple technology only suitable for light duty has now matured and evolved into thoroughly professional metal fitting systems capable of performing at a very high level in a wide range of applications.The direct benefits derived from using push-fittings including speed of installation, heat and solvent free jointing and the need for only basic tools, can now be realised in more applications and across more pipe types and sizes. These advantages can be translated into cost savings; less COSHH controls, no hot work permits, no specialist tools, lower insurance premiums and labour time savings.The view that instant jointing systems remain light duty and low tech, conceived with the unskilled installer in mind is challenged by their adoption by some of the UK’s largest M&E contractors. Investment in product development and new fitting ranges by manufacturers has given this group of specifiers and installers a competitive advantage over their fellow professionals.It is recognised that within the arena of instant jointing systems alternatives are available giving more choice to the installer and these vary from the plastic push-fit systems to the metal push-fit systems.  Both systems bring inherent benefits and understanding the nature of the job will help determine the right product to be used.  These may include the performance of the operating system and its requirements, whether or not the system needs to provide electrical continuity, operating temperatures and the bore size.For different applications a range of instant jointing fittings are available, whether you need demountable or non-demountable there is a huge choice out there.  Pegler Yorkshire, a leading manufacturer in the plumbing and heating industry, has developed a range of instantaneous jointing fittings which benefit from faster and easier installation, greater high performance and offer cost effective solutions to any plumbing application.  The range includes, Tectite Classic, Tectite Sprint, Tectite Pro, Tectite Carbon and Tectite 316.For further information call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:05:17 GMT



    According to experts 80% of infectious diseases are transferred by touch, and the most frequently touched surfaces can be contaminated with anywhere from several hundred to over ten thousand infectious bacteria.  In response to this prevalent issue and utilising the latest research and technology available, leading manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire has developed an innovative range of taps for the healthcare sector.   Whilst strict infection control measures, such as frequent surface disinfection and hand-washing, are adhered to, there are still around 4 million healthcare-associated infections per year in healthcare facilities across Europe*.  The new range of hospital taps from Pegler Yorkshire is manufactured using Antimicrobial Copper. The range boasts the Antimicrobial Copper Cu+ mark, which signifies the products are capable of continuously killing pathogenic microbes even in between cleans.The first in the UK to launch a product of this type, Pegler Yorkshire’s tap product market manager, Mike Dickinson explains: “As the healthcare industry strives to prevent the transfer of infectious bacteria, and with taps being one area of a hospital that is continuously used, it is imperative that manufacturers develop new products to help combat the issues facing the industry.  The results of research conducted by specialists across the world has shown that the antimicrobial benefits of copper far outweigh any other product on the market.  Antimicrobial Copper surfaces are the most effective touch surface, ideal for the healthcare environment where their inherent, continuous ability to kill bacteria will supplement infection control measures.”Antimicrobial Copper is inherently antimicrobial through and through. Even when such surfaces are scratched, their antimicrobial efficacy continues to work.  They will not wear away like coatings or other treatments can.Pegler Yorkshire has combined this technology with a selection of its Performa range of healthcare taps and mixers.  A range specifically designed to suit the needs of healthcare professionals, patients and care home residents.Forming part of a new ‘Hospital’ brochure by Pegler Yorkshire, the antimicrobial range of taps sit alongside other products that conform to the Health Technical Memorandum, such as Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV). With antimicrobial taps helping with infection control, there is also a requirement, particularly in a hospital environment, to prevent the threat of Legionella, which is where TMVs come into their own.  Now recognised by the Government, installers and specifiers alike, as essential valves for any washroom facility, the TMV allows the water to be kept hot to prevent the threat of Legionella yet still be delivered at a safe temperature at point of use.Mike continues: “By combining the antimicrobial concept with a range of our Performa healthcare taps, we can now provide the industry with a remarkable product that works on a variety of levels.  The taps benefit from the inherent qualities of a Pegler Yorkshire product together with a viable solution to aid infection control.  Combined with other products within our portfolio, the Hospital brochure will provide a valuable resource for both specifers and facility managers.”Pegler Yorkshire’s range of Antimicrobial Copper taps are to be launched early 2012.  For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk.*Report on the Burden of Endemic Health-Care Associated Infection Worldwide, World Health Organization, 2011

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:12:58 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire Fitting Raises the ‘Car’ and Vital Funds for Charity

    The Tectite Pro Push-fit fitting is just 140mm in length and is primarily used to connect 54mm piping together yet has managed to suspend a car weighing 1.4 tonnes in mid-air.  The experiment, a unique part of Pegler Yorkshire’s rigorous testing measures, also helped to raise vital funds for Yorkshire Cancer Research and was observed by John Wakefield the Secretary Chairman for the charity’s Thorne Voluntary Committee. Sally Crerar, Head of Community Fundraising at Yorkshire Cancer Research said: “This is a most unusual way to raise funds for Yorkshire Cancer Research as it must be the first time we have benefited from a donation following an event where a car is suspended in thin air!  We would like to thank Pegler Yorkshire for choosing our charity to receive the most generous donation of £400.”Marketing Director for Pegler Yorkshire, Phill Jackson commented: “All our products go through rigorous testing measures before being introduced to the market, but I agree this is a particularly unusual way of testing although it not only demonstrates the amazing strength of the product but, has also enabled us to donate vital funds to a local charity.”Yorkshire Cancer Research was chosen by Pegler Yorkshire because of the charity’s tireless work to help those people in the Yorkshire region affected by cancer.  Every penny raised is spent in our region and supports world-class research, diagnosis and treatment in Yorkshire.The Tectite Pro fitting, typically used in commercial plumbing systems, has delivered on strength and durability and will now form part of the quality range of fittings within the Pegler Yorkshire portfolio.For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560, or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:05:03 GMT


    community connections news item 1 title

    community connections news item 1 news body

    Fri, 26 Sep 2014 11:35:42 GMT

    http://www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk/EN/News/community-connections-news/community connections news item 1

    Pegler Yorkshire takes the heat out of the Thermostatic Valves Market with two valves in one

    As a recognised innovator and market leader in the field of Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV), Pegler Yorkshire has once again responded to changing regulations and customer need to deliver a new mixing valve that greatly simplifies the valve selection process while at the same time enhancing product performance, by blending two valves into one all purpose multi-use TMV.Traditionally, TMV products have been divided into Type2 (suitable for the domestic market) and Type3 (for environments such as hospitals) which required a more exacting standard; until the recent arrival of The Health Technical Memorandum (HTM04-01) which allows the use of a Type2 valve in certain hospital locations.    Pegler Yorkshire considered this Memorandum an opportune moment to innovate in TMVs while providing a solution to it at the same time - combining a Type3 and Type2 into one blended valve still offers all the high performance of a TMV3, yet maintains the lower servicing costs if used in TMV2 environments. The new valves are fitted with a blue cap (denoting a Type3 TMV) as standard and if the valve is then used as a Type2 – and installed and commissioned as such, then the white cap (denoting Type2 status) can be fitted, thus providing a clear visual indication of how the valve is being used at a glance and what regime needs to be applied for servicing and testing intervals.Pegler Yorkshire has strived to ensure the new TMV valve would benefit not just the final end user, but distributors, installers and contractors. For the distributor who currently needs to stock 8 variants of TMV, the advent of this new valve from Pegler Yorkshire means they need now only stock four. The advantage is less confusion and reduced costs of stocking.For installers and contractors, the new valves still retain the ease of service advantages of the old model, but this next generation valve benefits installers further because they can be confident the TMV in their van is of such quality, that it can be used not just in a Type2 environment, but complies with all the requirements for a TMV3 setting too. No matter what the situation, specifiers and installers can now be certain they have the right product for the job – a vital consideration in one area where mistakes can literally cost lives. “After years of campaigning, TMVs are now recognised by government and installers alike as essential where water needs to be kept hot to prevent the threat of legionella, yet still delivered at a safe temperature at point of use,” said Pegler Yorkshire’s Barrie Plant. “Our new TMV is the culmination of years of know-how in the field - delivering valves with a lower profile and advanced features, yet that still meet the strict tests and standards such products must comply with.” This new TMV complies with BSEN1111 and BSEN1287 and also meets the BS7942 standard and the Model Engineering Specification, while independent third party testing and approval through the BuildCert TMV2 and BuildCert TMV3 schemes ensures the consistent quality and performance, associated with Pegler Yorkshire valves, is maintained.For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560, email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:06:19 GMT


    Discover Britain’s Latest Hidden Gems with Concealed Bathroom Systems from Francis Pegler

