Optimise Building Performance

The commercial valve market encompasses a wide array of products, from 15mm isolating ball valves for hot and cold water services through to 20” flanged steel ball valves for district heating applications, what is termed as a “commercial valve” can fall into any number of different categories. And, for those engineers presented with choosing the right valves the challenge is the limited amount of time and opportunity available to actively seek out products that offer the enhanced benefits inline with the UK sustainability targets.

Accurate balancing of a system will ensure proportional share and help achieve optimum building performance.

Valve Selection

Valves must be properly selected for their intended service conditions. Provided it is installed correctly and receives adequate preventative maintenance it should give years of trouble-free service. They must be compatible with the system design, pressure and temperature requirements and must be suitable for the fluids that they are intended to carry. Interactions between metals in the pipe system and the valve must be considered as part of the valve selection.

The Pressure Equipment Directive

The Pressure Equipment Regulations 1999 (SI 1999/2001) have been introduced into United Kingdom law. Valves with a maximum allowable pressure greater than 0.5 bar are covered by these new Regulations. Valves are categorised according to their maximum working pressure, size and rising level of hazard. The level of hazard varies according to the fluid being carried. Fluids are classified as Group 1 ,dangerous fluids or Group 2, all other fluids including steam. The categories designated are SEP (sound engineering practice). Valves up to and including 25mm (1") are designated SEP regardless of the fluid group.


A regular maintenance program is the most efficient method of ensuring longer-term operational efficiency of the selected valve. This program would need to include a risk assessment and a planned procedure of how the maintenance will be carried out.

Our Solution

Reliability is key to valve selection, and as Peglers' extensive commercial valve range is built upon its unique strengths in design and manufacture, you can trust us to deliver! As well as offering traditional threaded and compression connections the Pegler commercial valves range also offers the new connection technology of press-fit and push-fit jointing and sets a new standard for the industry.


  • All products comply with BS7530
  • Variety of connection ends
  • WRAS Approved where stated
  • Compatibility with building management systems 
  • Local support and advice

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