Choosing The System

Knowledge is power so they say and what better way to feel empowered than when you complete a project on time and within budget. But how do you get to that point with changing technologies and the plethora of products available? In the past knowledge was gained through product catalogues, industry trade magazines, manufacturer site visits or over a bacon butty at a local merchants, yet today online searches dominate the mindset of most consumers.

So, as the plumbing and heating industry continues to evolve and develop new technologies from advanced forms of solar and water harvesting to computerized data collection, how do you find out what products and techniques are best for your own project? With over 400 million tweets sent every day and over one billion facebook users you may turn to online platforms to ask your questions and that’s where manufacturers are now stepping up to the mark.

Online help

Industry research has shown that deciding which jointing method was best for a certain application was sometimes a cause for concern and uncertainty and that installers didn't have one central place where they could find the essential information they needed.

This need for easy to access information has formed the basis of INSIGHT an online selector tool to provide installers and contractors with a unique system to identify the most effective way to join pipe work in any given situation.


INSIGHT has been developed by us to help installers and contractors to easily identify the best way to choose the right system for the job. It is the result of many months of consultation and development and draws on over 200 years of the knowledge and expertise whilst at the same time offering impartial, qualified advice.

Users navigate through three simple stages of search and selection (confirming the type of project, application and pipe work system). The tool will provide the ideal solution based on the users selection but will also offer a second alternative method should the project warrant it. Ultimately, and purely by the click of a button, INSIGHT helps users identify and select the most appropriate way of joining pipe work for a specific project, whether it’s a large commercial commission or a domestic installation that’s posing a new challenge.


  • Impartial advice
  • Easy to navigate 
  • Clearly defined stages; Type of Project, Application, Pipe work System
  • Identified Pros and Cons at each stage

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