    It’s no secret that the Francis Pegler brand has been at the forefront of the brassware industry’s leading designs for several years now, so the introduction of a range of luxury concealed bathroom systems is a natural development for the current portfolio of products.  It also fits in with the company’s philosophy of unceasing product development and excellence in innovation – only offering products to the market that offer something new in terms of design and quality.These new hidden gems for the bathroom continue in this tradition, with benefits for the installer and end user. These include a concealed solution to suit every conceivable type of bathroom construction, from solid walls, to prefabricated and plasterboard; while at the same time, in keeping with so many products from Pegler Yorkshire, delivering simple and fast installation.The growing consumer market is becoming ever more sophisticated and these new systems are being offered to the general public for the first time to provide all of the Francis Pegler know-how coupled with the boutique bathroom look that is so in vogue.The big advantage for the end user of choosing a concealed system over floor standing sanitary ware soon becomes apparent in the perception of increased floor space in the bathroom and added style and sophistication; while at the same time allowing for improved hygiene and performance.No concealed system would be complete without a flush plate and as you would expect, the Francis Pegler range comes with a wide selection of designer flush plates.“Our new concealed systems are a welcome addition to the Francis Pegler portfolio,” said taps and mixers product market manager Mike Dickinson. “These luxury bathroom products are as aesthetically pleasing on the eye as they are easy to install, and in keeping with our tradition for thinking of everything, we have looked to keep both installers and end users equally happy with the results.”Available with an adjustable flush from 2.4 and 4 litre water saving dual flush combination to 3 and 5.5 litres, these systems are all eco-friendly and the mounting frames for the toilet systems come in a variety of sizes, all constructed to the most exacting EN standards. There is a comprehensive ten year warranty and every detail has been thought of, from the speed of installation to the polystyrene filler between the cistern and the console to eliminate the risk of condensation.With a wide range of height varieties, adjustable fixing centres, fitting has been made a one-man job; an easy to access isolation valve provides for easy maintenance, while the one-piece cistern delivers long lasting performance and reliability in a package that is hard to beat.Systems are also available for basin and bidet and while a new brochure is available which showcases the many advantages of the system, look out for future developments including automated flushes and sophisticated new flush plates.For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:12:11 GMT



    The ‘terrier i-temp’ Programmable Radiator Control (PRC) allows independent digital programming of each individual radiator within a building, to allow specific temperature management resulting in increased efficiencies and decreased costs. Most impressively, it could save up to 30% of space heating costs and significantly contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.An initial trial at the Brigades Headquarters in the city saw the terrier i-temp fitted on a system of 10 radiators with a view to ascertaining any cost saving benefits and comfort for the staff as part of ongoing initiatives to become more energy efficient.“We were very impressed with the product initially and, as such, it will be installed at other fire stations within the Brigade where offices operate on the main heating system, delivering increased comfort for our staff and cost efficiencies,” commented Ian Shaw, Environmental and Energy Officer London Fire Brigade. “It is an ideal solution for us and we are able to easily source the product through a local company.” The terrier i-temp can be added to an existing heating system with no necessity to make any programme changes to the system. The PRC allows individual room by room heating control, which can be particularly effective in shared accommodation or offices where several areas of the building are unoccupied for large amounts of the day. Simply, install i-temps to each radiator and full temperature control can be gained for each individual room.“With heating identified as one of the highest carbon emitters it was apparent that there was a real market niche for addressing this topical issue,” commented Sindar Singh product market manager Pegler Yorkshire. “Considerable data collection has taken place with a full trial conducted to validate calculated energy savings. We are thrilled that London Fire Brigade has discovered the myriad efficiencies that the terrier i-temp can deliver and appreciate the simplicity of its fitting, programming and usage.”The terrier i-temp has been recommended by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) and is CE and EMC compliant.If you would like to discover the benefits of installing terrier i-temps in your home of place of work why not visit www.saveonheatingbills.co.uk for further detailed information.As one of the country’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality valves, fittings, taps, showers and mixers, Pegler Yorkshire continues to be market leaders for innovation and customer service.For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:00:53 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire Extends Kitchen Tap Range

    It showcases a range of styles suitable for all kitchens and is underpinned by the superb quality that is synonymous with the Pegler Yorkshire brand. The brochure offers an informative and comprehensive look at the selection of taps and mixers, designed to meet the needs of any environment from domestic to some commercial. “With many different styles and designs to choose from customers will be spoilt for choice,” commented Mike Dickinson, Product Market Manager Pegler Yorkshire. “The range has everything, from high neck sink taps, to deck sink mixers, or single lever monoblocs to designer mixers with dual flow spouts.” Francis Pegler is the luxury range of kitchen mixers supplied by Pegler Yorkshire and exhibits a selection of styles and finishes. For those looking to make a real design statement in a larger domestic kitchen or in a modern restaurant where the kitchen is open to view, the Galiceno, a straight spout spring tap mixer, is ideal, being both contemporary and practical in its styling. “We are pleased to be now offering such an extensive range of  kitchen products, and our new brochure allows us to exhibit them in a design led yet informative way,” commented Mike. “Our key ranges such as Loko, Izzi, Ebro and Pulsar continue to offer coordinating kitchen mixers but our increased portfolio, incorporating the luxury Francis Pegler range, has resulted in additional stylish products that will suit any tastes.” The range also encompasses a range of taps which supply BRITA filtered water along with hot and cold domestic sink fill water, and the PERFORMA brand will also be complemented by additional kitchen products, giving further choice to specifiers. All Pegler Yorkshire taps are easy to control and have a timeless style that will help kitchens keep their looks for years to come. All models incorporate advanced water control technology and can help customers conform to water conservation with the use of additional flow regulators, if required. All of the company’s taps are precision crafted from the finest materials and covered by a full five or ten year guarantee.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:13:36 GMT


    New Ebro Tap Range goes with the flow

    Ebro is a fresh new design and named after the largest river in Spain, it has an unashamedly European vogue – a flow straightener is fitted as standard and all the basin fittings include an aerator, for that champagne ‘bubbly’ water flow. An eight piece range, Ebro offers taps for basin, bath, bidet and kitchen and includes a single lever mono basin mixer complete with flip waste. The mono bath mixer is particularly impressive and offers exceptional flow rates at low pressure. In keeping with Pegler Yorkshire’s policy on water saving initiatives, the Ebro range offers a water saving option, which keeps the Francis Pegler range at the cutting edge of the water saving market and actively involved with the ever-changing legislation in the drive to conserve water. “After much evaluation and product development, we are delighted to be able to launch the new Ebro range,” said product market manager Mike Dickinson, “The designs have been developed to be modern and functional, but with affordable prices to boot, we are expecting these new lines to be an immediate success.” Together with other new ranges Ebro and Pulsar taps and mixers are part of the Pegler Yorkshire policy of responding to changing needs and conditions in the market and producing new products based on customer needs and requirements.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:13:26 GMT


    Strata Success

    One hugely successful example of this research is the Strata range part of the distinguished Francis Pegler portfolio. “Strata’s tubular and cylindrical style is fresh and modern in its design credentials,” commented Mike Dickinson product market manager Pegler Yorkshire. “The feature that has particularly generated commented is the textured finger grip that is featured on all models in the range. The grip demonstrates a finishing touch that is cast into the design of the lever and provides for precise control of temperature and flow.” Strata’s success is not just based on looks alone though. In addition, the basin monobloc tap contain a moveable flow straightner in the casing. This straightner is the perfect complement to today’s modern basins, where traditional taps with an immoveable flow can cause uncomfortable hand washing close to the back wall of the basin or where the flow of water hits the waste directly. The Strata internal flow straightner removes this problem at a stroke and also allows for the flow to be adjusted as often as required – useful too should the basin be replaced at any stage. 

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:13:17 GMT


    Konik Proves a Hit

    Its design has taken its cue from an existing product in the portfolio and given it an exciting new twist. The Konik style seamlessly combines cylindrical tubes and angular cubes to give a minimalist appearance, but with subtle shapes and shadow when exposed to the light.  With six pieces in the range, comprising a mono basin, tall mono basin, mono bath, two hole bath filler and shower mixer and a kitchen mixer, the Konik is able to complement any bathroom or kitchen. The right angle shape of the kitchen mixer, with its round spout gives Konik the appearance of a Luger pistol and its almost art deco appearance is sure to attract interest.  “We will have an impressive portfolio of existing product ranges, but many of our new designs have an unashamedly European style and reflect the market’s current love for all things continental. When you couple this with our new product launches this year, we will be continuing to demonstrate Pegler Yorkshire’s expertise and commitment to the brassware sector,” said Pegler Yorkshire product market manager Mike Dickinson.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:13:31 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire introduces the XPress sprinkler system to the UK

    The Pegler Yorkshire brand is synonymous with quality, so the addition of a sprinkler system to the XPress range is set to be welcomed by those who have come to rely on this premier fittings manufacturer’s reputation for excellence.The XPress sprinkler range benefits from accreditations from the LPCB class LH to OH3 and also the Fire Protection Association endorsement for the complete system.The system incorporates a wide range of fittings, tube and press tools, designed for specific use in sprinkler applications. Galvanized carbon tube is designed for wet sprinkler systems and stainless steel tube is suitable for wet and dry pipe systems under FM and VdS approval. The products are available in sizes from 22-108mm and 6 metre lengths of tube.  The LPCB approval allows for use in wet pipe systems 22-54mm, for hazard classes Light and Ordinary Hazard.“The XPress concept has proved itself on site time and again and given the number of requests for a sprinkler system, this move is a natural progression for the XPress range,” said Pegler Yorkshire fittings Product Manager Kathleen Bramwell. “The benefits of XPress tube and fittings have proved popular with installers for being lightweight, reliable and easy to use, so we are expecting a lot of interest in this latest addition to the product portfolio.”The XPress sprinkler system has many advantages for the installer and end user. For the installer, XPress is light, quick and easy to fit and aesthetically pleasing.  On installing there is no oil, grease, swirls as with screwed connections.  Compared to other types of pipe there is no cementing required, thus no curing time, unfavourable odours or fumes.  XPress can be air tested without delay and be used fully exposed.As a press-fit system XPress also does away with the need for a hot works permit on site and the integrity of the joint is always ensured thanks to the latest jointing technology.  The innovative ‘leak before press’ system ensures that any fittings that have been mistakenly left unpressed will be immediately identified at the commissioning stage.  Once correctly pressed, XPress sprinkler is guaranteed to be water tight up to 16 bar operating pressure, while tested up to 64 bar.“XPress sprinkler is a cost effective solution and brings real efficiency to the sprinkler market,” added Kathleen. “It’s perfect for retrofit and renovation projects, where a system needs to be installed quickly to ensure safety, but must deliver quality and aesthetic qualities along with it. The installation method also means the bare minimum of disturbance for a building’s users – XPress sprinkler offers a fast, clean installation - particularly important if the public are on site while the work takes place.”The XPress sprinkler system is already a well established product in the demanding European market and is sure to be similarly accepted in the UK. All fittings and tubes are already stocked by Pegler Yorkshire in the UK. This new system is backed by the comprehensive product guarantee installers have come to expect from Pegler Yorkshire and a wealth of UK and international approvals, including LPCB, VdS, and FM. The XPress sprinkler system delivers safety, coupled with fast, clean and efficient heat-free jointing and is available to from national distributors now.For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:05:40 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire helping to improve student life at Exeter University

