Reduce Your Buildings' Energy Usage

In the face of concerns over energy usage and efficiency both domestically and commercially it is essential for all parties involved in the construction process, light commercial users and even individuals to implement energy saving measures that not only cut down usage but also cost.

In total non-domestic buildings currently account for 17% of the UK’s carbon emissions and households contribute a total of 28%. By installing cost effective products such as thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) or even programmable radiator valves (PRCs), whether it be retrofit or new build, building designers, commercial and domestic property owners, estate managers, engineers and installers can help to achieve targets set out by the UK Government.

According to research by TACMA, the controls association within BEAMA (of which Pegler is a member), and the Energy Saving Trust, 70% of UK homes do not have the minimum level of controls (programmer, room thermostat and TRVs) installed to their heating systems. Yet, a study by the University of Salford has shown that effective temperature controls combining a room thermostat and TRV on home heating systems have far more significant effect on minimising energy use than previously thought – and that ultimately means considerable savings on energy costs.

TACMA commissioned the University to carry out independent tests on the performance of heating controls in their Energy House facility. The facility consists of an environmental chamber, designed to assess the effectiveness of new and existing technologies in reducing energy use and waste. The aim of the tests was to answer the fundamental question on whether a heating system with controls will use less energy than a system without controls and how big the difference in energy use can be.

The evidence provided by the three tests carried out suggests that energy consumption could be reduced by up to 40% and that a UK homeowner could save up to £409.00 on energy costs in just 12 months if a room thermostat and TRVs are installed – and payback within as little as 15 months could be achieved.

As the future of TRVs progresses and digital data plays more of a significant role in heating systems, PRCs (programmable radiator controls) are emerging as the latest contender for greater heating control and efficiency.

PRCs allow even greater control over individual radiators. They offer automated temperature and time control that can be programmed to be in-tune with an occupant’s lifestyle or requirements, which can further significantly reduce energy consumption.

Our Solution

When it comes to choosing a TRV or PRC, building designers, managers or installers should look towards reliability and their confidence in a brand that is tried and tested. Selecting a reliable product is key to ensuring the efficiency of the system will be enhanced and real savings achieved.

All products from our range of Terrier and Belmont radiator valves carry Kitemark approval from the EN215 Standard and boast an A rating from the European TELL scheme.


  • Provide efficient individual climate control
  • Heat waste and carbon emissions reduction
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Designed for ease of maintenance reducing impact on occupants and labour time
  • Provide regulatory compliance with UK Building Regulations Part L and help to reach housing stock heating efficiency credits
  • PRCs offer automated control and pre-programmable or customised heat program

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