MVS Guidance for Application

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Heating or Cooling

  • Pegler MVS is configurable for both HVAC and chilled systems
  • A Red or Blue indicator is visible to signify application

System Connection

  • Connectors suitable for system ends
  • MVS are available with factory fitted VSH XPress, VSH Tectite or Kuterlite adapters



  • Compact and economical 40 -120mm centres
  • Allows forward flushing where the system is flushed before letting water through the fan coil and control valve, clearing debris out of the inlet pipework
  • Allows reverse flushing where water flows backwards through the MVS and fan coil. Useful to flush debris out of a new fan coil unit without the risk of contaminating the control valve

Please Note:

  • Compliance to BSRIA BG 29/2012 drain arrangement
  • Additional pair of drains fitted between the MVS and the fan coil
  • Complies with BSRIA recommendations
  • Protects the entire MVS from contamination during flushing of the fan coil

Drain & Vent Option

A capped end can also be fitted with optional air vent or drain cock

  • Rotatable drain spigot for access from any angle
  • Manual air vent



  • Filters inlet flow protecting fan coil and control valve from debris
  • Includes 2 ball isolation valve so filter can be cleaned without draining system
  • Available in standard and extended handle variants
  • Test points are available as an optional extra to allow the strainer to be checked for blockages

Please Note:

  • If suitable separate strainers are fitted elsewhere in the system then the strainer can be omitted from the MVS assembly
  • PY always recommend that the PICV is protected by a strainer. Failure to do this can permanently damage the MVS

Control Valve

Any system over 50 fan coils we recommend the use of PICV

  • Comfort integration via Room Thermostat or Building Management System integration through range of actuators
  • PICV - 3 valves in 1 (Flow regulation, Pressure regulation, 2 port valve)
  • Venturi based flow measurement system (accurate to ±5%)
  • Pegler Proflow is unique as it can prove the flow rate

Smaller systems we recommend FODRV

  • Flow regulation, Flow isolation
  • Venturi based flow measurement system (accurate to ±5%)
  • Orifice based flow measurement system (accurate to ±10%)

Terminal Connection

  • The terminal connection installation can be variable from FCU centres and accessible for maintenance
  • Enables centres to be flexible from 40mm to 120mm
  • Pegler flexible connector option enable a direct fitment to a Fan coil without the need for further components

Please Note:

  • Factory fitted VSH XPress and VSH Tectite adaptors also available

Actuators for PICV

  • Actuators are also available with on/off and modulating options
  • Provides comfort integration via room thermostat or building management integration
MVS Guidance

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