    A project is currently underway to provide 19 new accommodation blocks at Exeter University with Pegler Yorkshire being chosen to supply products from its Tectite and XPress ranges and a full commercial valves package, to facilitate heating and domestic water installation. The project, which is estimated at around £80m is due for completion towards the end of 2011 resulting in almost 2000 new bed spaces for the University. The products were selected by Mitie Engineering Service due to their speed of installation, on site training and technical support and because of the extensive range of valves and fittings available from a single supplier. “After careful assessment of the wide range of pipework systems and valves available, the range of Pegler Yorkshire products  were chosen for the 1948 bedroom student accommodation scheme at Exeter University by MITIE Engineering Services (SW Region) Limited,” commented Mitie Contracts Manager, Richard Bell.  “The products being installed have proven to be well designed and engineered. The ease and speed of installation has led to reduced time on site helping to keep our resources on site at a lower level than would be required if traditional materials and jointing techniques had been utilised. Overall we are very pleased with the way Pegler Yorkshire have supported us on this prestigious project for our key client, University Partnerships Programme (UPP).” Products from the Tectite push fit range included Tectite Advance which is a System comprising both carbon steel fittings and carbon steel tube for heating service, Tectite Sprint copper fittings for hot and cold water service, XPress press fit carbon steel and stainless steel Systems, along with copper tube and fittings and a host of Pegler Yorkshire commercial valves for isolation and commissioning on all systems. “We have worked closely with the project team to ensure product specification was correct and deliver ongoing support and training,” commented Graham Morton Area Specification Manager Pegler Yorkshire. “All installers received onsite installation training and certification with further assistance being given as required. Tectite Advance forms part of the Tectite Brand from Pegler Yorkshire which is its Push –fit joining system. The range encompasses a variety of fittings which allow the product to be used in most applications and with most materials. Tectite Sprint is for copper tube and plastic pipe, Tectite Classic is demountable push-fit fittings for copper tube and plastic pipe, Tectite Pro with its is enhanced performance is also demountable and Tectite 316 is a stainless steel System comprising both tube and push-fit fittings. XPress fittings use a heat free installation process delivering a jointing method that is efficient and delivers significant cost savings. Completed joins provide electrical continuity and products can be used across a wide range of applications. There is no requirement for solder, adhesives or other jointing material; a press fit tool merely compresses the fittings onto tube. As one of the country’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality taps, showers, mixers, valves and fittings, Pegler Yorkshire continues to be market leaders for innovation and customer service.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:00:34 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire helps to improve student life

    A project to revitalise a student building at Nottingham Trent University has used a Pegler Yorkshire product,Tectite Advance to facilitate the installation of the heating and cooling water service pipe work.‘Tectite Advance’, is a carbon steel, push-fit jointing system which is for use on closed circuit heating and chilled water applications and it is designed to allow speedy installation while creating a perfect joint. It also offers guaranteed electrical continuity resulting in the product being popular with contractors and installers. The project, which was estimated at around £90 million, commenced in July 2008 and has recently been completed.  Pegler Yorkshire supplied fitting and pipework in both ‘Tectite Advance’ push fit, up to 54mm, and ‘XPress Carbon’ press fit in the larger sizes up to 108mm. “We have worked closely with the project team to facilitate a seamless supply and installation process,” commented Clinton Thacker, Area Sales Manager, Pegler Yorkshire. “Onsite installation training and certification was provided covering the whole fittings portfolio to allow the installers to fully appreciate the flexibility of our product range and to see how they are compatible in a variety of applications.” The project, which forms part of an impressive regeneration programme, sees a striking piece of contemporary architecture joining two Grade II listed buildings, Newton and Arkwright. The work has been closely watched by English Heritage and led by Sir Michael Hopkins, who has been credited with other pieces of modern architecture in Nottingham. “The use of Tectite Advance alongside XPress Carbon gave significant advantages in reducing installation time,” commented Hiltons Building Services. “Tectite Advance from Pegler Yorkshire fulfilled our requirements resulting in a straightforward and safe installation programme.” ‘Tectite Advance’ forms part of the Tectite family of fittings from Pegler Yorkshire which is its Push–fit jointing range. The range encompasses a wide range of fittings which allow the product to be used in a multitude of applications. ‘Tectite Classic’ is for copper and plastic pipes (15 to 28mm) and is demountable. ‘Tectite Sprint’ is also for copper tube and plastic pipe (15 to 28mm) but has been designed to be the most compact copper push-fit system available. ‘Tectite Pro’ offers a range of enhanced performance, demountable, push-fit fittings (15 to 54mm), which can also be installed on XPress System, galvanised system tube and copper tube.  ‘Tectite 316’ is also an enhanced performance fitting made from stainless steel. It is compatible with all previously mentioned tube types as well as 316 stainless steel system tubes. ‘Tectite Advance’ is for installation onto galvanised system tube and is the latest innovation in the Pegler Yorkshire push-fit family. As the country’s leading manufacturers of high quality fittings, system tube, valves, taps, showers and mixers, Pegler Yorkshire continues to be the market leader for innovation and customer service. For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:00:39 GMT


    A TMV Can Make Sense of Part G

    Section G3 of the regulations will be extended so the hot water supply to any fixed bath must incorporate a device to ensuring the temperature of the water cannot exceed 48°C. The changes are aimed at new homes and while campaigners would like to see this extended to all dwellings, all concerned have broadly welcomed the amendments. The revised document should become law in England in April 2010 and will follow the lead set by Scotland and other sectors (such as hospitals and care homes) with a duty of care in protecting the public from the risk of scalding. A lack of awareness of just how easily hot water can result in severe scalding means the protection of a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (or TMV) is vital. A TMV mixes hot and cold water to deliver blended water at a safe, pre-set temperature, by means of a temperature sensitive part that varies the amount of hot and cold water entering the valve. A temperature of just 51°C will burn the average adult in 2-6 minutes, and even faster with adults and children who have thinner skin. Most of us find even 44°C uncomfortably hot, choosing to shower and bathe in a cooler 41°C. Manufacturers have been forging ahead with new product development to help installers meet the requirements of an anticipated revision to Part G with regard to hot water safety and one of Pegler Yorkshire’s key launches for this year is a brand new range of TMV’s. Branded under the Prestex name and manufactured and assembled completely in the UK, superior quality control and traceability have been key drivers for the new product, coupled with a precision engineering that has delivered a more compact and lightweight design. To comply with Part G a TMV must have a maximum temperature stop at 48°C, must not be easily altered by the end user and be suitable and compatible with the installation. The product should allow the length of supply to the terminal outlet to be kept to a minimum, a key consideration in preventing the development of water borne pathogens like legionalla. The reason boiler temperatures are kept high is to destroy such pathogens and the TMV allows for this, while still ensuring the delivery of hot water at a safe pre-sent level. For the domestic arena addressed by Part G, installers should select a TMV certified as compliant under the Buildcert TMV2 scheme. This will ensure compliance with both BSEN1111 and BSEN 1287. The new compact size of the Prestex Valve makes it easy to install near the outlet, and once fitted provides reliable temperature control, factory set at 43°C. A good TMV also protects the user from ‘Thermal Shock’ if either the hot or cold water supply should fail unexpectedly. As well as monitoring and approving TMV’s, Buildcert also list manufacturers who comply with the relevant British and European standards, so installers and the public alike can be confident in the effectiveness of products on this list. The benefits of TMV installation are hard to ignore and while changes to Part G have been welcome, reservations remain that the changes do not go far enough. There is the question of hot water safety being applied across the board, not just in new build alone. But of more concern is the question of on-going TMV maintenance. TMV’s are sometimes referred to as ‘fail-safe’ devices, but this is mis-leading. Any complex mechanical device can only be as good as its servicing and after these products have been installed for several years, concerns over maintenance will arise. A house may have new owners or occupiers and some method needs to be agreed ensuring regular maintenance in accordance with manufacturers instructions – ensuring the device continues to function correctly. It is essential any TMV fitted is a thoroughly tested, high performance device, with an equally high degree of quality control built in. The Prestex TMV has a unique bar code etched onto each product, which allows each TMV manufactured to be traced with unrivalled accuracy to where and when it was produced – right down to the minute of manufacture and initial testing. This level of traceability is a first for this sort of product in the industry. There is no doubt that revised Part G is a real advance, but it is just one battle won. The fight to see TMV protection offered to all homes goes on. If choosing the right TMV is still proving difficult, all responsible manufacturers offer comprehensive advice and assistance to those who require further details or technical information, or installation advice. Further information is also available on the TMVA website at www.tmva.org.uk  

