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With the desire to be as competitive as possible whilst still doing the best possible job, installers are tuning into the many benefits offered by metal push and press-fit systems. This technology has advanced that much it now provides a seamless link between all pipe materials from PB and PEX to copper and stainless, including flexible metal.

These heat free systems are also flux free, which offers less mess, less flush cleaning and less risk to heat exchangers in radiator valves. In general they provide quicker, cleaner systems whilst giving installers confidence in performance, and the satisfaction of a competitive total installation cost.

By looking at two very popular forms of jointing, we have been able to identify the costs associated with using VSH Tectite push-fit and VSH Xpress prtess-fit brands, against more traditional methods. The calculations takes into consideration cost of materials, time taken to install and the speed with which VSH Tectite and VSH XPress can help you overcome unexpected issues.

The two links below take you to our Total Cost Calculators, and provide a guide to costs associated with hot and cold potable water services. Based on the recommended retail price (RRP) of products, and using Brian Spain’s SPON work time calculations, they calculate the total cost of materials and labour in predetermined scenarios.

You can input varying quantities of pipe and fittings, and the fully adjustable settings allow for materials discounts and speed of installation.

Our Solution

The Pegler Total Cost Calculators for VSH Tectite and VSH XPress will allow you to calculate the costs involved to install heating, water or both into a variety of properties including a 1 bed bungalow, 2, 3 or 4 bed house. By selecting the property and installation type and clicking next you will see just what saving can be achieved using the VSH Tectite metal push-fit and VSH Xpress press-fit systems.


  • App developed specifically for calculating VSH Tectite and VSH XPress costs
  • Use for heating, water, or both
  • Fully configurable to your requirements
  • Works on RRP and SPON calculations

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