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:04:24 GMT


    New XPress Gas Range in Satisfying Larger Sizes

    Pegler Yorkshire’s mastery of the fittings market continues with the introduction of a range extension to the XPress copper gas range, with a comprehensive new choice of sizes from 15mm to the extra large 108mm. The range extension coincides with the publication of an all new comprehensive XPress brochure, which features the broad range of products, sizes and materials available in the XPress range include copper and stainless steel within the gas ranges; carbon, and solar fittings supported by a wide variety of accessories. Justly one of the most popular products in the XPress range, XPress copper gas is consistently chosen for its versatility, which has been enhanced by the range extension, making it perfect for even the most demanding projects. XPress copper can be used for both internal and external above ground 2nd and 3rd family gas services, and the new sizes allow Pegler Yorkshire to be even more competitive in the current marketplace as the only manufacturer to offer copper gas in sizes from 15mm to 108mm, with fittings available in sizes to suit all most common pipework. “We are delighted to introduce these larger gas fittings in the XPress range,” said Pegler Yorkshire Product Manager Kathleen Bramwell. “All the products in the range offer clean, safe heat free jointing, with no need for any hot works permits or costly insurance, making them as cost effective to install as they are to specify.” The XPress Gas range continues to use the XPress jointing technique saving time and money for installers and contractors alike. When you factor in GL approval (formerly British Gas), a temperature rating from -20⁰C to 70⁰C (1 bar inside buildings and 5 bar outside), it is no surprise that XPress is establishing itself as the first choice when only the best will do. The industry leading 25 year guarantee is a further assurance of quality and if installed exclusively with Xpress System tubes, the installation will be deemed an XPress system and benefit from a comprehensive 30 year guarantee, demonstrating the absolute confidence Pegler Yorkshire has in one of its biggest selling flagship products. XPress Gas fittings come permanently marked with a highly visible yellow marking stating ‘gas’ and all fittings have passed the High Temperature Leakage Rate test at 650⁰C for 30 minutes, ensuring peace of mind and confidence that any installation of XPress Gas has been designed for life and built to endure. “It goes without saying that XPress has a wide range of approvals,” added Kathleen. “This, coupled with its reputation for high performance, has seen XPress specified more than ever, particularly on large scale, public sector projects where specifying the right product first time is an essential part of the construction process and these new sizes are just one more example of Pegler Yorkshire’s determination to be the ultimate one stop shop, no matter what size or type of fittings are required.” Supersize XPress Gas fittings are the latest addition to Pegler Yorkshire’s established brands, just one of the 15,000 product lines that is making the Yorkshire based manufacturer unrivalled for sheer choice of quality products, backed by industry leading guarantees and fittings custom designed for every conceivable application. Easy to use and fast to fit, XPress Gas fittings are suitable for a range of applications from domestic work, all the way through to the commercial environment and heavy industrial use – XPress is one product that lives up to its name. For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:05:56 GMT


    Why use four fittings when XPress S32 Multi-Port does it in one?

    Along with other products in the Pegler Yorkshire range, XPress S32 Multi-Port can save up to 75% on installation time when compared with a typical installation, because with Multi-Port, instead of the traditional four fittings, only one is required! With three less tees required, three less tube cuts and six less joints to press, the time savings soon add up and with heat free fitting, XPress is quick and cost effective to install and offers significant benefits. Being a heat free jointing method means no hot works permits are required, reducing costly insurance premiums and the clean jointing technique results in an absence of flux residue, making the flushing process quicker and simpler. The XPress S32 Multi-Port includes up to four key ports for a pressure gauge, temperature gauge, test port and drain off, although two and three port variants are also available in the range. Pegler Yorkshire’s product market manager Kathleen Bramwell said: “The new S32 Multi-Port in the XPress Copper range is the perfect choice where space is limited as well as for those looking for cost savings on installation, time and materials. In a typical installation, the S32 Multi-Port can be fitted in a quarter of the time it would take to fit a more traditional solution and with one fitting used instead of four separate ones; you are saving on materials and space too. The space saving in particular can be a key consideration in a tight plant room.” Manufactured in gun metal, S32 Multi-Port is available in sizes from 67mm to 108mm and its fast and efficient press-fit jointing is suitable for use with copper tube and copper alloy tube, carbon tube and stainless steel tube, providing complete flexibility for use with a variety of materials and in a host of environments. With system guarantees of up to 30 years contractors, specifiers and installers can be confident in both the practicality and longevity of an Xpress Copper system. “Installers are always looking for solutions to problems and the S32 XPress Multi-Port is another example of Pegler Yorkshire providing answers,” continued Kathleen. “The XPress S32 Multi-Port makes for a much simplified installation process. Why use four fittings when one will do?” For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560, email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk or visit www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:05:11 GMT


    Save Time and Trouble with A Tectite Sprint Socket Depth Gauge

    The Socket Depth Gauge allows the installer to mark the correct socket depth and also incorporates a deburring tool, which removes any burrs or sharp edges from the external tube end and a scribe function enables Tectite Sprint to be used in conjunction with chrome plated tube. When marking the socket depth, many installers make do with a tape measure and marker pen, but this must be done accurately. With the Socket Depth Gauge, this process is quick and easy. Simply insert the tube into the gauge and run round the mouth with a marker pen and you can mark the correct depth with precision. The deburring function works in a similar way. The cut end of the tube should be inserted into the tool, then pushed and rotated several times or until any burrs have been removed. This function is perhaps the most important, since deburring is essential to avoid any damage to the ‘O’ ring when inserting the tube into the fitting. The new Socket Depth Gauge for Tectite Sprint is supplied in a black finish, to distinguish it form the purple Depth Gauge that is already available for Tectite Classic and Pro. The two products are not interchangeable, so the colour coding enables the installer to select the correct tool at a glance and avoids any confusion in the toolkit. Pegler Yorkshire Marketing Services Manager Mark Westmoreland said, “The success of the Depth Gauge for Classic and Pro made the development of a similar product for Tectite Sprint an obvious step to take. The gauge works on all sizes from 15 to 28mm and enables tube preparation to be completed quickly and safely.”

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:04:49 GMT


    XPress Carbon from Pegler Yorkshire

    The 67mm size has resulted in the expansion of the range by 19 items, including couplings, elbows and reduced tees. XPress Carbon Systems comprise carbon steel press-fit fittings and galvanised and plastic coated galvanised carbon steel System tubes in sizes up to 108mm, with the range now totalling some 212 items. For use in heating and chilled water applications, XPress Carbon fittings are simply compressed onto the tube using a press-fit tool. The simplicity of this technique means that press-fit joints can be prepared, assembled and completed in around half the time it would take to make a capillary or screwed steel joint, resulting in significant installed cost savings. As well as being quick and cost-effective to install, XPress Carbon Systems offer other considerable benefits. There is no need for threading machinery or heavy gauge steel tube to be moved around; and no additional purchases of consumables such as jointing compounds and hemp are required to complete the jointing procedure. Being a heat-free jointing method, no Hot Works Permits are required, reducing costly insurance premiums and avoiding the storage of flammable gases. The clean jointing technique - which uses no solders or additional jointing materials - results in an absence of flux residue, making the flushing process quicker and simpler. XPress Carbon Systems are offered with guarantees of 10 years. With more than a decade of experience in the press-fit market, contractors, specifiers and installers can be confident in the proven technology of Pegler Yorkshire’s XPress Carbon System.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:04:34 GMT


    New TMV for Pegler Yorkshire

    The new Pegler Yorkshire TMV’s are branded under the Prestex name and manufactured and assembled completely in the UK. Improving design and quality have been key drivers for the new product, while basing everything in Doncaster is also delivering environmental benefits too. Over £300,000 worth of investment in new machinery has gone into the latest part of the facility dedicated to the manufacture of TMV’s. This includes spending some £250,000 on new manufacturing equipment and a further £80,000 on new additions to the testing laboratory. “TMV’s are a key product for us, so we needed the very best equipment to continue to advance in terms of new product development and quality,” explained product market manager Barrie Plant, “we also need to be more competitive in the marketplace and moving everything to Doncaster makes the operation more cost-effective, while giving us greater control over quality than ever before.” The performance of the products remains as high as ever, but the Prestex TMV is designed to be more compact and lightweight. With less material used in manufacture, the TMV is more environmentally friendly than ever before, costing less to produce and transport: in both money and emissions. Manufacture in the UK also cuts down on distribution costs. While the improved environmental performance of the products is important to a company committed to best practice in terms of environmental impact and reducing carbon emissions. The primary reason for the new investment has been to deliver the highest standards of quality, precision engineering, quality control and traceability. The new TMV is a complete Pegler Yorkshire product, with all components modified to the company’s specific design and while everything being based in Doncaster delivers a superior product, the new laser-etching machine is an essential part of ensuring quality control and traceability. Along with branding the products, the laser also etches a unique bar code on each product, allowing each TMV manufactured to be traced with unrivalled accuracy to where and when it was produced – right down to the minute of manufacture and testing. “This level of traceability is a first for this sort of product in the industry,” said Barrie, “The markings on TMV’s have also been traditionally tooled on, but the laser allows us to change the markings on the TMV easily, with no need for re-tooling should specification change.” The investment in the new TMV and rod making facilities is all a significant part of a three-year plan for the Doncaster site and the modernisation and new equipment that will come as a result of it will provide security and continued manufacturing for the foreseeable future.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:04:40 GMT


    Put Your Faith In The Original Yorkshire Fitting

    The original Yorkshire Integral Solder Ring fitting remains the best on the market, but it has not stopped others trying to copy its success with low quality imitations.The Yorkshire Integral Solder Ring (ISR) capillary fitting was developed by Yorkshire Fittings in 1934 and represented a major breakthrough for the industry. The influence of this copper fitting can hardly be overstated, having introduced a completely new concept to the developing plumbing and heating industry and it is no exaggeration to say its contribution to the growth of copper plumbing in the UK and overseas is unparalleled. Such is the strength of the brand that “Yorkshire” has become the generic name for all integral solder ring fittings. This success has encouraged cut-price replicas onto the market and while most people recognise the real thing when they see it, some purchasers are still choosing what they believe to be genuine Yorkshire products only to be disappointed when it comes to installation. Inferior solder ring fittings are being chosen on price alone and will not perform to the same standards as Yorkshire fittings and using the right products is not just desirable - it is essential. Poor quality fittings can lead to a whole host of problems, including installation failure, which could cost thousands of pounds to put right and may actually endanger life. Lead bearing solders can also constitute a threat to public health and the use of sub standard products can have serious repercussions, particularly for Corgi registered installers. Poor quality products cast a shadow over the industry and the reputation of the installer alike, so it makes sense to choose fittings that will do the job right first time. The last thing an installer needs is a reputation for bad installation.If in any doubt, customers should contact Yorkshire direct for confirmation but the real fitting can be distinguished in several ways. The Most obvious visible sign is the ‘YP’ logo stamped on every fitting. This stands for ‘Yorkshire Portable’ and confirms the fitting is from Yorkshire and contains a 100% lead free solder. Pegler Yorkshire Marketing Services Manager Mark Westmoreland said, “With so many replicas in the marketplace, the safest course for installers to take is to put their faith in the genuine article. The original Yorkshire fitting remains enduringly popular with specifiers and installers because it provides value, convenience, quality and most importantly assurance that the product will continue to work long after installation is complete.” While responsible manufacturers continue to test their products to the highest standards, there is a hardcore of those who are happy to offer the market cheap rubbish that will not stand the test of time. The quality of the original Yorkshire fitting is such that it comes with a 25-year guarantee against manufacturing defects – which remains one of the best guarantees the industry has to offer. While Yorkshire continues to develop new and exciting products, the original Yorkshire Fitting remains the first and only choice for many. The fact is anyone who is anyone in the industry knows the Yorkshire fitting as the genuine article and still asks for it by name. The continuing success of this market-leading product shows their trust and confidence in the world’s most famous fitting is not misplaced.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:03:52 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire Shower Regulator Saves Water

    Showers are now a standard fixture in most homes. They are quicker, more hygienic, and more convenient than a bath and are also usually more environmentally friendly. Running a bath sees the second highest use of energy in the home, but taking a shower instead can save gallons of water. Showers are generally more environmentally friendly, since a typical five-minute shower uses about 40 litres of water (about half the volume of a standard bath), but a power shower can use up to 20 litres of water per minute and can actually waste more water than a bath!* With water saving at the top of many people’s agenda, Pegler Yorkshire is seeing a real demand for restricting water flow in places of shortage or conservation and as such, have identified the need for a product to regulate the flow of water accordingly. Regulating the flow on shower fittings is ideal, because it does not impact on daily use or the spray pattern, but can make an immediate impact on water conservation. This new regulator is suitable for all products that have a ½ inch BSP male thread and would have a standard hose screwed into it. Installation has been designed to be easy and in most cases the regulator can be fitted after installation of the shower has taken place. This new shower regulator will hold back the flow of water to a maximum limit of 6 litres per minute no matter what the pressure, although the full benefits will only be seen when installed on higher pressures, when bigger water savings can be made. “This product will have a real impact in social housing projects or new build,” explained Pegler Yorkshire Product Manager Mike Dickinson, “In these cases, a good flow is required for bath fill, but restricting the flow on the shower will make a real impact on water saving. This new regulator allows the flow to be restricted on the shower alone, without affecting the flow for bath fill.” Pegler Yorkshire boast a shower portfolio offering a complete range of easy to fit dual control and single sequential showers, in many differing product styles. Single sequential control showers use one ‘simple to use’ control lever to control the shower temperature. These showers are also thermostatically controlled with factory pre-set maximum temperatures to avoid scalding, making these showers ideal for use by the young, the elderly and the less able. For a brochure or further information you can call the Pegler Yorkshire Sales team on 0870 120 284 or visit the Pegler web site at www.pegler.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:12:16 GMT


    The Modern Approach To Commissioning

    Pegler Yorkshire is constantly striving to develop new system solutions, capable of meeting the changing needs of installers, contractors and specifiers. The Proflow valves range provides one of the most comprehensive selections of products on the market. The Proflow Venturi is one example of a product with a proven reputation for quality and reliability, and when compared with more conventional products, offers the ultimate approach to commissioning.Proflow Venturi offers a unique and modern approach to commissioning modern heating and chilled water systems. The concepts incorporated into this valve provide significant benefits to consultants, contractors and commissioning engineers, enabling systems to be designed, installed and handed over without complications. Choosing the Proflow Venturi offers many advantages over the more commonly used fixed orifice plate. The venturi orifice delivers much greater measuring accuracy of +/-3% across the entire range of valves and using the venturi principle negates the need for 3-5 times the pipe diameter of straight pipe to gain an accurate reading. The trumpet shaped design of the venturi nozzle will return a higher, cleaner signal (typically 10-30 kpa dependent on flow rate). This is achieved without the pressure loss associated with more conventional orifice plates, which makes commissioning easier and simpler than ever before. At the heart of all Proflow Venturi valves is the integrated fixed orifice venturi. The venturi principle was first demonstrated in 1797; but in simple terms, water is accelerated through the venturi orifice, which increases the velocity of the flow and the pressure differential, proportionally amplifying the signal generated. Significant pressure drop is recovered after the water has passed through the venturi nozzle. The Proflow Venturi uses a quarter turn ball valve for isolation and a needle valve for regulation in the same body. This unique design feature enables the valve to be used for isolation purposes without altering the setting on the regulation needle. This all makes Proflow Venturi easy to regulate, isolate, install and operate. In the traditional method of commissioning, all commissioning stations usually require a certain length of straight pipeline, excluding fittings, upstream from the valve to ensure correct flow measurement. This length varies between five and ten pipe diameters, depending on the manufacturers recommended guidelines. So if the valve size is 50mm, for example, the length required will be between 250mm and 500mm. The dimension is of course increased if the valve is fitted immediately after the pump. Some commissioning stations also require a downstream straight length. With Proflow Venturi technology, (except for immediately after a pump) no straight lengths are required either up or down stream and this can be a serious advantage in a tight plant room and is a more elegant and modern method of commissioning. The Proflow Venturi has also been designed for installation in any orientation, even with the test points facing down. This feature is possible due to the creation of a cylindrical chamber around the outside of the venturi cartridge and another chamber in the housing. Two pilot holes from the high and low pressure sides of the venturi feed the pressure differential into the chambers, on the outside of which are located the test points. The pilot holes from the venturi to the chamber are positioned at 3 and 9 o’ clock positions when the valve is positioned upright. Therefore, should either pilot hole fill with debris (when positioned pointing down) the other will be pointing up, allowing the signal to be measured. “The Proflow Venturi is suitable for connecting to most steel, copper or plastic pipe systems and from a technical viewpoint has been optimised to accurately deliver design flow rates and signal and setting data to ensure trouble free installation and operation, “ said Pegler Yorkshire Product manager Barrie Plant, “This valve delivers high accuracy and performance and has no rival as a modern commissioning tool.”

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:03:37 GMT


    Going with the flow at Butlins!

    The complete refurbishment of all bathrooms at the site, a staggering 1200 in total, commenced a short time ago with the Pegler Yorkshire’s Ebro basin tap being fitted in each and every one. The Ebro basin tap forms part of a new range from Francis Pegler with Butlins being the first customer to order. The product is a lever operated, quarter turn tap with ceramic disc technology which ensures longevity and superior product quality. “We chose Pegler Yorkshire because of their credibility and reputation within the industry,” commented Shaun Brady, Deputy Facilities Manager at Butlins Bognor Regis. “This is the first time that we have used them and we were terribly impressed with the aesthetics and robustness of the tap. It looked and it felt like a quality product.” The Ebro range from Francis Pegler is characterised by minimalistic styling. Flow straighteners are fitted as standard on all basin taps and include an aerator to soften water flow and create a ‘champagne’ effect on all monobloc basin fittings. The range comprises basin, bath, bidet, kitchen and mono bath mixer which delivers exceptional flow rates even at low pressures. “One of the main reasons we chose the Ebro tap was for its ceramic disc operation. We have experienced problems in the past with lime scale build up and ceramic discs are typically more resistant to this,” commented Shaun. “From a long term maintenance point of view this definitely made the product very attractive.” In line with current nationwide water saving initiatives Pegler Yorkshire also offer a water saving option on the range which keeps the Francis Pegler range at the very forefront of water saving technology developments. As one of the country’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of design led, high quality taps, showers, mixers, valves and fittings, Pegler Yorkshire continues to be market leaders for innovation and customer service. For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560, email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk or visit www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:00:44 GMT


    The Heat is on for Longhurst Group – Thanks to Pegler Yorkshire

    Longhurst Group, an organisation with over 16,000 homes has already incorporated many renewable and energy efficient technologies into its properties but is continually looking for products that will not only make these more efficient but also help with the energy costs for tenants. Andy Patchitt, development and new business manager for Longhurst Group commented: “Our organisation, like many, can play a key part in helping to meet environmental targets and tackle fuel poverty issues.  We are keen to investigate innovative methods of improving the building fabric performance and fuel efficiency.” One, new to market product that the Longhurst Group in conjunction with L&H Homes has been trialling, is the Terrier i-Temp PRC (Programmable Radiator Control) developed by leading manufacturer Pegler Yorkshire.  The trial was part of controlled field trial to enable Pegler Yorkshire to validate the calculated energy savings, which have resulted in a saving of 30% on heating costs compared to traditional TRVs. The Terrier i-Temp allows the time and temperature in each room to be fine tuned with no change to the master programmer.  This energy saving advancement prevents heat wastage as the end user can focus heat within individual rooms when required.  For example a typical user would normally heat the whole house in a number of time periods, but only use rooms at certain points of the day, the Terrier i-Temp can be set to reflect this ensuring no heat wastage in other rooms which results in inevitable energy saving. This revolutionary new product is just a simple upgrade to an existing heating system; the PRC simply attaches to most brands of thermostatic radiator valves.  It upgrades to the majority of existing TRV bodies, with adaptors provided within the pack.  Products available include the terrier i-temp i30 PRC for vertical fitted valves and the i35 PRC for horizontal mounted valves. Both products are available with thermostatic valve bodies if required for a completely new installation. The trial was conducted on two identical three bedroom terrace new build homes.  One home was fitted using traditional TRVs set at appropriate temperatures for the individual rooms and the other with the Terrier i-Temp.  With the heating timing profile of the PRCs in the second property set to optimise the energy saving for each room.  The gas usage was monitored over a three month period at regular intervals. The results showed that during just one 24 hour period the Terrier i-Temp property saved 9.17kg of CO2 energy, equating to £1.73 and a total of 44 hours of heating.  This PRC will provide huge benefits for all types of applications both domestic and commercial.  It can play a significant role in reducing the carbon emission for existing housing stock, social housing, care homes and multiple apartments with a central heat source. In addition, compared to other energy saving installation methods, terrier i-temp upgrades to existing valves quickly which will save time and money, its performance payback could be realised within just eight months. “With heating identified as one of the highest domestic carbon emitters it was apparent that there was a real market niche to address this topical issue,” commented Sindar Singh product market manager for Pegler Yorkshire. “Considerable data collection has taken place with a full energy saving trial conducted. The results were compelling and demonstrated that Terrier i-Temp represents significant cost saving benefits on gas usage.” The Terrier i-Temp is the first of its kind to be recognised as an Energy Saving Trust recommended product. Andy commented: “We are pleased to have been a part of this exciting trial the evidence shows that it really does provide a cost and energy saving benefit.  The child lock and anti-theft locking system already incorporated into the PRC are useful additions to the product.  “Because of this product being so new to the market we believe we will need to help residents to fully understand the advantages of the Terrier i-Temp.  I believe once they see the benefits they will be behind the product as much as we are.” For further information about the Terrier i-Temp visit - http://www.saveonheatingbills.co.uk  Althernatively for information about any of of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560 or  email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:00:48 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire Makes A Real Impact in Bradford

    Known as the Impact Challenge, the latest project is based on the Holme Wood estate in Bradford, which has a population of over 13,000 with over 20% being under 24 years of age and many of whom are suffering hardship, poverty and homelessness. To assist with the renovation project, Pegler Yorkshire has supplied over 2,000 plumbing products from the Yorkshire Potable Integral solder ring range of fittings. These fittings are the flagship products of the Pegler Yorkshire range and are WRAS approved and boast an industry leading 25 year guarantee. The products include everything from straight couplings, elbows, tees and stop ends and supplying the finest quality Pegler Yorkshire products will help to ensure the refurbished buildings will be meeting the needs of their residents for many years to come. Sharon Brown, of Impact Community Developments said, “We are extremely grateful for Pegler Yorkshire’s donation towards this project and the young people involved will benefit greatly from this support.” Marketing Services Manager for Pegler Yorkshire Mark Westmoreland said, “We are delighted to be supporting the Impact Challenge this year. Helping young people to help themselves by providing a safe and secure home is a worthwhile cause and one we are proud to be associated with.” Anyone interested in supporting the project can contact Sharon Brown on 0870 40 50 513 or visit the website at www.impactcharity.org

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 11:59:43 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire Helps Elson Sprint Ahead

    The manufacturer of combi boiler packages is using Tectite Sprint at its North-East factory, where it pre-fabricates units off-site. Completed units are simply transported to site and attached to the “first-fix” connections in apartments and houses. Elson previously made many of its boiler connections with end feed fittings, but recently converted to 15mm and 22mm Tectite Sprint push-fit fittings following a meeting with the Yorkshire Fittings’ specifier sales team. Tectite Sprint fittings are manufactured from copper or DZR brass in sizes from 10mm to 28mm. Fittings are compatible with copper tube, PB and PEX pipe, and provide electrical continuity in a non-demountable slim-line design that results in increased mechanical strength. The “push” element of jointing Tectite Sprint fittings is instantaneous, and the fittings require no secondary operations such as soldering, twisting, tightening or locking. Tectite Sprint is already being put to good use on Elson’s Megaflo packaged hot water heaters and Coral E electric flow boilers. One of the company’s current major orders is for the Broughton Green Residential Development in Salford, Manchester. Almost ninety Megaflo Packages have already been fitted with Tectite Sprint for this contract, and the units also feature draining valves and Kuterlite compression fittings. The use of quality products on its packages is of great importance to Elson, as Managing Director Mike McDonald explains, “We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality packaged solutions, so it’s important to us to use brand name products from companies like Yorkshire Fittings.” The installations have resulted in significant labour savings, as Mike illustrates, “Tectite Sprint has given us much greater diversity with managing our labour as it’s such a simple product to use. It’s already saving us around eight minutes per unit on the cold water blending assembly for our Coral E range. As we make 2,000 units every year it will soon add up – we estimate in the region of seven working weeks a year.” Other benefits of the heat-free installation method mean Elson employees no longer have to work with potentially dangerous naked flames, and no Hot Works Permits or costly supplementary insurance premiums are required. Tectite Sprint is offered with a guarantee of up to 30 years and is available at plumbers and builders merchants nationwide.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 11:59:39 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire in Heaven with Community 7 Housing

    A Thermostatic Mixing Valve or TMV is a mechanical device that mixes hot and cold water to deliver warm water to the end-user at a safe, pre-set temperature, thus preventing scalding. The device works by means of a temperature sensitive part, which varies the amount of hot and cold water entering the valve. This delivers mixed water at a constant temperature and allows for the valve to be shut down if either water supply fails. TMV’s are a legal requirement in Scotland and it seems likely they will be incorporated into the Building Regulations for England and Wales in the future. Many responsible groups, including Community 7 are already installing products certified by the BuildCert TMV2 Scheme to stay ahead of likely legislative changes, but also to fulfil their duty of care to their residents. Community 7 Assets Manager Carl Henderson said, “ Compliance with TMV2 has been the key driver for this product. Given that the legislation is not current in England as yet, it was felt there was a need to respond sooner rather than later. Community 7 consider the welfare of our customers as paramount to our service delivery, which made a TMV2 bath and shower mixer an obvious choice to safeguard our tenants best interests.” The TMV2 compliant bath and shower mixer is as attractive as it is functional and enables tenants to shower with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the temperature can never become hot enough to scald. Pegler Yorkshire Product Manager Mike Dickinson said, “Pegler Yorkshire is delighted to be supplying Community 7 with our latest shower mixers. While not yet law in England, choosing TMV2 products now makes a sensible choice for those wishing to stay ahead of the game while ensuring duty of care to residents has been fulfilled.” Community 7 chose Pegler Yorkshire by reputation and most importantly, in the wake of tenant opinion, which came out in favour of Pegler Yorkshire products. Carl Henderson explained, “ Various enquiries led me to Pegler to advise on a product that could comply with TMV2 and at the same time offer a product that had potential low maintenance qualities. During my search, I discovered that Pegler is part of the Fusion supply chain and as such I was happy to present the product for consideration. Following consultation with Community 7 and our tenants, it was decided to embark on the supply for this Pegler Yorkshire shower mixer.” Pegler Yorkshire’s products are renowned for their excellence and the low maintenance qualities of the Pegler Yorkshire portfolio is a feature relied on by many customers in the social housing sector. While the primary concern when specifying this product is the comfort and safety of the end user, this must go hand in hand with low maintenance and ease of use for the end user. Both Pegler Yorkshire and Community 7 take the opinions of tenants very seriously for many reasons. Community 7 need to be sure the products they are specifying meet their requirements as well as the needs of their tenants and for Pegler Yorkshire customer feedback is vital when improving on and developing new products. “Where we have installed these particular shower mixers the feedback response has been very positive, “ explained Carl, “Typical comments include ‘easy to use’ and ‘much better than what we had before.’ The product fits in very well with the boiler being closely located to the bathroom. The temperature control is consistent and more to the point, safe.” Pegler Yorkshire offer a complete range of products developed for the social housing sector. This includes everything from the latest Thermostatic Mixing Valves, Thermostatic Radiator Valves (including the Belmont range), taps with easy turn handles to Eco Taps developed to reduce water wastage. Looking to the future, Pegler Yorkshire will continue to work in partnership with groups like Community 7 to deliver the products they need and the service tenants deserve. “Pegler offer a range of products that remain in my opinion a robust product,” explained Carl, “The characteristics of the shower mixer fit in very nicely in the maintenance world of social housing. There are of course further programmes of work through the Fusion framework that will no doubt take advantage of products supplied by Pegler.”

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:00:08 GMT


    XPress Copper Case Study

    The project is the eleven-storey Mary Newman Building of new student accommodation, which is part of a £31m series of University projects planned for Plymouth. Upon securing the mechanical and electrical services contract, Mitie are charged with supplying air conditioning, heating and ventilation. Mitie Engineering has installed XPress copper for the first time on site and has been particularly impressed with the heat-free jointing system the product provides. The Mary Newman Building is being converted from academic space to residential accommodation and will provide an extra 157 rooms. The University of Plymouth is a long-standing client of Mitie and as such it was essential to have the finest products installed. Richard Bell, Mitie’s Senior Engineer said, “Our relationship with Pegler Yorkshire is excellent and has developed as the project has continued. The primary reason for choosing XPress Copper was the ease of use and speed of installation the product provides and we have not been disappointed. ” Pegler Yorkshire’s Sales Engineer Grahame Morton said, “We are delighted to have supplied Mitie with XPress Copper on this project. The Mary Newman Building is part of a series of University Halls projects in Plymouth and the first to use XPress Copper, but more examples of its use are coming through all the time as the benefits of the product are realised.” For a professional installation, clients need to be confident that the product they choose will do the job and will be easy to use and Pegler Yorkshire products have always enjoyed this reputation. Richard Bell again, “This is the first time XPress Copper has been used by our installation team and we have been very impressed with the results. The fact that this is a heat free product has been a particular advantage to our engineers who have been using the product in the plant room.” Pegler Yorkshire products are renowned for their excellence and the low maintenance qualities of the portfolio is a feature relied on by many clients. While the primary concern when specifying this product is quality and speed of installation, this must go hand in hand with low maintenance and reliability and when XPress Copper is used as a system it benefits from a 30-year system guarantee. Looking to the future, Pegler Yorkshire will continue to work in partnership with high profile companies like Mitie to deliver the products they need and the service their clients deserve. With obvious benefits for professional installers, XPress Copper is one of the first choices when heat-free jointing is required.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 11:59:56 GMT


    XPress & Tectite Get Top Arena Billing

    The Arena development by Laing Homes comprises one to four bedroom properties in self-contained buildings of up to four storeys. Each building has its water delivered through a riser, which feeds directly from the cold water pump mains to a central point within the building. The risers then deliver water to each individual apartment via a network of pipes. Each riser features XPress Copper press-fit fittings, Tectite Pro push-fit valves and Tectite Sprint push-fit fittings. Seven risers out of a total of twenty-three have been installed so far, with XPress Copper fittings in sizes up to 54mm being used. All the Pegler Yorkshire products on the risers use heat-free jointing techniques. XPress Copper fittings are compressed onto copper tube using a press-fit tool to achieve a sound joint. Tectite Pro push-fit quarter turn ball valves have a full bore design providing enhanced flow. They are jointed through a simple push action, which requires no additional operations such as twisting or locking, and can also be demounted. Tectite Sprint push-fit fittings provide a low profile and mechanically strong joint to copper tube, PEX or PB pipe. The risers have been designed and installed by Integra Utility Services; the Developer and Utility Services Division of Severn Trent Metering Services. Nigel Brewer, Operational Supervisor with Integra, has used XPress Copper fittings on previous projects. “It’s quick, clean and a great product”, says Nigel. “It’s loads quicker than soldering or brazing a joint, particularly in the larger sizes, and the fact that it’s heat-free and no Hot Works Permit is needed is a real advantage.” Speaking about the project, Pegler Yorkshire’s Sales Development Manager Martin Dowey said, “Heat-free products like Tectite and XPress provide installers and developers with significant installed cost savings. Integra is already seeing the benefits at The Arena, and is now using our products on other projects.” XPress press-fit fittings and System tubes are available in a variety of material options for a range of applications in sizes up to 108mm. The Tectite range of push-fit fittings also comprises different material and applications options, and is available in sizes up to 54mm.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:00:12 GMT


    Chase Farm and Barnet Hospitals Advance with Pegler Yorkshire

    When EMCOR Engineering Services needed a range of metal fittings for two ongoing projects with Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust, they chose Pegler Yorkshire push-fit products. Tectite Sprint and Tectite Pro were being used on domestic services, when Tectite Advance was brought to their attention. EMCOR decided to employ Tectite Advance in the mental health unit refurbishment at Barnet and in four villas at Chase Farm and to date in excess of 10,000 fittings have been installed. EMCOR is one of the UK’s most experienced independent specialist mechanical and electrical and public health services providers and Pegler Yorkshire were the obvious choice to provide the fittings, since the two companies have worked together before and EMCOR are familiar with Pegler Yorkshire products and have found them to be reliable. Gary Lewin, EMCOR’s Senior Engineer said, “The primary reason for choosing Tectite Advance was the ease of use and speed of installation the product provides. Hospital projects need to be delivered to a very high standard and on time. As with other Pegler Yorkshire products, Advance is a good looking product of quality and does the job well.” As the first carbon steel push-fit jointing system, Tectite Advance can deliver cost savings of up to 70% when compared to traditional jointing methods and with no special tools or threading required. Speed of installation is unrivalled, which was an important consideration for these two hospital projects. The refurbishment at Barnet has been a particularly important project, since the old 1960’s building was in need of a complete makeover. All the Pegler Yorkshire products on these projects use heat-free jointing techniques. Tectite Pro, Sprint and Advance can all be jointed by a simple push action, which requires no additional operations such as twisting or locking. Tectite Advance is designed to be non-demountable, to supply a mechanically strong joint with a working pressure and temperature ratings of up to 10 bar at 114°C. Pegler Yorkshire’s Divisional Sales Manager David Craven said, “We are delighted to have supplied EMCOR with a range of fittings for these two hospital projects. Tectite Sprint and Pro are well-established products already, but Advance is set to revolutionise the installation of commercial heating and chilled water systems. Barnet and Chase Farm are two of the first to see this new product in action, but more examples of its use are coming through all the time as the benefits of the product are realised.” For a professional installation, clients need to be confident that the product they choose will do the job and will be easy to use and Pegler Yorkshire products have always enjoyed this reputation. Gary Lewin again, “This is the first time anything like Tectite Advance has been used by our installation team and it has gone fairly smoothly. The original intention was to use plastic fittings, but on reflection it was decided to use metal fittings for these particular projects instead.” Pegler Yorkshire products are renowned for their excellence and the low maintenance qualities of the portfolio is a feature relied on by many clients. While the primary concern when specifying this product is quality and speed of installation, this must go hand in hand with low maintenance and reliability and when Advance is used as a system with galvanized or plastic coated XPress Carbon steel system tube, it benefits from a 10-year system guarantee. Looking to the future, Pegler Yorkshire will continue to work in partnership with high profile companies like EMCOR to deliver the products they need and the service their clients deserve. With obvious benefits for professional installers, Tectite Advance is set to become the next generation in push-fit systems.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 11:59:48 GMT


    Pegler Flushes Out Water Savings with Optiflush

    As a precious commodity, water needs to be conserved as a vital resource for the future as well as for current use. The Water Byelaws highlight the need to prevent water wastage, unnecessary consumption of water, contamination of water and general misuse of water. Pegler, in recognising these requirements have now developed their Optiflush urinal flush controller for mains or battery operation which they claim can actually cut water usage by up to 80% assisting in minimising fuel costs. Optiflush uses the latest passive infra-red sensing technology which provides accurate control over the amount of water used. A detector senses movement in the cloakroom and activates the valve to flush the urinal after a pre-set time delay. (During the delay period, subsequent users not being detected). At the end of the delay the unit activates the flush. Once the flushing operation is complete, Optiflush closes the valve, re-sets itself and waits for the next user to trigger the cycle again. Maximum hygiene standards are thus maintained whilst minimising water usage particularly during lax periods of evenings and weekends. Optiflush has incorporated a hygiene flush which automatically operates every 12 hours if the cloakroom has not been used during this time. Operating in compliance with byelaws 82 and 83 which are concerned with amount of water used per hour in the flushing process, and with the BS6700 requirement of allowing no more than 3 flushes per hour, Optiflush has been designed to give the maximum amount of flexibility during set up. This allows the time interval between flushes and the length of flush to be varied to meet each installation's specific needs. Pegler's Optiflush is easy to install. The product is located to always sense movement in the room. During set up only an audible test mode setting allows the installer to hear if the product is sited correctly by sensing movement on approaching it from different directions. Regulations dictate a qualified electrician should install the mains Optiflush version which does result in a higher initial cost but thereafter no further maintenance is required. With the battery version maintenance is minimised - the unit is fitted with standard PP3 alkaline batteries (with an anticipated battery life of around 2 years) and has a warning signal to indicate when the battery is low similar to that of a smoke detector alarm unit.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:00:04 GMT


    Disability Needs In The Bathroom

    New revisions are a move away from making buildings accessible and useable by the disabled and more towards making buildings and products accessible and useable by all – able and less able alike. Washbasins and bath taps must be capable of being operated using a clenched fist, so lever action, push button or electric brassware may be better options than the conventional twist/turn taps. Pegler Yorkshire has developed a range of products in all these categories, with development cantering around products that can be used equally by all. For easy turn handles and smooth good looks, the Leger range has proved popular with able and less able users alike, with their easy turn lever handles. For those with more specific needs, the PERFORMA QTEL tap comes complete with an extended lever for even easier operation. Both can be turned on or off with an elbow or closed fist. Those with special needs can also be more vulnerable to scalding hot water temperatures, but this can be easily countered by the use of a Thermostatic Mixing Valve or TMV. A TMV works by mixing hot and cold water at a safe pre-set temperature, making accidental scalding a thing of the past. A TMV valve is usually installed on the water supply leading to the bath, since this is where the risk of scalding is greatest, but they can be used on all outlets where there is a perceived risk. Some manufacturers like Pegler Yorkshire also offer products with a TMV included – usually for bath and shower mixers where the risk of scalding is greatest. Examples from Pegler Yorkshire are the TMV2 approved Leger L555 or the PERFORMA 555QT Bath and Shower mixer, both stylish and easy to operate. Combining water safety with ease of use ensures that bathrooms remain places of cleanliness and safety.

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:12:24 GMT


    The Signia Range from Pegler Yorkshire

    The current range of taps offers a complete cross sectional approach in pricing, style and design, from traditional and modern styles like Sequel and Signia, through to the exciting and new minimalist designs of Xia. In most cases, the ranges are also available with matching showers at affordable prices. The Signia range has proved particularly popular. The high demand for this distinctive selection of taps and mixers has seen new products developed for the range in order to better meet the needs of customers who have consistently request Signia throughout 2007. The smooth curves of the Signia range create a natural, organic look that makes them aesthetically pleasing to the touch and the eye. All models have a graceful curved lever control, which allows smooth, single handed adjustment of both water temperature and flow. This marriage of form and function has made Signia justly popular, as all models in the range conform to Francis Pegler’s eco-friendly water conservation policy and incorporate the latest technology. There are several models currently on offer in the Signia range. These include basin taps, bath taps, the highly popular monobloc basin mixer that comes complete with click waste and a deck bath filler. Completing the Signia range is the deck bath/shower mixer, which comes complete with shower kit. An additional monobloc bath filler has also been added to the range due to popular demand. Pegler Yorkshire Product Manager Mike Dickinson said, “Given the quality, style and functionality of Signia, it is no surprise it proved to be so popular last year. Pegler Yorkshire has always been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing taps that are kind to the environment, while incorporating the latest technology, so as demand for water saving products has increased our range of taps and mixers has proved increasingly popular. Good looking taps are simply not enough any more.”

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:12:21 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire Extends Kitchen Tap Range

    The brochure offers an informative and comprehensive look at the selection of taps and mixers, designed to meet the needs of any environment from domestic to some commercial. “With many different styles and designs to choose from customers will be spoilt for choice,” commented Mike Dickinson, Product Market Manager Pegler Yorkshire. “The range has everything, from high neck sink taps, to deck sink mixers, or single lever monoblocs to designer mixers with dual flow spouts.” Francis Pegler is the luxury range of kitchen mixers supplied by Pegler Yorkshire and exhibits a selection of styles and finishes. For those looking to make a real design statement in a larger domestic kitchen or in a modern restaurant where the kitchen is open to view, the Galiceno, a straight spout spring tap mixer, is ideal, being both contemporary and practical in its styling. “We are pleased to be now offering such an extensive range of  kitchen products, and our new brochure allows us to exhibit them in a design led yet informative way,” commented Mike. “Our key ranges such as Loko, Izzi, Ebro and Pulsar continue to offer coordinating kitchen mixers but our increased portfolio, incorporating the luxury Francis Pegler range, has resulted in additional stylish products that will suit any tastes.” The range also encompasses a range of taps which supply BRITA filtered water along with hot and cold domestic sink fill water, and the PERFORMA brand will also be complemented by additional kitchen products, giving further choice to specifiers. All Pegler Yorkshire taps are easy to control and have a timeless style that will help kitchens keep their looks for years to come. All models incorporate advanced water control technology and can help customers conform to water conservation with the use of additional flow regulators, if required. All of the company’s taps are precision crafted from the finest materials and covered by a full five or ten year guarantee. For further information about any of Pegler Yorkshire’s products call 01302 560 560, email brochures@pegleryorkshire.co.uk or visit www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk.

    Fri, 17 Apr 2015 11:54:24 GMT


    The Terrier Push-Fit Range from Pegler Yorkshire

    The existing Terrier range continues to offer a selection of compression TRV’s and MRV’s with push-fit adaptors, which enable the range to be used with many varieties of pipe, but further to this the best of Terrier technology has now been combined with Tectite technology to deliver an integrated push-fit radiator product that truly offers the best of both worlds and delivers the customer a product with proven technology at its heart. The Terrier push-fit range delivers many benefits and advantages to the installer and end user alike over products. Speed of installation has been a key consideration and push-fit technology means many fitting complications are removed, thus greatly saving time on site in the long run when installing. The benefit to the end user is the reliability and economy settings, which save all important costs. The “push” element of jointing the Terrier push-fit is instantaneous and the simple tool-free jointing action requires no secondary operations in awkward areas and there is much less chance of damaging chrome pipe as a result. Terrier push-fit has also been designed to be less complicated to install and products can be prepared and joints completed in a fraction of the time taken previously and all these factors result in significant cost savings. The flexibility of Terrier is also an added benefit. A simple demountable tool has been designed for use with the product, which allows for maximum flexibility in both installation and alignment. This makes Terrier Push-Fit the ideal solution should it prove necessary to re-align the pipe work at a later stage, as you can do so with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience. The range comprises 23 products (including a scribe and deburring tool) and includes an integral push-fit mechanism within the TRV with or without separate push-fit fittings. Straight fittings and elbows will also be sold separately in 10mm and 15 mm options and the range is equally at home with plastic, copper and chrome pipe. As you would expect, the quality of the Thermostatic Radiator Valve will never be compromised and is still offered in polished chrome and approved to EN215. The TRV is also available as a compression product along with the standard push-fit variation. “The Push-Fit range introduces a new installation technique into the Terrier range,” explained Product Manager Sindar Singh, “We can now offer all the best attributes of push-fit and Terrier technology in one product. The use of this Terrier and Tectite technology combination provides the ultimate product in terms of brand and reliability. This has been on the wish list of many installers and has now become a reality.”

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:01:24 GMT


    Decorative Radiator Valves from Pegler Yorkshire

    The valves are part of the well respected Terrier range of plumbing accessories and deliver all the quality and performance suppliers have come to expect from this well respected brand. “As radiators become more of a feature within the home rather than just a functional product, the demand in the industry is now for greater aesthetics.” Said Pegler Yorkshire Product Manager Geoff Matthews: “Architects, interior designers and homeowners are all now demanding a blend of beauty and performance and Pegler are among the first to be responding to these changes in the marketplace.” There are six valve types available in the range, which includes manual and thermostatic types in a variety of styles: wheel head, lock shield and TRVs. These are available with both angled and straight connectors and offer the flexibility of horizontal or vertical installation. Finished in polished chrome for that extra touch of elegance, with a cross section of styles to suit all radiators. The valves are available for connections to 15mm pipe sizes, with some selected 10mm sizes and lockshield valves are also available to fit these pipework sizes and to match all three valve types. All Pegler Yorkshire’s plumbing and heating control products carry the famous Pegler ‘watertight’ guarantee and the quality assurance of BS EN ISO 9002, BS5750 or the British Standard’s ‘Kitemark.’ The Decorative Radiator Valve brochure is available from Pegler Yorkshire Sales by calling on 0870 120 0284 or by visiting the Pegler Yorkshire website at www.pegleryorkshire.co.uk

    Fri, 04 Dec 2015 12:01:19 GMT


    Pegler Yorkshire turn up the heat with Solar Technology

    Working closely with an Aalberts sister company, Pegler Yorkshire will be introducing a range of Solar Thermal Pump Stations and accessories which include products such as the Powerfill flushing system, Connectors, Pipework and Controls. The Pegler Yorkshire’s Meibes Brand is now available and offers proven product into the UK, benefiting from Meibes’ 45 years experience of providing market-leading products to an established German Solar Thermal market. The new products will include solar thermal pump solutions for both domestic and commercial applications, recently showcased at this years Ecobuild exhibition. In today’s energy conscious world, Pegler Yorkshire will be offering several solar solutions tailored specifically for the UK market, complete with a comprehensive range of accessories. The intention has been to deliver ease of use for the end user, but also ease of installation and service for the installer. With government grants available to support renewable technologies, this is an area with the potential for massive growth, while saving the environment and reducing the cost of heating water for the end user. “We have products to cater for various systems and sizes of installation” said product market manager Sindar Singh, “Meibes pump stations are suitable for twin cylinders, however we also provide a pump station which is complete with a heat exchanger allowing a split system and the cylinder reservoir to be heated directly.” The Meibes brand from Pegler Yorkshire will be offering Single Line and Dual Line options and also providing “East West” pumps station. A dedicated renewables sales and technical team, led by the National Sales Manager - David Feehan, is available to offer advice on everything from product, installation support and system design. “Entering the renewables market with these products is very exciting,” continued Sindar, “proven Meibes technology coupled with Pegler Yorkshire know-how makes for a winning combination. To compliment the Solar offering Pegler Yorkshire has also recently launched an extensive range of “XPress” fittings for solar installations.” Where competitive pricing, system application or a combination of both is key, Meibes from Pegler Yorkshire provide Solar Thermal Solutions enabling contractors and installers to solve their energy challenges.

    Thu, 18 Sep 2014 10:30:22 GMT


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